Farshtey Feed (p208-210)

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Friday, December 26, 2008


  • There are six arenas on Bara Magna, and Atero is the main one.
  • Iconox is ice, Tesara is jungle, and Tajun is water.
  • The disaster involved in the Vorox and Zesk's regression is dealt with in 2009-2010 story.
  • The disaster is also involved with the downgrade of technology on Bara Magna.
  • The Glatorian system did not exist prior to the disaster.
  • Skrall are generally disliked, of course.
  • Nothing happens if someone takes his helmet off. The helmets are referred to as masks, but they do not function as Kanohi.
  • Tarix uses his tube to breathe underwater.
  • Tarix's and Berix's gold-colored weapons were most likely found in ruins near where Tajun is.


  • Spherus Magna was, indeed, shattered.
  • Mazeka's swamp strider is destroyed.
  • Matoran language is programming language! Making it dissimilar to the language of Bara Magna.