Mata Nui Revealed

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In the wake of the new animation appearing on, I am of course getting loads of PMs with questions. So I thought it would save time to just answer them here. I am going to put the answers in spoiler tags, so if there is a question you don't want to know the answer to, you can skip it. So let's get started:

1. How tall is Mata Nui?

The conservative estimate I have seen from the story team is about 40 million feet high.

2. Is Mata Nui the Matoran universe?

Yes. The actions of 2004-2008 all took place inside the Great Spirit. The action of 2001-2003 took place on the surface of Mata Nui's "face." Since Mata Nui is not normally laying still, that explains why Matoran were never meant to live outside the domes.

3. Why did Mata Nui have trees, rivers, etc. on his face??

One of Mata Nui's jobs -- though not his main one -- was observation of other worlds. To achieve this, he had the ability to conceal himself underwater and camouflage himself with something resembling local flora. In the case of this incident, the Great Cataclysm damaged the EP system and caused a wild growth of plant life without the system really being triggered.

4. What were the Bohrok for?

When it came time for Mata Nui to move onto another world, the Bohrok would clean the "camouflage" off so he could operate efficiently. This also had the effect of loosening/weakening the stone/soil base the plant life grew on, so it would fall away when Mata Nui rose.

5. Is Mata Nui a robot?

That is an accurate term in that his body is fully mechanical, not bio-mechanical, but he is much more than how we define robot. He is alive; he is intelligent; he can think, feel and reason. In that respect, it can be argued he is more of a "synthezoid" -- a living being made of artificial parts.

6. Does Mata Nui wear a Kanohi mask?

No, he does not.

7. What was Mata Nui's main job?

This gets dealt with in future story.

8. Why didn't the Toa/Matoran/Turaga etc. know they were inside Mata Nui?

Well, some of you might remember the old story about all of Earth's universe being a microbe inside the bloodstream of a larger being -- and if that were the case, how would you know?

9. Was Mata Nui always on this planet?

No, he was not.

That's all I can think of for now, but I am sure these answers will prompt other questions :)


All these years, I would've never guessed that Mata Nui was the Matoran Universe itself. Rather intriguing.

Anyway, thanks Greg. That was a very interesting entry. =)

Only one word escapes me: whoa.
Hey, number 3 is interesting. I would have never thought of that. And also number 1. Thanks Greg, a lot! :D
Thanks for clearing all those questions up Greg. Just a few things though...

The story update on the website says that Mata Nui was standing for the first time in 100,000 years, which would mean he has always been laying down since his creation. This is a mistake, right?

Secondly, was the Cataclysm the shockwave from Mata Nui landing on his back?

Oh, and finally, where'd the stone base on his face come from? Was it always there?

Thanks, Jalaguy

1. I picked up on that when you threw that number out randomly before. 2. At this point, that's almost common knowlegde.
3. Now that is something new and interesting. I never would have guessed that in a million years.
4. I just asked you that question, actually. I love the answer.
5. Interesting.
6-9. Nothing special.

Nice info.

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Thanks for all this, Greg. I really adore the direction that this story's taking. :)

1) Has to be a mistake, as he only went to sleep 1000 years ago. 2) Yes. 3. No, it forms as needed.