Farshtey Feed (p225-226)

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Friday, February 27, 2009


  • Greg, on whether Mata Nui is now more powerful than Toa Ignika: "I would say no, simply because Mata Nui does not have a handle on how to use the mask -- he's never had to use a mask before. Ignika, on the other hand, knew all its powers and how to use them."
  • The scarabax beetle is the stag beetle seen on the Bara Magna teaser on the November 08 comic.
  • Although the Great Beings did have something to with the Arena Magna's design, it was physically constructed by Agori.
  • "Ataku's Mark" in the My Lego Network campaign, obviously, is meant to say "Atakus's Mark."
  • Kirbold is male.
  • The Glatorian Arena game is canonical.
  • Agori and Glatorian are not made.