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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello friends.

It certainly has been a long time. I see now that I managed to go through all of 2011 without making a single post - anywhere on this website! The downtime throughout the entire summer probably did not help any. Now it looks like the Official Greg Topic, has just... stopped. And from reading the home page these days you would hardly know that this is a BIONICLE website.

Anyway, even though this is a very busy period of time, I think it is important to take some time to wrap up an old tradition. So just in case you feel like you never got a proper conclusion to the Farshtey Feed, and even though this should be considered way out of date, I give you its last entry ever, corresponding to p328-334; 1-5. Enjoy. =)


  • It has been a month or so in the story since the defeat of Teridax.
  • There are many species from the Matoran Universe in the new Matoran/Agori settlement on Spherus Magna, but there are far more Matoran than anyone else from the Matoran Universe.
  • In the aftermath of the battle between Mata Nui and Makuta on Bara Magna, there are probably a little over 40 Toa left.
  • Kualus and Nuju are not able to speak to the birds native to Spherus Magna in the way they can communicate with bird Rahi from the Matoran universe, because the languages are completely different. The biomechanical birds from the MU speak a variant of programming language, like the other languages in the Matoran universe.
  • The Order of Mata Nui will stay together.
  • Lightstones no longer work now that the Matoran Universe is destroyed. The Matoran did not bring any of them to Spherus Magna.
  • The Makuta stone from the Amaja Circle tales was brought from Metru Nui to Spherus Magna. The Makoki Stone and other items of value would also have been taken when the Matoran migrated from Mata Nui to Metru Nui, etc.
  • The Matoran did not bring heatstones to Spherus Magna.
  • The Matoran military groups from Mata Nui/Metru Nui have not been disbanded since Makuta's fall.
  • The Matoran will probably continue their sports and games on Spherus Magna when they have the time.
  • Old enemies such as the Dark Hunters and Barraki will doubtfully be welcomed in to the new society.
  • Now that the Matoran Universe and prototype robots have broken down, they will be used to build shelters on Spherus Magna.
  • Some beings are holding out from evacuating the Matoran universe, primarily those who can survive without heat or light.
  • The Order of Mata Nui will certainly try to establish a new version of the Pit, in collaboration with the Agori. Greg supposes that guarding the new Pit would be a shared responsibility between Glatorian and the Maxilos robots. Hydraxon's role is unclear, but he may be used as more of a bounty hunter.


  • Takanuva still has yet to fulfill his true destiny. Greg knows what this destiny is, and whether or not it will ever be revealed depends on whether it becomes important to story.
  • Takanuva and the Toa Mahri should be considered veteran Toa by now.
  • Tahu is adjusting rapidly to his newfound Rahkshi powers.
  • After the fall of Roxtus, Branar met up with one of the fragments of the Rock Tribe.
  • The following characters/creatures have made it out of the Matoran universe and are on Spherus Magna: Voporak, the Rahi Nui, the Kardas Dragon, Tahtorak, the Kanohi Dragon, and Umbra. It is unknown whether Varian has made it. Tren Krom was freed from his island and allowed to escape, but it is unknown who.


  • Greg, on the outcome of "The Powers That Be": "Best answer is to look at the title -- it's about power. BUT -- I will give you a clue -- in the end this story is not going to be about death and murder ... the story is about to take a BIG turn."
  • Greg strongly hints that the Red Star is "causing trouble."
  • According to Greg, the reason why Toa and Glatorian characters have been the ones seen settling problems between the Matoran and Agori instead of the Turaga and village elders is because the village leaders are busy trying to set up a social structure for their new society, and are leaving the handling of internal disputes to the respected heroes.
  • Metus transformed back into an Agori because what Mata Nui did to him wore off.
  • The gold-skinned fusion creature knew so much about Annona because it is telepathic.
  • Annona was referring to Zaktan when he mentioned the "one thought dead."
  • The elemental power inhibitor which Kabrua is using only works on Toa.
  • Mavrah really is who he appears to be in "The Powers That Be."


