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Friday, August 28, 2009

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  • On Strakk's banishment: "Right after Strakk's match are the rest of the events of the movie, during which time the Agori are a little too busy worrying about Skrall invasion to deal with administrative matters. They will have time to worry about Strakk's punishment if they survive the war."
  • The aftermath of the attack on Tajun is seen in the movie.


  • The Sisters of the Skrall did not fight in the War.
  • The Sea of Liquid Sand does not represent where Aqua Magna originally existed. Its waters were never a part of the Bara Magna geography.
  • The Valley of the Maze will become important to current/future story.
  • Force blasters were invented before the Core War.
  • In order to supply Mata Nui with his considerable reserves of energized protodermis, the Great Beings sent Agori out to get them a sample of it during the Core War and then were able to put the EP into an environment where its volume would increase.
  • Before and just after the maze existed in the Valley of the Maze, it was one of the places where the Great Beings lived.
  • Like the other Great Beings, Angonce participated in the leadership of Spherus Magna and the construction of Mata Nui. He is not the Great Being who was cursed by the Ignika.
  • The third chunk of Spherus Magna is called Bota Magna. It was mostly covered by forest and was the realm of the Element Lord of Jungle.
  • The Element Lord of Rock was once a Skrall, likely one of the leader class.
  • Baterra armor in default mode is silver.
  • The current storyline is very unlikely to be taking place on Bota Magna anytime soon.
  • Bota Magna means "Great Jungle" or "Great Forest."
  • The Element Lord of Sand does not have a tail like the other Vorox.
  • Aqua Magna was southwest of Bara Magna.


  • Rock dragons, sun-rock dragons, and sand dragons are all related species.
  • Skopio, large as they are, are rarely seen living anywhere close to each other.
  • Sandray Canyon is named after a creature called a sandray.
  • Skopio and rock steeds are carnivorous, Spikit and Scarabax are omnivorous, and sand stalkers are herbivorous.


  • Greg: "Telluris is a nutcase."
  • Perditus participated in the Core War. He was also present for the Fall of Atero.
  • It is possible that members of the same tribe could be set to fight to each other for the winning title at the Great Tournament.
  • A vehicle match is won by disabling the vehicle of one's opponent.
  • Greg believes Malum took his sword with him when he was exiled into the wastes.


  • Reef Raiders are native to the Matoran universe.
  • Particularly who the two Glatorian left near Mata Nui's consciousness are is not so important as the fact that they are there.


Greg, in cooperation with bonesiii and Swert, has approved the matching of the following Kanohi mask powers with these forms:

  • Mask of Rebound; makes projectiles bounce back to you, assuming they don't shatter or explode.
  • Mask of Absorption; temporarily absorb powers of those nearby.
  • Mask of Sensory Aptitude; improves all five senses, but not as much as an Akaku for example would improve vision.
  • Mask of Conjuring; uses the fact that Matoran language is programming language -- you can verbally command it what power to have by describing the power you want in detail. Temporary, and you must specify downsides or it ignores you. Greg: "Basically, if you get the slighest thing wrong in your description, you'll wind up with something terrible happening to you (the same way that if you screw up programming, you can crash a program/computer). For that reason, it's not a mask that most want to wear in a potential combat situation, because it's too easy to make mistakes when pressed and they don't want to fry their brains."
  • Mask of Fusion; basically staff of Fusion power, or Kaita-ization, but you can merge with an enemy for a time. Example use, force an enemy to merge with you as a Kaita, walk to a place where you have the upper hand due to surroundings, and split apart again.
  • Mask of Biomechanics; have limited control over mechanical robotics, if simple and near you. Examples include strengthening your own mechanical parts, or slowing down opponents' mechanical parts. Cannot control clockwork brains but does give a mechanical version of telepathy with robots.
  • Mask of Undeath; a taboo/evil power also considered unlucky to wear. Does nothing while you're alive, except siphon off a fraction of your energy (similar to the Nui Stone). If you're wearing it when you die, it animates your body for as long as it has energy charged up for, and makes your body carry out whatever you would have wanted to do if still alive. When undead your eyes and heartlight are black.
  • (Vultraz's mask) Mask of Vulture; another evil power, inspired by the Inheritance trilogy. When a being dies in your vicinity, you absorb all their escaping energy.
  • Mask of Age; evil power, basically Voporak's aging power, but not as powerful.
  • Mask of Untranslation; opposite of a Rau, it scrambles the target's speech or writing. Evil power; example use is to scramble the speech of a Toa Team's leader, so the others can't understand their orders.
  • Mask of Adaptation; basically the Rahkshi power that adapts your body to your surroundings, or like adaptive armor.
  • (Radiak's mask) Noble Jutlin.
  • (Kirop's mask) Noble Shelek.
  • (Gavla's mask) Noble Avsa.
  • (Photok's mask) Noble Kakama.
  • (Tanma's mask) Noble Miru.
  • (Solek's mask) Noble Akaku.