Farshtey Feed (p188-192)

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The mods were on a tyrade last week about how the OGD should be a place for concise discussion and posting dialogues with Greg. Then they disappeared, and now we're in a bad spell of people making totally extraneous posts. What up wit that?


  • Elemental affiliations in 2009 are based on geography, but tribes are still referred to as the fire tribe, the water tribe, etc.
  • Like any desert, the surface of Bara Magna has oases and other such areas.
  • The six elements mentioned next year are fire, water, ice, sand, rock, and plant/jungle.
  • There is no "Earth" tribe next year; rather, black is Rock and tan is Sand.
  • The rock tribe lives in the mountains, and the sand tribe lives in the desert sands.
  • Greg, on the free-for-all state of Bara Magna: "I wouldn't describe it as that, no. The tribes are united as such, but they do have a very well-defined social structure that governs their relations with each other. So while they are not "working together," they are also not at war with each other."
  • With respect to the Agori and Glatorian -- in one case, the title is a species name; in the other, it is not.
  • The Glatorian are all of the same species.
  • The "Bone hunters" are among the villains, as they are not the only villains.
  • Vorox is not a bone hunter.
  • Unlike in the Matoran universe, romance has potential in the 2009 setting, though it almost definitely won't occur in story.
  • One female set will be released in summer, as she will be a major movie character.
  • Greg likes Malum's character, as well as those of some summer sets.
  • We will not learn Mata Nui's personality in the first 2009 book.
  • The storyline of 2009 will span probably a couple months.
  • The UDD map is going to appear on Bara Magna early on in the storyline.
  • The Red Star can be seen dimly from Bara Magna.


  • Teridax will not attempt to conquer Bara Magna, since there is not much there worth conquering.
  • Since he already has telepathy, Teridax can now read the minds of anyone in the Matoran universe.
  • Not many shadow Takanuva exist on Destral, maybe half a dozen.
  • Mata Nui didn't die as a direct result of the virus, but of the damage of his fall.


  • The cosmology of the universe will be dealt with in future storyline.
  • The Great Beings created the Red Star (this seems to be important).
  • The Red Star's purpose is not to follow Mata Nui as he travels.
  • The inhabitants of Bara Magna were the Great Beings' inspiration when they designed the Matoran and other creatures of the Matoran universe.
  • Greg would say it's very doubtful that any Glatorian ever personally met a Great Being.
  • The Great Beings would know what the UDD map is. Mata Nui and the Makuta should know, but don't. Brutaka knows now.
  • The "three that must be one, the two that must make them one" do not refer to the three dots and two outer rings of the UDD map.
  • Spherus Magna is not the place to which Mata Nui was headed before he crash-landed on the endless ocean planet.
  • The Shattering took place before the Makuta rejected their light.


  • Tobduk, Jerbraz, and Ancient were never part of the Hand of Artakha.
  • There is going to be a Bionicle 2009 video game.