Farshtey Feed (p214-216)

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Friday, January 16, 2009


  • Before the disaster, Glatorian were soldiers.
  • Greg, on the Glatorian population: "[There are] not a ton. I don't know that I would attach a definite number to it, as there are always old ones dying off and new ones coming into the profession. On Bara Magna, though, you are probably talking less than a hundred, easy.
  • The Glatorian have fighting skills from their military training and from their training with each other.
  • We have seen the actual soldiers who fought over the energized protodermis on Bara Magna but not who lead them. Some of the current Glatorian took part in that war, but others, like Gresh, are too young to have participated.
  • Gresh and Tarix get along just fine, and they tolerate Strakk.
  • There is actually is something of a democratic system on Bara Magna, with the exception, of course, of the Vorox and Skrall. Leaders are elected to 250 year terms, and can be removed from office at any time by an unanimous vote of the villagers. Glatorian are not allowed a vote, since they have a "financial" interest in the outcome.
  • An Agori who committed murder would be banished, certainly. A thief or someone like that might not be, but would probably only be allowed to stay on the condition they take on some needed but highly dangerous work for the village.
  • Raanu has one Glatorian working for his tribe plus a couple in training.
  • It would be possible for the Vorox to un-regress.


  • The Skrall joined the social system within the last year or so.
  • Greg, on Tuma's species: "Well, Tuma is the leader of the Skrall, so what else would he say? I haven't discussed Tuma's nature yet."
  • Greg, on the mysterious shapeshifters: "Actually they are something the story team has talked about pretty extensively over the last year or so, so I didn't make them up on the spur of the moment. And yes, I think they will crop up again this year."
  • A Spikit is a creature, and there willl be one in a set in summer. They have two heads and are usually used to pull wagons, that sort of thing.


  • In the case of Gresh's match with the Skrall, Vulcanus was serving as host, as it was also a preliminary tournament for the big one in Atero.
  • Greg, on the MLN game: "I do consider it canon, yes. We went over the whole game story together before it got done, and actually that is where the idea of the Thornax being edible came from. In addition, the "hero" Agori character of the game will be a factor in the novel out this spring."
  • The serials for 2009 are about the Matoran Universe, the Skrall, and the Agori society. The Agori serial is titled "Riddle of the Great Beings."
  • Greg: "I don't really want to do extensive flashbacks of Bara Magna, because it would give away things we want to reveal in future story."
  • A few months pass between the start of 2009 story and Mata Nui's arrival on Bara Magna.
  • A named Skrall will appear in summer story.
  • We will see a Glatorian who fights for a tribe that doesn't match his color.


  • Bara Magna exists in the alternate dimension Vultraz and Mazeka visited.
  • Alternate Gorast used her gravity powers to effect "telekinesis" on Vultraz.


  • Mata Nui has completed no major parts of his mission yet.
  • A Makuta's extra mass is shunted into another dimension when it shapeshifts to a smaller size.
  • Teridax only needs Matoran to live, but killing off every other species would be a waste of time and energy. It would be like you deciding to go outside and kill every insect in your yard. If they aren't bothering you, and have no potential to bother you, then why do it?