  • All of the Sisters of the Skrall who went looking for Angonce fell under Annona's power, as seen in "Sahmad's Tale."
  • Unlike the male Skrall, all female Skrall have personal names.
  • The female Skrall of Bota Magna are much like the ones on Bara Magna. They too have psionic powers and do not get along with the male Skrall in their region, having formed an enclave of their own. The Skrall of Bota Magna in general are just as militaristic as the ones on Bara Magna.
  • If female Skrall have a male child, they give it back to the males.


  • The name of the red, tentacled creature from "Sahmad's Tale" is spelled "Annona."
  • Annona has always lived on Spherus Magna.
  • Greg sees Annona as female.
  • Annona looks like a ball of energy with tentacles.
  • Annona remained in hiding for so long out of fear of the Great Beings.


  • The Kestora, the beings found living in the Red Star in "The Powers That Be," are of the same species as the black and purple creatures seen in "The Journey of Takanuva," when Takanuva was visiting a pocket dimension.
  • Kestora are biomechanical and are creations of the Great Beings.
  • The Kestora are the same beings Gali Nuva saw living in the Red Star through the telescope.
  • Kestora appear to wear masks and hold bladed weapons, and are a little smaller than Matoran or Agori.
  • Kestora do not live anywhere else in the main universe besides the Red Star.
  • The reason why Kestora were found living in a pocket dimension is an unclear topic. Greg once stated that there is no reason to believe that the Great Beings are responsible for their presence there. According to him, the Great Beings did create all of the pocket dimensions tied to the Matoran Universe, but they did not put the Kestora in the pocket dimension Takanuva visited. In his words, "How exactly the GBs created these entities [is] not yet known. So what they may have done is gotten the ball rolling, but the actual creation took place over time in the two different places, which would then explain some of the behavioral differences between the two groups. The ones in the City of Silver seem to be warriors; the ones on the red star are not." When asked later why the Great Beings put Kestora in such a place, Greg replied with a conflicting answer, saying, "Because the Kestora were good for what they wanted done there."


  • Gaardus, in addition to teleportation, has the power of flight, enhanced senses, and considerable strength. He also wears a functional Great Kanohi Hau, which is the mask he wore as a Matoran.
  • Judging from the combiner model of Gaardus, he was originally a Ta-Matoran.
  • The Nynrah Ghosts who experimented on Gaardus were rogues who had been exiled from Nynrah and forced to work elsewhere.
  • Gaardus was mutated before the Barraki rebellion and before Phantom was mutated as well.
  • The Order of Mata Nui, Brotherhood of Makuta, and likely Artakha as well all knew about Gaardus.
  • Gaardus likely had no knowledge of the Red Star before he went there himself the first time.


  • Toa Chiara wears the Mask of Stealth, which she also wore as a Matoran.
  • The gold-skinned fusion creature does not wear any armor.
  • Marendar keys in on Toa power to find Toa.
  • The Element Lords are physically one with their elements. They do not wear extra armor.


  • Perditus is older than Gelu.
  • Tarduk is older than Berix.
  • Tuma is probably older than Stronius.
  • Greg has estimated how old these characters would be considered to be in human years:
    Gresh: mid-20's
    Ackar: late 40's
    Raanu: early 60's
    Tarix: early 40's
    Kiina: mid-30's
    Tuma: mid-40's


  • Orde, Zaria, and Chiara all fought in the battle against the Rahkshi during the final battle between Mata Nui and Teridax.
  • In the serialized form of Journey's End, Makuta comments on Pohatu and Gali devastating half a legion of Rahkshi, whereas in the Bionicle comic book that covered that same scene, he comments on Pohatu and Gali devastating half a legion of Skakdi. Greg says that Skakdi were meant in both cases.
  • Kyry is depicted differently in "All Our Sins Remembered" from his winning MOC contest entry because the artists were never aware of the contest or its results.
  • The Order of Mata Nui destroyed most of the energized protodermis sources in the Matoran Universe with a counteragent. What's left is still inside the Matoran Universe.
  • The Mistika Makuta's armor was the same color before they were mutated.
  • Greg, explaining the different types of physical dimensions that exist in the story: "The main universe is the one in which the 2001-2009 story has taken place. It is the equivalent of Earth-616 in Marvel. We consider it to be the core reality for purposes of story. An alternate reality is another version of the core reality in which events unfolded differently. It is not linked to the core reality, it exists on its own. New alternate realities are formed whenever a decision is made in the core reality. A pocket dimension is a totally separate reality linked to the core reality. New ones are not constantly formed, and it need not have any relation at all to the core reality."
  • Greg imagines that there were still problem Rahi with infected Kanohi on Mata Nui as late as the start of the 2003 story.
  • Greg, on how Tahnok-Kal was able to retain its memories after its Krana was stolen in Comic 11: "Well, it would be fairly impractical if everytime a Bohrok changed its krana, it lost all its memories, etc. My guess would be there has to be some mental link between krana to insure things like that don't happen."


