Farshtey Feed (p186-188)

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Friday, November 14, 2008


  • The inhabitants of Bara Magna have heard of the Great Beings but generally do not call them that.
  • One of the winter Agori sets is the leader of his tribe.
  • Neither Fero nor Atakus is an Earth villager -- Rock is black, and Earth is tan!
  • The inhabitants of Bara Magna have seen the Three Virtues symbol but have no idea what it refers to.


  • The Three Virtues map does not show a means of getting from one universe to another.
  • There was no intelligent life in the endless ocean before Mata Nui crashed in it.
  • Spherus Magna is not the name of the endless ocean planet.
  • The organic birds were not from the endless ocean planet.
  • The Red Star is a good deal smaller than Mata Nui.
  • The Red Star occasionally serves functions relevant to Mata Nui and the universe around him.
  • The Red Star has been in orbit elsewhere than the endless ocean planet.
  • The Ignika turns back from silver to gold once it is far from the Matoran universe.


  • The Matoran who labored in darkness, not knowing the purpose for their labors, during the years of the Matoran universe's creation were building Mata Nui.
  • Mata Nui has external powers.
  • Mata Nui has propulsion to enable him to travel from planet to planet.
  • Greg: "I basically see Mata Nui as being a ruler of benevolent indifference. He has no negative feelings for his people, no ambitions that would harm them, or any desire NOT to protect them, but he is very hands-off. He's not going to interfere with their lives. Mata Nui, at best, expects the best work the Matoran can do and hopes for their respect. Makuta, on the [other] hand, demands their worship. His rule is self-aggrandizing, totally about his ambitions, and while he too needs the Matoran now, he is not above sacrificing some as an example to the others. He will actively enforce his will in the universe, regardless of the environment that it may create."
  • Greg: "When Mata Nui lands on a planet for the purposes of observation, his system creates a disguise for his face by creating a rocky surface and then growing plants that look like the local flora. When it is time for him to leave, the Bohrok clean all that plant life off and weaken the surface so it can be cracked open when Mata Nui rises."


  • Mazeka is a full Order of Mata Nui member.


  • Tridax's relationship to the Tridax pod is that he suggested the idea.
  • The Makuta creation pool cannot turn other beings into Makuta.
  • Brutaka's empowered state will last a while. He is now closer to Makuta power level than Tren Krom's.
  • The same anti-protosteel virus that killed Kojol was used to dissolve Tridax's arm.
  • The Olmak in Tridax's possession is the same one that was used by Jovan's team.


  • A Matoran's Rhotuka would not necessarily be elemental, but it would be weaker than that of Roodaka or a Toa.
  • Since the GBs designed Mata Nui, as well as created Artakha, it would make sense Artakha would know something of the design scheme for Mata Nui and base the Toa Mata off it.
  • The Codrex is made of the same substance the walls of Karda Nui are made of.
  • Jovan's team used the Ignika at the Codrex.
  • Unlike the Bohrok, the Bohrok Va were created as they are.
  • Tren Krom was aware that Mata Nui was the Matoran universe.