Farshtey Feed (p167-168)

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The OGD was going along extraordinarily slow this this week. I wonder why that is?


  • A Mohtrek user can summon a past self that does not wear a Mohtrek.
  • If the Vahi or the Ignika is outside the universe, it could not affect the universe, but it is only keyed to affect that universe, so its destruction would not affect the world beyond the Matoran universe. It's like a self-destruct switch on a spaceship -- take it off the ship and flip it and it won't affect anything.
  • Helryx's, Jerbraz's, the four-armed OoMN member's, and Trinuma's tools are made of protosteel.
  • Toa seal protodermis is harder to break than protosteel.
  • A Toa of Sonics is not dangerously sensitive to sound, being far more powerful than a Matoran.