Farshtey Feed (p208-209*)

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Friday, September 18, 2009


  • The Sand Tribe's regression took place over the span of generations.
  • The Bone Hunters are all a part of one single tribe; there are no other contingents elsewhere in the desert.
  • On Click's condition: "It's not a curse, no, because Click controls when he transforms. If it was a curse, he would have no control over it. The mask transformed him the same way it transformed Dekar into Hydraxon, to assist in the defense of itself. Without a shield, Mata Nui would have died in battle, and the mask would likely have been destroyed."
  • The Glatorian species always spoke Agori and never had their own separate language.
  • "Aqua" means "water."
  • Stronius had his name before he defeated one of the baterra.
  • There may still be some Skrall on Bota Magna, although odds are they have mostly been killed by baterra.
  • Fero is part of the Bone Hunter army which serves the Skrall in the movie plot.
  • The Great Beings did not create the Iron Wolves from scratch; they modified existing creatures.
  • On the Great Beings' construction of the Mata Nui prototype: "There was no overall intent. It was an experiment they were doing for the sake of seeing if it could be done."
  • Prior to the Shattering, there were few signs of the impending disaster other than some quakes; the actual event happened quite abruptly.
  • The story bible states that Mata Nui ends up empowering the Glatorian with Toa-like elemental powers, not merely charging their weapons with elemental power.


  • Greg believes Keetongu's judgment vision is based off of the proportion of light to shadow in a being.
  • Although the Visorak hordes were exterminated at Artidax, Teridax has since recreated the species.
  • Miserix, like all Makuta, once created Rahi of his own, specializing in reptilian Rahi, as referenced by his affinity for shapeshifting into reptilian forms. He created the Tahtorak.
  • Kojol created the Proto Drake.
  • Chirox created the Catapult Scorpion.
  • On Tren Krom's motivations: "He is not out to run the universe, he knows he's not capable of that. But he doesn't want what he once looked after to be ruined by Makuta."