Farshtey Feed (p199-200*)

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Friday, August 21, 2009

I thought I would give you one (possibly final?) Farshtey Feed...


  • The Great Beings created the Iron Wolves, as they did most things, as an experiment, not specifically for use in the Core War.
  • The large northern forested region on Spherus Magna was located south of the Northern Frost.
  • There were only the six rival tribes we have already encountered who participated in the Core War.
  • The Kaxium model was used in the Core War.


  • Vorox eat small animals and whatever plant life they can find.
  • Telluris is somewhat known throughout Bara Magna. He lives as a nomad and occasionally raids trade caravans, although he generally does not bother the villages themselves. He is motivated by revenge against other tribes, who he feels abandoned his to its own fate.


  • Surel is older than Certavus, although they are probably close in age.
  • On Raanu's reluctance to stand up to Glatorian: "Thing is, Raanu, like most Agori, lived through the war. He knows what Glatorian are capable of, and he knows Agori probably couldn't stop them if they decided to seize control of the villages. So he doesn't really trust them and treads very carefully around them."
  • On Strakk's blatant cheating: "…Iconox has no Second Glatorian since Gelu quit, meaning if they exile him they have no one to fight for them. So he figured they wouldn't punish him."
  • Greg does not see Malum as being evil, but rather having anger management issues.


  • On the two Glatorian species members near Mata Nui's mind: "I can tell you they were not forgotten about, they were where they were supposed to be and for a reason."