Farshtey Feed (p227-231)

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Friday November 6, 2009


  • On the Makuta's villainy: "I see it as there being a fundamental flaw in their design. My thesis all along has been that the GBs are imperfect, so what they made was imperfect too."
  • On the communications gear within Mata Nui's consciousness: "It wasn't designed specifically for communication with the Ignika. It is communications gear, period. Tren Krom knows how to use it to contact the Ignika."
  • The two Glatorian species members in Mata Nui's consciousness died when he crashed into Aqua Magna.
  • After finding Tuyet in the Archives, Macku returned to the surface of Metru Nui, since the Rahkshi would have noticed her absence faster than the absence of Hafu or Kapura.
  • Mata Nui's mission did not involve reporting information back to the Great Beings.
  • On the Rahi Nui: "All it had to do was free its horns sometime between the 2002 story and the 2008 story, and it would be fine, so my guess is it is still alive."


  • During The Legend Reborn, Gelu was helping to fortify Iconox and then particpated in the final battle in Roxtus.
  • After the events of The Legend Reborn, Stronius winds up leading the first organized band of Skrall warriors.
  • On whether the Glatorian's elemental powers will run out: "No, why would they? Toa power can run out, it's true, but then it regenerates itself, and it only runs out if you use ridiculous amounts at once. So same rules would apply here."
  • "For the most part, outside of Stronius's band, there are no real "leaders" active. Most of the Skrall are in groups of three or four scattered all over the desert and not really large enough to need leaders."
  • Very few are aware that the mega-city on Bara Magna is a giant robot. Some of those who do, like Raanu, are in denial about it.


  • Tahu will still be wearing his adaptive armor in his new form.
  • The original plan for 2010 story had been to expand greatly on Mata Nui's quest and the Valley of the Maze.
  • The current plan is for the story of what Mata Nui finds up north to be told in another graphic novel by Papercutz.
  • Having blue armor, Nektann's elemental power is water.


  • As seen in Bionicle Legends#5: Inferno and again in Brothers in Arms, the Great Beings can make themselves become unseen by their creations at will.
  • Angonce was one of the Great Beings who spoke to Mazeka in the alternate dimension he visited.
  • Atakus's blades are technilogy alien not only to the Bara Magna region, but to the entire planet of Spherus Magna.