Farshtey Feed (p204-208)

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Friday, December 19, 2008

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  • Greg would not say that Thornax grow abundantly. Like water or food or anything else, Thornax are a scarce resource that has to be sought out or traded for. That is why Glatorian have them and not Agori, because Glatorian get first dibs on whatever is found.
  • Bone hunters work for whoever has something that they want. They are nomadic bandits. They do not participate in the social system.
  • "Bone hunters" is a tribe name. They are well-known and feared. Bone Hunters are not the same species as Agori.
  • The number of Glatorian participating in an arena match depends on the match rules. Some matches are one Glatorian vs. one Glatorian ... some are a Glatorian and Agori vs. Glatorian and Agori ... some are Glatorian in vehicles vs. Glatorian in vehicles ... so there are all sorts of different kinds.
  • Greg, on combat in Agori society: "It's purely physical strength, tactics, and weaponry. With the exception of the vehicles, which come later in story, this is a pretty low-tech society. They can patch and repair things, but they don't create new, they don't have energy weapons, that sort of thing. Thornax launcher is about the [most] powerful weapon they have."
  • The Glatorian do not have any special powers or abilities.
  • Glatorian matches are not fought to the death. In general, Glatorian do not fight to the death. Sometimes, people do die in the arena, the same way they do in our boxing rings, but normally the fight ends when one person or another is clearly defeated.
  • Greg: "I would say Strakk and Malum are both on the line between good and bad, but neither falls hard in one camp or the other. If, for example, some evil menace threatened all the villages, neither one would side with the bad guys. And Vorox are not much better than beasts, so I don't consider them good or evil anymore than I would consider a pack of wolves good or evil." "We know the Skrall are nasty in person, and extremely capable in the arena, but as the story opens, they haven't done anything evil. They are arrogant, but they win all the time, so maybe they have a right to be." "As for Malum -- Malum has issues. He violated a major rule and got exiled to the wastelands, so no one in story is really sure of him or whether or not he can be trusted."
  • If Strakk thinks the odds are good and the pay is good, he will protect you from bone hunters. If he doesn't like either, he won't.
  • Malum's crime is that he tried to kill an opponent in the arena when the opponent had already given up.
  • Civilization was, at one time, more advanced on Bara Magna than it is now. So there are old weapons, pieces of equipment (whose nature is unknown), old parchments and tablets, things like that buried in the sand here and there. These are the things Tarduk searches for.
  • The Zesk and Vorox were fairly reclusive to start with, which was part of the problem. And like some humans in a crisis, they reverted to barbarism.
  • The Vorox and Zesk are wearing helmets.
  • Zesk are the same species as the Agori, although they have changed a lot.
  • Groups of Vorox have pack leaders.
  • The start of the sand tribe regression varied as it occurred.
  • The average inhabitant of Bara Magna knows absolutely nothing about the Red Star.
  • There is only one of each tribe, led by one leader.
  • For the most part, the tribes do not live that close to each other. Tribes bear no enmity toward other tribes, since the lifestyle is not conducive to petty feuds.
  • Atero is a free city, where some villagers from different tribes live, with the exception of rock and sand.
  • Atero is not home to very many Agori. The ones who live there are mainly there to maintain the arena.
  • Tuma has been leading the rock tribe for a long time.
  • Sand stalkers are four-legged.
  • Being an invention of Greg, the sand stalker will not be a set.
  • The river on Bara Magna has a name, which we will learn in early January.
  • Gresh plays a very big role in first half story, and in second half story, on a scale from 1-10, he would probably be at about a 4 or a 5 in terms of prominence.
  • The January sets will be supporting characters in the movie, although some will have very important supporting roles. The summer canister sets will be the stars.
  • The life counters on the Glatorian sets play no role in story; they are there as part of a game that can be played with the sets.
  • The story will focus on the whole planet of Bara Magna.


  • Spherus Magna is the name of the Great Beings' home planet. Spherus Magna was not changed into Bara Magna. Bara Magna and Spherus Magna are the names of two separate and distinct locations.
  • Greg interprets the name Spherus Magna to mean "Great Sphere."
  • Mata Nui was not sent out to find more energized protodermis.
  • The Great Beings had already developed protodermis before the discovery of energized protodermis.


  • How long Pouks's mask takes to copy a power depends on the power, and it can only copy one power at once.
  • Botar, Trinuma, and the female Order member who shatters were not members of the Hand of Artakha.
  • Brutaka now possesses the powers of a Makuta.
  • Since the Toa Hagah had moved quite a ways from the Coliseum on their journey already, Miserix simply tore up the ground over where they were to reach them.
  • Zaktan is killed.


  • The alternate universe with Spherus Magna in it is a reality in which Mata Nui had never needed been needed to be built in the first place.
  • Matoran in the alternate Spherus Magna universe literally have the power of Toa.


  • Helryx's Mask of Psychometry works on only one object at a time. With it, she sees something of the object's past, but she has no control over how much info she actually gets.
  • Those whom Voporak attacked to retrieve the Vahi have not died.
  • Chirox was not overseer of the island with the energized protodermis lake because it's a valuable piece of real estate due to the EP, and Teridax did not choose to have Chirox watch over it.
  • Vezon's prior mask use with the Ignika helped him to be able to use the Olmak.
  • Ancient was the one who discovered for Voporak that the Vahi had been brought to Metru Nui.


  • Makuta who did not have Toa Hagah chose not to have them.
  • The Matoran universe serial will be called "Reign of Shadows."
  • The Matoran universe serial may run all year long.
  • The Great Beings' scroll instructed the Toa Nuva to quell the volcanoes on Artidax because the Great Beings knew that they would potentially be active if Mata Nui fell asleep.
  • Lesovikk and Sarda were inside the Pit when Mata Nui rose.
  • Mata Nui and Makuta (now) would be able to speak the language of Bara Magna.
  • We don't know that Mata Nui chose the destinies for those living inside him, only that he knew what they were meant to be.
  • The Red Star has a proper name.