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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's been like a month, right?


  • All characters we know by name survived the death of Teridax.
  • All named characters survived Teridax's death and will escape alive from the Matoran universe through any one of the many hatches that were needed for Mata Nui's construction or other means of leaving the robot body.
  • Greg would assume that after Teridax's death, the Rahi in the Archives will be released, since it is the only humane thing to do.
  • Ehlek's species will probably require the aid of multiple Toa of Water in order to relocate to Spherus Magna from the Matoran universe.
  • Tahu can no longer form a Toa Kaita with the other Toa Nuva.
  • Since the death of Teridax, Tren Krom has disappeared from his island, and no one knows where he is.
  • Nektann does in fact have a third power.
  • There are currently 57 Toa alive.
  • There were not necessarily more heat vision Rahkshi present in the Bara Magna invasion than any of the other types, although there tended to be more in view during the first part of the battle since they came out of the Matoran universe before the others.
  • The Nuva symbols will be relocated from the Matoran universe.
  • According to Greg, there are "probably a couple hundred" Dark Hunters.
  • The Vahi will at some point leave the Matoran universe, presumably in the hands of Voporak if he still has it.
  • The Shadowed One has not received the Vahi from Voporak yet, since he is off doing something else at the moment.
  • The Rahkshi's upgrades mentioned in Journey's End included better armor.
  • The baterra are still headed toward the Bara Magna desert.
  • On the Sisters of the Skrall in comparison to the male Skrall: "I see them as being more serious and thoughtful ... certainly capable of destruction, but it's more directed at a goal rather than "let's just conquer everything." They don't have the same motivation Tuma did, because the baterra are no threat to them. So it's more a, "Let these different groups fight it out and then we will pick up the pieces" mentality."
  • The satchel that Gresh carries as mentioned in Journey's End is brown and about the size of a bookbag, and Gresh usually has it on his mount when traveling.
  • The sundial excavated from Onu-Koro which came into Takanuva's possession would have been left behind in the Matoran universe. There is no particular point in retrieving it now.
  • Umbra will be inclined to guard the Ignika wherever it is to be kept on Spherus Magna.
  • The Ignika would be able to undo the curse it put on the Great Being who touched it.
  • Mata Nui used the Ignika to cure everyone afflicted by the Pit mutagen, even those not on Aqua Magna. This includes Lesovikk, Sarda, Idris, the Barraki, Brutaka, and Karzahni. Ehlek is now amphibious as well. The Ignika's power even healed the exposed sea life on Aqua Magna.
  • Mata Nui restored even the Northern Frost with the Ignika's energy.
  • Tahu has gained all the powers of the Kraata killed by the Golden Armor, and he does not need the Golden Armor to access any of his new abilities.
  • There are still Glatorian stuck in the Forest of Blades.


  • The armor which Agori and Glatorian wear to distinguish the tribes did not come from the Great Beings.
  • The alien technology present in Atakus's swords originated from the planet to be featured in the New World project.
  • Lein died 265,000 years ago. The Element Lords (ca. 103,000 years ago) therefore were not around by the time Lein was still alive. The Iron Tribe, on the other hand, was still around at the time. The Skrall had not yet become an invasive tribe, though none of the Skrall characters in current story were alive yet. Lein was also dead before the explosion of the prototype robot 150,000 years ago.
  • Lein predates all of the existing Bara Magna characters (even Ackar) except probably Raanu, who would have been quite young when he was still living. Certavus and Surel were also alive before Lein died, though very young. None of the individuals who became the Element Lords were yet born.
  • Before the Shattering, in addition to the Jungle and Iron Tribe, Bota Magna would also have been home to Skrall, who were neighbors of the Iron Tribe and to part of the Water Tribe. Ice would have been there or at least nearby. Sand would have had no presence in Bota Magna.
  • Lein's drift was a river crossing through which many travelers or traders would have needed to pass.
  • Skrall are born into their caste systems; one could never change classes.
  • Lein traded whatever he could get his hands on that someone might want, be it tools, food, etc.


  • Greg would assume that the vehicles we have encountered in the Matoran universe run on some kind of power cell with a very long lifespan.
  • Seasons did not really change within the Matoran universe. Seasons did however shift on the island of Mata Nui in periods of more or less heat. Spherus Magna and its constituent parts all experienced naturally occurring seasons.
  • It may have been in the Matoran universe that during the day and night cycles in the domes, the bunches of lightstones which lit the sky at day dimmed during night to look like distant stars.
  • A Toa of Psionics would be able to induce nightmares in someone who is asleep.
  • In general, Toa of Psionics do not need a weapon to channel their powers, though some use a tool out of habit or lack of experience.
  • Greg would doubt that a Toa of Psionics could wipe someone's memories, though she might be able to mask them temporarily.
  • It requires elemental energy to control an existing form of the element as well as to create it.
  • The scareRahi used by the Av-Matoran of Karda Nui were made from plants from the swamp. It would take a few hours to craft one.
  • Since Helryx is not actually physically older than many of the inhabitants of the Matoran universe, Greg would ascribe her frail appearance to the fact that she has been through a lot.
  • The names of the Rahi Kuma-Nui, Kahu, Kirikori Nui, and Mahi can approximately translate to the type of cretaure each Rahi resembles; Kuma translates to something like "rat" or "rodent," Kahu to "hawk," Kirikori to "grasshopper" or "locust," and Mahi to "goat."
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta fortress where Zaktan and later Pridak found out about Teridax's Plan is located to the west of Destral as indicated in this image.
  • On warfare used by the Toa during the Toa-Dark Hunter War: "You definitely want to imprison/incapacitate the enemy, because otherwise, you just have to fight them again. And I think they probably did follow the code less strictly, simply because the code exists in large part to govern how the Matoran see them. I don't think the Matoran would have an issue with them killing in a war, in the same way humans allow our soldiers to kill in war but not in normal everyday life."
  • The original Matoran Chief Archivist on Metru Nui from before the Great Cataclysm resumed his job after the Matoran's return. He has since moved to Spherus Magna with the rest.
  • Were the Toa Nuva to become Turaga and merge into Turaga Kaita, they would not form the Akamai and Wairuha characters, nor would their masks be noble versions of the Aki and Rua.
  • The Great Beings built the Suva. In order for the Toa to use them now, they would need to relocate them outside of the Matoran universe.
  • It is likely that the Order of Mata Nui employed Maxilos robots on Daxia.
  • The Order of Mata Nui did not know about Mata Nui's mission.
  • The island of Nynrah never had Toa protectors. Xia most likely did have Toa. Stelt would not have had Toa, since the law is generally unwelcome there.
  • Not all of the Matoran living on Nynrah were part of the Nynrah Ghosts.
  • Krana only affect the biomechanical residents of the Matoran universe, since they are designed to override programming.
  • Under normal circumstances, anyone taken control by a Krana during a Bohrok's cleansing of Mata Nui's face would have ended up with the Bohrok in the Bohrok nests.
  • Were Pridak to die, Kalmah would probably step in to lead the Barraki. If Kalmah were also unavailable, the team would simply fall apart.
  • The monster created by the Skakdi does not have the abilities of the characters fused into it nor carries a weapon.


  • It would take not long at all for the Mask of Creation to conjure something like a sword.
  • There is a limit to how long an Iden user can be away from one's body.
  • Greg would assume that the Toa Mata's Kanohi went to Artakha when they received their Golden Kanohi.
  • The Golden Kanohi were made by Artakha.


  • The new Toa serial will take place after Teridax's death.
  • The stop-motion Bionicle Battle Videos represent canon fight sequences.