Farshtey Feed (p175-180)

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Friday, October 31, 2008


  • The other Makuta knew that Teridax would become the Great Spirit, and he promised that they would be his avatars in the universe.
  • Having taken over Mata Nui's body, Makuta does have the potential to be omniscient, but he is still a non-Great Spirit mind in a Great Spirit body. So he is not USED to being omniscient, and that is a weakness the Toa may be able to exploit.
  • In Mata Nui's body, Teridax still has the powers he had while in Maxilos.


  • Mazeka rebuilt himself during his five-year training.


  • The trader on Stelt we saw in Federation of Fear and Destiny War probably lives in a richer part of the island.
  • Pridak is on the same island where Zaktan discovered the Brotherhood of Makuta's Plan.
  • We have heard of what the Shadowed One found in Destiny War.


  • Mata Nui has control over heat, light, and gravity in his universe.
  • The Matoran universe and the 2009 universe could not exist without each other. This has always been the case.
  • Mata Nui may not have always been on the planet where he is now.
  • We might learn the name of the Matoran's planet.
  • The entity responsible for implanting the Three Virtues map in the Blade Burrowers was not from the Matoran universe.


  • It is not safe to assume that the returning character will be in 2009 winter storyline.
  • The returning character in 2009 will be a set.
  • The returning character will be of high importance.
  • The name of the 2009 planet is Bara Magna.
  • Paper is in use on Bara Magna.
  • The quantity of protodermis on Bara Magna is most likely in organic form.
  • As far as Greg knows, the stag beetle seen on the back cover of Comic 15 is organic.


  • Krika was Spiriah's replacement as Makuta of Zakaz, adopting it in addition to his own territory.
  • Shared Kanohi Nuva powers are not cumulative.
  • Nocturn is in the Pit.


I was surprised, while reading the OGD, to see that many people were new to the idea that Mata Nui, when he was struck down by Makuta, arrived on the planet familiar to us in story from outer space, that he is alien to the only place we have so far seen him residing in. People were starting to make connections -- that his fall itself was the Great Cataclysm, that Mata Nui is native to some other world, and -- here is the key -- that Mata Nui's visit on out planet was the exception, not the ordinary state of things. Mata Nui belongs to a larger scale of things.

Now, I believe that Greg may be conscientious of the presence of protodermis on Bara Magna because -- this has been referenced from his library visit -- it was the site of Mata Nui's creation, or at least the source of his substance. Anyway, it had something to do with his birthing, and so some organic protodermis has remained on the 2009 world, the ancient remnants of the genesis of a universe. Perhaps this way of creation is even still an ongoing process on Bara Magna -- who knows? The essential idea is that Bara Magna was responsible for Mata Nui's origins -- in essence, we are actually going back in time in 2009 more than forward -- and that Mata Nui in some way reciprocated by providing a service to that world that allowed it to survive. And this is very important. It has been said in the latest library event topics that 2009 involves Mata Nui's "mission." This mission, in all likelyhood, is not a role he suddenly assumes as a character in 2009, but has actually always needed to fulfill, at least prior to the attack on his health when he was knocked out of comission. Mata Nui is a sustaining force for 2009's world, but he has been absent, so we come back to a forlorn world. Perhaps Mata Nui is, in fact, already in the act of "returning," while he is exiled from his own universe, to another kind of home where he has responsibilities to attend to. And I predict we will receive a big, big picture of these sorts next year.