Farshtey Feed (p174-177*)

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Friday, April 24, 2009


  • Greg believes the Vorox always had their stinger tails.
  • Malum did not kill the former pack leader of the Vorox.
  • Greg would say most if not all the known Agori were alive before the Shattering.
  • All of the known Glatorian were alive before the Shattering. Gresh is indeed a younger Glatorian, but he does remember the Shattering. He was simply too young to have fought in the war.
  • Greg: "Bone hunters generally don't use vehicles, because vehicles make noise. When you are doing midnight raids on villages, you don't want engine noises alerting everyone you are coming."
  • Greg, on why Surel does not live in a village: "Because there are no villages up there, and he felt he had been abandoned by his comrades, so why would he want to go live with them? He had a home, with the Iron Wolves."
  • Neither the baterra nor the Iron Wolves are made of protodermis.
  • The Iron Wolves were created prior to the EP war.
  • Usually, the #1 or #2 Glatorian helps train the trainee Glatorian.
  • Greg, on the system of two Glatorian per village: "[I]t's not a rule. It's more a custom born from the fact that most villages cannot afford to pay more than two main Glatorian in the style to which Glatorian have become accustomed."
  • Gresh's shield is called the "jungle shield."
  • Greg is sure that Vastus has won the Great Tournament before.
  • Strakk has never won the Tournament.
  • Of living Glatorian, Tarix has ranked up the most Tournament wins.
  • Iconox has not yet hired a #2 replacement for Gelu, since his retirement just happened.
  • Gelu's new job -- escorting traders through deserts filled with bone hunters and Vorox -- is MORE dangerous than being a Glatorian. He retired because there is more profit to be made as an armed guard than as a Glatorian.
  • Despite having two heads, the Spikit shares one mind.
  • Naming does not mean that a Skrall is of higher rank, only that he did something heroic once.
  • Branar will appear in the story again.
  • Ackar teaches Mata Nui melee fighting skills, out of good will.
  • Mata Nui will need to eat and sleep.
  • The Ignika cannot be used to heal.
  • Mata Nui will not be fighting as a Glatorian.
  • There is a special reason why the sword that Mata Nui finds on Bara Magna is reserved for him which will be explained in the movie.


  • The baterra are a doomsday weapon. The GBs knew the war was going to lead to cataclysm, and their "gentler" attempts to stop it had failed. So they went for a doomsday weapon, something that would wipe out the armies unless they laid down their weapons and stopped fighting. Unable to stop the war by any other means, the GBs unleashed them to kill any armed combatant. The baterra continue to follow their original programming, which is to destroy anyone taking part in the war - that is, anyone considered an armed combatant. They were an attempt to stop the war, not vengeance post-war.
  • Greg, on the GB's involvement with the baterra: "[I]f you wanted to stop a war, and you wanted to do it by force, would you restrict yourself to only going after, say, the top 10% of combatants? Wouldn't that leave the other 90% still fighting?"
  • Baterra have a default, un-shapeshifted form.
  • Baterra are mechanical.
  • There is actually a very easy way to stop a baterra from attacking you, but no one other than their creators knows what it is. This is done by surrendering one's weapons and armor, although it is always too late to do so once a baterra has seen them.
  • The Great Beings have already tried to deactivate the baterra using a failsafe, which was unsuccessful.
  • Baterra are sophisticated strategic thinkers, which is core to how they operate.
  • Greg: "I would say the things Mata Nui created would have to have come from programming given him by the GBs. But the baterra, in terms of physical appearance, are actualy much closer to looking like Bohrok than looking like Makuta. And the Makuta shapeshifting didn't happen until they evolved into antidermis, which the GBs did not know would happen."


  • The Great Beings were not a faction in the EP war.
  • Malum, Gelu, and Kiina fought in the EP war.


  • Midak befriended the Toa while on Mata Nui.
  • The Ignika shares the Mata Nui robot's energy signature, so the robot can sense it. Mata Nui would be able to sense and locate any portion of his form which still contained that energy.
  • Greg, on the Mata Nui robot's destructive power: "He could certainly do a lot of damage to [a planet], but he wasn't designed for attack. His weaponry was for defense."
  • Mata Nui is only about 100,001 years old.
  • Greg: "I think Lariska has a conscience, and not all DH do."
  • Nocturn is dead, presumably killed by Hydraxon in an escape attempt.


  • The Red Star is involved in Mata Nui's transit. There is machinery inside the Red Star which facilitates this.
  • The Mata Nui robot could travel through space without the Red Star.
  • The Red Star has a solid hull. Greg doubts the Star is spherical.
  • The Great Beings put the inhabitants of the Red Star in it.
  • The energy which transformed the Matoran in to the Toa Inika originated from the Red Star itself, not its occupants.


  • GN #7 will collect the 2008 comics. GN #8 will feature three stories set on Bara Magna, featuring the set characters, that will be all new. Then GN #9 will collect the 2009 comics. Hydraxon's story will be set after Matoro's death.