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Friday, July 17, 2009

It's a big one, complete with an entire "Core War" section.


  • On Kiina's personality: "Brash. Energetic. Impatient. Loyal. Caring. Stubborn."
  • Gelu was aware that he had the potential to make First Glatorian but had no interest in the job. There is more money to be made as an escort than as a First Glatorian.
  • Iconox gets Gelu's preference if he has more than one client for his services. Most of the work he does is for them anyway, because they are shipping exsidian all over.
  • Ackar personally sees a lot of potential in Gresh.
  • Except for trainees, villages tend never to waste resources sheltering extra Glatorian species members who do not serve them.
  • On Strakk's banishment: "The official story is that Iconox had to postpone the decision due to the events of the movie. My assumption is they will revisit the matter later."


  • The Skrall targeted Tajun "because Tajun has the bulk of the water supply the other villages rely on. Choke that off and the other villages fall like dominoes."
  • Tesara consists of two villages with an arena between them and a lot of jungle growth.
  • Greg would assume that, like all of the other villages, Tajun is one large structure and a bunch of smaller shelters, all built around in this case an oasis.
  • Tesara, like Iconox, also did not exist prior to the Shattering.
  • Roxtus did exist beforehand, but who lived there before the Skrall remains a mystery.
  • On Telluris's dealings with the Skrall: "Yes, but nowhere near as often as Sahmad. Once in a blue moon, Telluris learns something out in the desert and trades the information, but that is very rare."
  • Dozens of Glatorian now populate Bara Magna, along with hundreds of Agori per tribe.
  • Zesk have not always had tails and once stood upright, although they always looked similar to one another.
  • Empire of the Skrall Chapter 6 takes place before Raid on Vulcanus.
  • The September comic will deal with the beginning of the movie, and the November comic will detail events after the movie plot.
  • In Comic 3, it is Fero who tries to attack Vastus from behind.


  • "The female Skrall are, if anything, nastier than the males, but also more manipulating, where the males prefer to just go bash heads."
  • On Skrall procreation: "Well, we have not discussed at all how new life comes into being on this planet, but ... let's assume you are right for the moment. There are TONS of examples in nature of species where the males and females get together only to mate, and are actively hostile to each other the rest of the time (with the males actually becoming threats to their own children after they are born). The idea of romantic love -- or even like -- being necessary for procreation is a human conceit."
  • Skrall females naturally possess mental powers.
  • Rock Agori all wear identical helmets.


  • Teridax currently is still on Aqua Magna, and Greg does not intend for him to leave during this story year.
  • The Mata Nui robot is constructed out of metallic protodermis (not protosteel).
  • On the Mata Nui robot's ability to pull together fusing the pieces of Spherus Magna together again: "I would say not on its own, no."
  • Tren Krom was never able to swap bodies before because a being has to consent to it. Lewa was the first to be open to "anything."
  • A Makuta needed to be in physical contact with a being on whom it is using its teleportation power.


