Farshtey Feed (p211-215*)

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Friday, October 2, 2009


  • The Element Lord of Water has the ability to project his consciousness into any body of water.
  • On the Element Lords: "I don't see them as insane, as that would mean they could not tell the difference between right and wrong. And I don't really see them as evil ... for all we know, the one who won the war might have made life wonderful for all the Agori. I think they are ambitious, power-hungry, often callous and reckless, but those don't add up to evil. I know a lot of people like that, they're not villains, just not people you would want to rely on."
  • The majority of the Glatorian population on Bara Magna are in service to the villages.
  • The Agori and Matoran languages have some similar terms, the same way that programming language in our world has some similar words with spoken language.


  • The general personality traits of each of the Matoran tribes are part of their initial programming.
  • "Mata Nui let the Glatorian think he was just charging up their weapons to what they once were. In truth, he was giving the Glatorian themselves elemental powers and the weapons were just the focus."
  • Tuma was not killed by Mata Nui.
  • The Skrall believed the giant formed by Scarabax to be a baterra invasion, which especially unnerved them.
  • The act of forming a pseudo-giant is a natural defense mechanism of the Scarabax.
  • Tuma is likely wandering away with the rest of the Skrall, who have mostly scattered into the mountains.
  • Mata Nui's facility to grant elemental powers is both a particular trait of his spirit and of his mastery over the Ignika.
  • "Well, Tuma might as well be dead, since no one is going to follow him now. And the tribe has fragmented, with some operating on their own, some following Stronius, and no doubt some following other elite Skrall."
  • A Kiina-Mata Nui romantic interest will be implied in the 2010 novel. Kiina, however, barely appears in 2010.