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An archive of online discussions with BIONICLE author Greg Farshtey

Back at Last!

Greg Farshtey – author of the BIONICLE comic books and novels – has been kind enough to respond directly to questions from BIONICLE fans over the years. However, due to a complicated series of events, all records of these questions and answers have been permanently taken offline. The purpose of this site is to serve as an easily accessible archive of these lost conversations.

This site contains an archive of all three BZPower topics (2003-2011) and the Chat with Greg Farshtey topic from the LEGO Message Boards (2013-2017). If you want to keep up with the latest answers from Greg, he is currently answering questions at the TTV Message Boards.


Long-time BIONICLE author and story team member Greg Farshtey is well-known for being an active member of the online BIONICLE community, having posted on the discussion forums at for many years. From 2003 to 2011, Greg replied on a daily basis to members' questions through the site's personal messaging system, often revealing information about the BIONICLE storyline which was not otherwise known at the time or which has never been revealed elsewhere. Users began a system of posting these private messages in a pinned, public topic for all to read and discuss. This turned out to be a boon for the BIONICLE canon, as Greg's responses were often used to clarify points in the storyline that were unclear or to introduce completely new material.

Three iterations of this "Official Greg Discussion" topic were in use over the years. The original topic began in March 2003 and was called the Official Greg Discussion Topic. In January 2008, the old topic was closed, and a new topic was started under the same name, although it was later renamed the Official Greg Dialogue. The topic was refreshed again in September 2010, when it was decided to split the topic into two parts: an Official Greg Quotes topic for posting answers only, and a separate Official Greg Discussion topic solely for discussion.

LEGO discontinued the BIONICLE line in 2010, and within a year, activity on the OGD gradually died down. Greg continued to answer members' questions until Spring of 2011, when the LEGO company implemented a policy preventing LEGO employees from communicating online with children under the age of 13. As BZPower had many members who were under this age and did not enforce an age restriction system, Greg ended his activity on BZPower. Still, the community was left with a massive collection of Q&A sessions with Greg.

Later events caused these conversations to be almost completely wiped from the face of the Internet. From April 26 to July of 2011, BZPower underwent a major upgrade to its forum software. During this time, the previous contents of the forums, including the Greg discussion topics, were backed up into a read-only archive, which remained available for a time after the upgrade was complete. However, in early 2013, actions by a malicious individual caused the archive and its backups to be deleted from BZPower's server. Sadly, on July 24, 2013, the BZPower staff announced that this archive appeared to have been permanently lost. Consequently, all topics from before April 26, 2011, including all of the original Greg discussion topics, are no longer available online.

Fortunately, before this incident, BZPower member fishers64 compiled these topics into a series of text files, which remain available for download. It is from these text files that these archives have been reconstructed.

The community was pleasantly surprised when, in mid-2013, Greg returned to answering fan questions, this time on the LEGO Message Boards in a pinned topic named Chat with Greg Farshtey. Over the next three years, Greg personally responded to messages posted in this thread. Although this coincided with the BIONICLE reboot of 2015-2016, Greg was not involved in the new project and instead answered questions pertaining to "G1" BIONICLE. Unfortunately, in early 2017, the LEGO company abruptly decided to discontinue the LEGO message boards, ending the dialogue once again. In March 2017, the message boards were permanently taken offline, and the Chat with Greg Farshtey topic is now no longer available.

Fortunately, in late May, Greg was able to return to answering questions once more, now in a special "Ask Greg" section of the TTV Message Boards. Greg is actively replying to questions posted on this site, and you can post your own questions here.

Who Runs This Site?

On BZPower I go by the name Planetperson. I'm always open to comments, suggestions, or criticism about this site. Feel free to get in touch with me via

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