  • The following six items of background information on the Core War were provided by Greg Farshtey for BS01's contest:
    1. The original discovery of the EP was in the ice EL's area, so they were defending it for much of the war. It was Ice Agori who made the discovery firsthand, and it was in the Northern Frost.
    2. The final battle of the war saw the fire armies seize control of the EP spring.
    3. The GBs released the baterra toward the end of the war.
    4. Alliances between armies were basically made of sand ... everyone wanted the spring, no one wanted anyone else to have it, so no one worked together for very long. These alliances were made during the war, not prior to it. You had six groups, all after one thing -- Ice has it, everyone else wants it. So Fire and Jungle might make an alliance, one attacks from the south, one the north .. but if it looks like fire might get to the spring first, jungle suddenly turns on fire because they don't want fire getting it either.
    5. The ice tribe lost control of the spring a few times during the war, but never for very long. And the fire tribe knew when they seized it they wouldn't be able to hold it for very long, so they rushed to tap its power despite warnings of what would happen.
    6. Mostly deaths, and some transformations of animal life occurred as a result of contact with EP. The only really concerted effort to tap its power -- to basically drain and collect the EP -- was done by the fire tribe and precipitated the Shattering.
  • On the duration of the Core War: "I had originally said six months to a year for the war, but it may have been longer than that … Years, probably."
  • Only the Great Beings used the term "energized protodermis"; the regular people of the world would have referred to it with another name.
  • No one living on Spherus Magna ever discovered that the EP was a sapient entity during the Core War.
  • Spherus Magna did once have larger cities, though we don't know if they were as sophisticated as Metru Nui, since Metru Nui is basically a mechanical brain.
  • There was no movement for peace during the Core War among the combatants.
  • The Great Beings, however, were involved in pursuing a diplomatic solution.
  • The Great Beings never fielded an army in the Core War other than the baterra.
  • Probably hundreds of soldiers served for each tribe.
  • Future Glatorian of the same tribe would have been well-acquianted.
  • Ackar would most likely have led a squad during the war.
  • Surel would have been chosen by his battalion commander, not the Great Beings, to train and to lead the Iron Wolves into battle. Surel and his Iron Wolves, of course, fought as allies to the Ice Tribe. The Iron Wolves had been about prior to the war and had been wild creatures up to that point.
  • Certavus participated in the Core War and was loyal to his Ice Tribe.
  • Vastus regrets "Hurting the people he hurt."
  • Glatorian in the war had weapons with elemental powers, the charges of which have long ago run out.
  • Force blasters were occasionally used during the Core War, but they were used as vehicle-mounted weapons and never as handheld devices.
  • When the Fire Tribe wrested control of the spring, they likely held onto it for mere hours. The time elapsed between the final battle of the Core War and the Shattering itself was a matter of hours.
  • Many were injured or killed as a direct result of the Shattering.
  • On the Element Lords: "I would say you had six equally powered beings who didn't get along that great but worked together because they had to and overall did it well. When something came along that threatened to make one of them way more powerful than all the rest, it created problems."
  • Element Lords never personally confronted each other during the Core War. Prior to the war, on the other hand, they did meet a lot.
  • The Element Lord of Sand would have held Bara Magna as part of his domain. Bara Magna was the Sand Tribe's main area, because that was the major desert on the planet. There wasn't a lot of sand in other areas.
  • The Element Lord of Fire would have ruled the region around the Great Volcano. The Element Lord of Fire would have also held sway over the southern volcano near the Iron Canyon, hence the settlement of Vulcanus there.
  • The Element Lord of Jungle ruled the great jungles and forests of Spherus Magna. During the Core War, the jungle where Tesara now resides was not their central territory; they would have been anywhere there was jungle or forest, and there was a vast area of green some distance away from the desert on Bara Magna. While Tesara's jungle would technically have been under the Element Lord of Jungle's control, the locus of his power would been that vast forest that was located on a different part of the planet.
  • The Northern Frost and the realms of the Element Lord of Jungle now exist on the third chunk of Spherus Magna. This giant forest to the north of Bara Magna developed into part of the third planet and was the same forest that Mazeka and Vultraz visited in an alternate reality.
  • The Element Lord of Rock held the White Quartz and Black Spike Mountains. Although the Skrall held the White Quartz Mountains before the Shattering, most of the Skrall legions were in battle in the Black Spikes when the war ended, and remnants of the Ice Tribe had migrated south to the White Quartz during the war due to the battles centered in the Northern Frost.
  • The Water Tribe would have owned fleets of waterborne transport ships.
  • Greg believes Aqua Magna would have originally been south of Bara Magna.
  • The Element Lord of Water also ruled the River Dormus.
  • There were no aircraft involved in the war.
  • The terrain of the Northern Frost was mountainous.
  • Spherus Magna had polar ice caps.
  • The Element Lords were created by the Great Beings "Thousands of years before the Shattering."
  • Sahmad's tribe was wiped out before the Element Lords were created, which is why it is highly unlikely that an Element Lord was created for that tribe.
  • Therefore, the Element Lords were created sometime less than 103,000 years ago, but not by more than a thousand or so.
  • The Element Lords at this moment are not fighting over Energized Protodermis, but over something else.