  • The Iron Wolves and biomechanical dinosaurs created by the Great Beings were modifications of existing creatures.
  • Greg, on why Angonce chose to stay on Spherus Magna: "I personally feel it is because he felt more of an attachment to the Agori than some of the others did. Keep in mind, though, that there is no evidence the other GBs actually left the planet, just that they disappeared. No one knows where they went."
  • Greg, on how the Great Beings built the prototype robot: "[T]hey did not build it with their own hands. There aren't that many GBs, it would have taken them ages to build something that big by hand. They mostly used construction robots and a few Agori."
  • The prototype robot was not built with a machine analogous to the Red Star, since it was not designed to leave the planet.
  • The Great Beings already knew how to repair Spherus Magna when they created Mata Nui, but for geological reasons the repair of the planet could not be safely done until 100,000 years had passed. Therefore they did not implement an immediate solution and programmed the task into Mata Nui to be completed after his journey through space.
  • Marendar and the elemental power inhibitor were developed more or less at the same time, but by different Great Beings.
  • The Great Beings did not stay in contact with the Kestora inside the Red Star; otherwise, they would have known that Mata Nui crashed.
  • The Matoran universe inhabitant who is a Great Being in disguise is not being controlled remotely. The Great Being put his consciousness into one of the Matoran universe beings at the time of its creation, so he was never who he appeared to be. This Great Being is confirmed to be male.
  • Greg, on whether the disguised Great Being's intentions are evil: "Who defines evil? All we know is that whatever he is planning to do, Orde objects to it and wants it stopped. But to the GB, it might not be 'evil' at all."
  • Even though the disguised Great Being would have left his old body on Spherus Magna for the others to find after he transferred his consciousness, the other Great Beings could have done nothing to stop him if they did not know where he had gone, and they had no access to the Matoran universe once it was launched anyway.
  • The disguised Great Being is not using his real name.
  • A Great Being would not be able to transfer his consciousness to a non-biomechanical being like a Glatorian or Agori.
  • The Great Being who was cursed by the Mask of Life affects everything within a certain range of himself, and the effects only last while those things are in range. It would be possible for the Mask of Life to lift the curse or revert affected objects.


