Farshtey Feed (p224-225)

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Does movie Mata Nui have a mouth? \/


  • Greg: "[The summer line is] being called legends because we had to call them "Glatorian something" to keep Glatorian in the name, and Legends tied in nicely with the name of the movie."
  • Mata Nui's new body will not be made of protodermis, since it is made of materials of Bara Magna.
  • The Ignika cannot share its thoughts or memories with Mata Nui.
  • A larger-scale version of the Mata Nui model will be released as a store exclusive.
  • Kiina is female and is older than Gresh.
  • Stronius is a Skrall.
  • Greg: "Stronius is part of a Skrall class that would be the equivalent of "special forces" who showed great heroism in battle, hence his having a name."
  • Ackar was the Glatorian champion in past years.


  • Greg: "[M]ost Glatorian are more like Strakk than like Gresh -- Gresh is young and idealistic. Most Glatorian are military veterans and for them this is a job -- it's how they get their food and shelter and equipment. It's not being done for noble and heroic reasons. They are basically like boxers, they fight because they get paid to do so."
  • Greg: "Certavus was a Glatorian from Iconox, who perished some time ago from natural causes after thousands of victories in the arena. He is the Glatorian equivalent of Babe Ruth or Muhammad Ali, basically."
  • Certavus was a champion of the Glatorian tournament.
  • All Glatorian are allowed to participate in the tournament, and most of them do.


  • Crotesius and Scodonius will be included in sets, but Kyry and Kirbold will not.
  • Greg: "Spherus Magna did not "turn into" anything and the Agori on Bara Magna always lived there."
  • Greg: "Matoran name themselves. Countless Matoran have come into being since the Great Beings created Mata Nui, and the GBs are not around to name anyone."