Farshtey Feed (p219-221)

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Decided to go with bold orange dot to hilight interesting ones, for now.


  • Inhabitants of Bara Magna are not born with their mechanical implants, and they can live just as well without them.
  • Exsidian is a metal that resists wear and corrosion really well (a constant problem in a desert), so it's prized for use as a blade coating, etc.
  • Greg, on destinies on Bara Magna: "While I am not saying BM characters do not have destinies (I believe everyone does), it is not that big of a deal in 2009 story. These are people trying to just survive each day -- they aren't concerned with what they are supposed to achieve someday in the far future. I really doubt any of them would even believe in the concept of destiny. So it's not going to come up other than with relation to Mata Nui."
  • If a village refuses another tribe's challenge for land, the land is considered forfeited.
  • The locations of the villages were selected mostly because of the proximity of the big BIONICLE pieces, which serve as shelters.
  • The Glatorian and Agori are not aware of the Red Star, and neither are the Skrall. One needs a telescope to view it from Bara Magna, and no one has one.


  • There are more Rock Agori than Skrall.
  • Most arena vehicle combat is done by Agori.
  • Metus travels around a lot.
  • Berix's hobby frequently takes him outside his own village.
  • Tarduk and Berix are friends.


  • Most exiled Glatorian die not long after being sent into the wastelands.
  • Greg, on the Glatorian vehicles: "My guess is that most were designed prior to the war, and have simply been modified for arena combat over the years."
  • The means and timing of concession in a Glatorian match is entirely up to the participants. It is never required that one forfeit; a Glatorian could keep fighting until he is knocked out or crippled, and have no choice but to concede. Most warriors, however, don't see the point in doing that.
  • Trainee Glatorian come to the Atero matches. They will briefly appear in the story, though they will not be named.
  • Tarix is the current Glatorian champion.


  • Vezon was responsible for the portal Mazeka and Vultraz fell through.
  • Guardian is dead.
  • Lariska was assisting in the war against the Brotherhood of Makuta between Federation of Fear and Reign of Shadows.


  • The names of the other Agori are Crotesius, Scodonius, Kyry and Kirbold.
  • Some of the Agori from Riddle of the Great Beings will be included in sets, and others will not.
  • Kyry is from Vulcanus.
  • The circle-symbol on Tarduk's map was a Matoran 'A.' There are other scraps with Matoran letters on them.


  • While Zesk are good scavengers for food, Vorox are good at protecting the Zesk.
  • Great Beings are not able to change shape or size.
  • Frostelus are considered intelligent Rahi.
  • Neither Mata Nui nor Teridax ever needed to know what was inside the Red Star, and no Great Being was ever inside of it.
  • The Sand Stalker will be a combo model of Malum and the Rock Steed.
  • The summer canister sets are called Glatorian Legends.