Farshtey Feed (p165-167*)

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Friday, March 27, 2009


  • Greg: "I see Malum as very protective of the Vorox, especially the ones in his tribe. Let's face it, they took him in when his own people cast him out. As a result, he sees more "civilized values" in them than in Agori and Glatorian. Vorox don't lie; they kill only to protect themselves or to get things they need to survive; and they judge others based on something Malum respects, namely strength. So I would compare it to someone who has spent a lot of time with a pack of wild animals, and sees more honesty and nobility in them than he does in people."
  • Malum was banished after the arrival of the Skrall. He fought a Skrall in an arena match and lost.
  • The purported movie scene of Mata Nui's construction referred to the scene when Mata Nui forms his own body with the Ignika's power.
  • There are no electronics in use on Bara Magna.
  • Although Tuma is the last of his kind, more leader class Skrall may come into being.
  • Female Skrall serve as support staff for the army and do not resemble soldier or spec ops classes.
  • Mata Nui's new body is more organic than mechanical, since there are more organics for the Ignika to use on Bara Magna.
  • Malum's claws are removable.
  • The identity of the traitor to Tajun is involved in the movie plot.
  • Malum has no speaking lines in the movie and may not appear at all.
  • The Great Beings are mentioned in the movie.
  • Most villages have a #1 and #2 Glatorian, and trainees. Vulcanus only has a #1, since they exiled their #2. But Tajun has Tarix and Kiina, Tesara has Gresh and Vastus, and Iconox has Strakk and had Gelu, until he retired.
  • A Glatorian who does not fight for a village in some fashion normally doesn't get to live there, unless he is providing some other service (for example, Gelu no longer fights in the arena, but does provide armed escort for Iconox caravans). Glatorian who can't get hired by a village will normally live in the wastelands and become bandits, get killed by bone hunters, or wind up prisoners of the Skrall. Agori who were kicked out of their village would most likely die in the desert fairly quickly.


  • The three arms on the Axalara T9 can be called "tri-cyclone stingers," and the blasters on the Rockoh T3 called "Rockslide Cannons."
  • Bomonga is in fact deputy leader of the Toa Hagah.
  • There are more Turaga in the Matoran universe than Toa.
  • Teridax destroyed Daxia's fortress but not the island.