Farshtey Feed (p206-208*)

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Friday, September 11, 2009



  • There is likely some structure which belonged to the Element Lord of Water that still exists beneath the sea on Aqua Magna, possibly having been discovered by escaped Pit inmates by now.
  • Greg would say an Element Lord is a good two times as powerful as a Toa.
  • Skopio were not employed in the Core War, since they cannot be tamed.


  • Sahmad's tribe lived in the forested region of Bota Magna.
  • The Skrall's original homeland from which they were cut off was the forested mountains located in Bota Magna.
  • Greg thinks that the Sand Tribe consented to the Great Beings' mutations, not knowing what they were getting themselves into.
  • The villages of Atero, Roxtus, Tesara, Vulcanus, and Tajun all existed prior to the Shattering.
  • Greg: "There is reproduction on Bara Magna, but it's not something we bother to go into since we have no 'Bara Magna child' sets or any reason to include that in story."
  • The Skopio's treads were also bestowed by the Great Beings.
  • The snakes from which Vastus collects venom are common.


  • On the Bohrok's repurposing after the invasion on Mata Nui: "The Bohrok were reprogrammed, remember, so part of that reprogramming could have made them receptive to verbal commands."
  • Greg is sure that there are some other living Toa Hagah still out there.
  • Lewa Nuva still has his elemental power over Air, but it is unknown if Tren Krom's body supports the use of the power.
  • Like Makuta in other bodies, Tren Krom has access to powers while in Lewa Nuva's body that are mental in nature.
  • The Mask of Untranslation is now called the Mask of Incomprehension.
  • The Phantoka Makuta, preferring that their Shadow Matoran wear evil masks, forced Radiak, Kirop, and Gavla to replace their original masks with the noble Jutlin, Shelek, and Avsa they wear in the sets.
  • The eyes of the Matoran seen wearing the Mask of Undeath in Bionicle World are unlit because a black visor piece is placed beneath the mask.
  • The recently identified "Mask of Absorption" is the same kind of mask worn by Toa Pouks.
  • On the Mask of Incomprehension: "Make it that the mask power does not need focus to work over a span of time. So you use it on A, it will work for say 10 minutes or something, then you do it to B, C, and D in quick succession. So it can't be used on more than one target at once, but it CAN keep working on a target after the user has targeted someone else."
  • The Order of Mata Nui would have no qualms about using evil Kanohi.
  • None of the Toa Mahri's masks are really in their normal forms, since they have tubes sticking out of them.