GregF's Blog

GregF's Blog, subtitled "From the Writer's Desk," was Greg Farshtey's personal blog on BZPower, where he often posted exclusive BIONICLE storyline information and behind-the-scenes details about his work on the theme. Greg started the blog on May 27, 2006, the same day BZPower granted its Premier Members the ability to run blogs on the site, and updated it regularly until November 2010. The original blog still survives on BZPower here.

The HTML files used to reconstruct the blog posts in this archive were downloaded from BZPower in 2018. BZPower later upgraded its forum software in a way that irreversibly changed the HTML in some minor ways (such as removing instances of  , which affects how text is displayed), so this archive better preserves the original formatting to a small degree.

This archive also includes the comments section attached to each blog post, as Greg sometimes responded to users' posts there. In each comments section, all comments up to the last post by Greg are included; any posts afterward are omitted, as they do not count as dialogue with Greg and are basically irrelevant. Unlike the main blog posts, the HTML files used to reconstruct the comments were downloaded from BZPower in 2020, after BZPower had already upgraded its forum software. Because of this, there are minor inconsistencies with the original formatting.

All blog posts and their comments are fully searchable.