Farshtey Feed (p227-165*)

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Friday, March 20, 2009


  • Mata Nui does not get his shield until some time after he forms his body.
  • The Sand Tribe was a very populous force even before the disaster.
  • Tarduk borrowed the sand stalkers from Metus.
  • The Vorox and Zesk's regression had more to do with their psychology than anything else.
  • Certavus was one of the founders of the Glatorian system. Tarix got along with him.
  • Whether or not Bara Magna was once part of Spherus Magna and whether or not Skrall lived on Spherus Magna relates to future story.
  • The three known Skrall classes (leader, soldier, spec ops) are all that will be introduced this year; more may be introduced in future story if required.
  • Tarduk returns to Atero for the Great Tournament just after his northern expedition.
  • Female Skrall are not included in the army.
  • There were no female leader class Skrall.
  • The coloration of leader Skrall does not vary.
  • Scarabax beetles will appear in the movie, and there will also be a BrickMaster exclusive model of one.
  • In his new form Mata Nui is not stronger than non-Skrall Glatorian.


  • Bomonga would most likely be the deputy leader of the Toa Hagah.
  • The OoMN destroyed the EP pool in Mangaia.
  • Hydraxon, Lesovikk, and Sarda are no longer in the Pit, having left to assist in the Destiny War.