Farshtey Feed (p226-227)

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Friday, March 6, 2009


  • SPIRIT: "When exactly did the Skrall move south? In the new comic, Strakk mentions that they were at the tournament last year, but I thought they left after that tournament, especially since Tarix won it (which he couldn't have done if there were Skrall in attendance)."
    Greg: "No, he doesn't. He says "just like they did last year," not "in last year's tournament." Think of it like this -- we have a tournament in January of 2008. You win. Binkmeister shows up in February and beats us both all year long. January of 2009 comes around, we have another tournament, and you can honestly say that Bink stomped us last year, since he did, from Feb. to December. So the answer is within the last year."
  • Ackar was the Glatorian champion several years back.
  • The Glatorian Legends characters (Ackar, Vastus, Gelu, Kiina) were also present at Atero to fight against the Skrall.
  • It's fairly common for Glatorian to wear armor that matches their affiliation, but not necessary. Gresh could decide to leave Tesara and work for Iconox and keep his green armor.
  • The chronological order is as follows: Secret of Certavus, Comic 1, MLN/Empire of the Skrall/Riddle of the Great Beings, Comic 2, Novel 1, Comic 3, Desert of Danger, Movie.
  • Mata Nui always had the ability to speak, but never did, for there was no one to talk to.
  • Tarix knew Certavus, as did many of the more veteran Glatorian.
  • Malum would help fight the Skrall in order to protect the Vorox.
  • The Zesk and Vorox would die for Malum's sake.
  • Tuma himself will be involved in combat at some point this year.
  • Although there are no established plans to do so, Greg assumes that the species of the Great Beings and of the shape shifters will be resolved sometime within the next 18 months.
  • The EP war is not something the Great Beings would have remembered fondly.


  • The Great Beings secured the EP stored in Mata Nui's body when they knew where it was and sent someone to collect it for them while the war was going on.
  • Brutaka's changes are long-lasting but not permanent.
  • The OoMN destroyed the EP pool in Voya Nui.