Farshtey Feed (p203-206*)

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Friday, September 4, 2009


  • Skrall may be assigned to hard labor jobs that the Rock Agori are unable to fulfill.
  • Telluris is now mad because he saw his entire village basically wiped out and no one came to help.
  • Sahmad was always in possession of the Baranus V7 and Spikit.
  • Greg would not say that Ackar and Malum were close friends, just colleagues.
  • On the likelihood of Strakk's banishment: "It would make sense that he would be. The alternative is no one will accept Iconox's challenges and they would have no way to win the resources they needed."
  • The fight between Mata Nui and Tuma is not the final battle in the movie.
  • The Great Beings' fortress which we encounter this year is situated north of the Black Spikes.
  • The Great Beings tampered with the Skopio creatures, making them bio-mechanical, as one of their experiments, hence the Skopio having a Thornax.
  • The "Gatherers' Hideout" included on the Bara Magna map on bionicle.com references the Bone Hunters' originally proposed name for 2009, which the story team ultimately revised to "Bone Hunters."


  • Vastus was more like a battalion leader than a general during the Core War.
  • During the War, Tesara was merely a tiny outpost of the Jungle Tribe; Jungle held almost a quarter of Spherus Magna.
  • Element Lords themselves did not partake in battle, instead employing battalion leaders, squad leaders, etc.
  • A squad commander would be higher in rank than a squad leader.
  • The tribes of Spherus Magna referred to EP mostly as "the substance" or "the spring."
  • During the Core War, Malum was a soldier or, at best, a squad leader.


  • Food was always hard to come by in the Northern Frost.
  • Mata Nui was launched from Spherus Magna quite discreetly; only a few Agori ever saw the robot.
  • The Vorox were called Vorox even before their regression.
  • The Great Beings probably would have called the baterra something like "Armed Combatant Pacification Drones." Being scientists, it would make since that the Great Beings gave technical names to their creations. The Great Beings still referred to Mata Nui by that name because they hoped he would carry the spirit of Spherus Magna with him as he traveled.
  • Baterra most likely communicate through subsonics. They do not have names for each other.
  • Aqua Magna was Spherus Magna's only major sea.
  • It's confirmed -- Aqua Magna and Bota Magna are the moons orbiting Bara Magna.
  • Greg would say that the site of Mata Nui's construction on Spherus Magna was not far from the Great Volcano but not on Bara Magna, essentially just across the border into Bota Magna.
  • Sahmad and Telluris's tribe mostly resided in Bota Magna.


  • All of the Makuta's Toa Hagah were picked from pre-existing groups. Not all teams necessarily had six members or members of the six cardinal elements.
  • Teridax knows full well where the Ignika has ended up, since he can track its power.
  • The Toa Hagah's illusion is about to be dispelled in the next chapter of "Reign of Shadows."