Farshtey Feed (p210-214)

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Friday, January 2, 2009


  • The Sea of Liquid Sand is like quicksand.
  • Greg believes Atero is south of the Bone Hunter camp.
  • Greg: "Beware the sand bat."
  • The giant mechanical body parts scattered throughout Bara Magna relate to future story.
  • The rock Agori have always been with Tuma and the Skrall, and they are essentially "support staff" for the Skrall. This is a militaristic group, where the army comes first before anyone else.
  • There will be other Glatorian sets this year.
  • Some Glatorian own the vehicles they use in combat.
  • There aren't a ton of Agori on Bara Magna. With the limited resources, villages can't support thousands of Agori, there just isn't enough food and water for that.
  • Bara Magna was never enormously populated nor as advanced as Metru Nui or our own society.
  • The Skrall only recently moved south; they aren't native to where they are living now.
  • The Glatorian and Agori are not artificial constructs.
  • It was not a natural evolution that made the sand tribe what they are, it was their reaction to a disaster.
  • There is a metal that is considered very valuable on Bara Magna, but it's valuable because of its practical use, not just because it is.
  • The Skrall that fought Gresh was the same one that relayed the informant's information to Tuma.
  • Agori from the fire, jungle, ice, and water tribes live in Atero.
  • Gresh, Tarix, and Strakk are traveling to Atero.
  • Malum has contempt for Raanu for exiling him.
  • Only a Glatorian's own tribe would exile him for crimes in the arena.
  • Inhabitants of Bara Magna cannot tap into inner light or shadow.
  • Greg, on Kanohi use on Bara Magna: "In this case, it is not a question of willpower. Kanohi were designed for Toa, Matoran, Makuta, etc., and we know that taking the masks off affects them in some way (weakening, going into comas, things like that). This is because the masks are linked to them mentally, which is also why they can be mentally controlled by the wearer (if they can use mask powers). The residents of Bara Magna are not Toa or Matoran or Makuta, they are not artificial constructs for whom these masks were designed, so if they did wear one, it would be just that -- a mask to cover your face. It would not be linked to their mind, so taking it off wouldn't bother them and they would have no way to trigger it. It would be like me handing you a spark plug and expecting it to power you up the way it does my car engine. But you're not a car engine, you're not built to use a spark plug, so it won't work."


  • Spherus Magna no longer exists in the main universe.
  • Greg: "The AI of Mata Nui and the inhabitants of his universe was better than the GBs knew it would be or planned for it to be."
  • A second Great Spirit or synthezoid of Mata Nui's type was never created.
  • Great Beings will not be released as sets.


  • Mata Nui's body does have weapons systems.
  • Teridax probably teleported Axonn, Brutaka, and Keetongu to separate locations.
  • Miserix is not dead and may be subject to illusions of Teridax.
  • The southern islands are unexplored and full of dangerous Rahi.
  • The Mask of Intangibility cannot additionally turn someone else in contact with the user intangible.
  • A non-Nuva Toa could also link with an Av-Matoran.