  • It was not possible to travel between the Red Star and the Matoran Universe when they were docked together.
  • The various forms of protodermis in the Matoran Universe were created artificially.
  • Greg, on Tren Krom's original function: "He ran the universe - basically, he acted as the operating system for the machine until Mata Nui's AI came online. [... T]he MU was not turned on yet at that point, so he did not need to be wired into it to run it. Which is why once it was turned on, he wasn't able to do it anymore. All he had to be able to do was basically oversee the living things in the MU, and being telepathic, that was easy for him to do."
  • Greg, on what Shadow Stealer did to protect the Matoran universe in the days before the first Toa: "There are always menaces -- remember, there was a giant robot being built in an area where there was wildlife and the robot was not sealed yet, so someone had to be defending the construction site from the inside."
  • In the case that a planet did not have any large bodies of water, Mata Nui would have had to observe it from space.
  • The Great Beings created the pocket dimensions tied to the Matoran universe, although we have not yet seen one which really served an important purpose.
  • The lake of energized protodermis where Keetongu and Helryx encountered the Energized Protodermis Entity has existed in the Matoran Universe since 100,000 years ago.
  • Lesovikk's mad Turaga, the one who sent all of his Matoran to Karzahni while Lesovikk's team was fighting Zyglak, went crazy all on his own; no external power caused him to go insane.
  • During the Time Slip, the Order of Mata Nui did not hide more than one Av-Matoran in any one location, in order that they be spread out.
  • The Great Beings did not create any male Ce-Matoran before deciding they should all be female.
  • The Energy Hound species of Rahi was created by the Hand of Artakha.
  • The Toa Mata were in training around the time when Mata Nui was being activated for the first time, and they were not even the first Toa team in existence. Even so, the Matoran Universe was constructed in a matter of months at the most.
  • Protodites are biomechanical.
  • Greg says that it is likely that all the Makuta had a Toa Hagah team at some point. Toa Hagah generally followed their Makuta wherever they went. It is likely that the Makuta employed Toa of Magnetism and Iron, given that they wanted Toa with those elements to be where they could keep an eye on them.
  • Greg's opinion is that the fact that Life, Time, and Creation have legendary masks implies that these powers are considered beyond standard elements.
  • According to Greg's belief, all the Nynrah Ghosts are Fe-Matoran. Therefore, Phantom was originally a Fe-Matoran, since he was a Nynrah Ghost.
  • When Av-Matoran become Bohrok, their consciousness does fade away, and they effectively die. From their point of view, it is a natural part of the cycle of life, and not something they fear.
  • The primary color for the Iron element is metallic gray, like Zaria. Iron may also have other colors such as gold, bronze, and gray.
  • Greg, on whether Matoran-language names are actually pronounced like they are spelled: "MU inhabitants speak programming language, so it may not sound anything at all like what our language sounds like. If I recall, one of the early online animations had them speaking in this very high-pitched way that sounded pretty much like programming noise."
  • The inhabitants of the Matoran universe have mechanical eyes.
  • Matoran of Plasma probably prefer hot climates like Matoran of Fire.
  • Fe-Matoran would settle in environments near where metal can be mined.
  • Matoran of plant life like to live in forests or jungles.


  • According to Greg, the Energized Protodermis Entity is not as old as the Great Beings, since it did not achieve sentience that early.
  • Vorox have always been aggressive, even before devolving into beasts.
  • Like the Vorox on Bota Magna, the Zesk there did not regress into savagery either.
  • The terms "Vorox" and "Zesk" are demonyms for members of the Sand Tribe rather than the names of species.
  • The Vorox and Zesk's tails are probably biomechanical.
  • The Element Lord of Rock was not a supreme leader of the Skrall tribe before becoming an Element Lord. Basically, the Skrall were broken up into legions, and each legion had a leader. To Greg's knowledge, there was no overall supreme leader.
  • Greg, on the whereabouts of Gresh's parents: "No idea. Probably still out there somewhere. Eventually, you do leave your parents and go out and make your own life, and that is what Gresh did." It is "not impossible" that they fought in the Core War.
  • A very popular delicacy among Glatorian is a particular species of hawk, for the reason that it is so hard to catch. It lives on mountain peaks.
  • Aqua Magna may have had sand bars for seabirds to rest on in the time before Spherus Magna was reformed.


  • Kanohi Nuva powers can be shared with the inhabitants of Spherus Magna.
  • The Kanohi Rau only works with languages of the Matoran universe. The Rau would be able to decipher codes as well, since codes are basically languages.
  • Toa and Glatorian can channel their elemental powers through any of each other's tools; they are not limited to work with only one element.
  • In terms of elemental power, the following rank from strongest to weakest: Makuta, Toa Nuva, Toa Hordika/Toa Inika/Takanuva, Glatorian. Toa Hordika have the same level of elemental power as normal Toa but less mental capacity to use it.
  • Toa Tuyet is much more powerful than a Toa Nuva, but Greg argues that she is not as powerful as an Element Lord, since an Element Lord essentially is one with the element it controls, whereas Tuyet merely wields it. She has more raw elemental energy than a Makuta, but a Makuta has more willpower and mental discipline to be able to use its power more efficiently.
  • Tahu, with his new Kraata powers, is more powerful than Toa Tuyet with her Nui Stone.
  • A normal Toa would not be able to use a Toa Kaita mask.
  • When used above water, Lesovikk's sea sled does not fly, but hovers above the ground.
  • Krahka would be able to change herself to look mostly like a Glatorian or an Agori but would not be able to make herself mostly organic like on of them. She would be a biomechanical version of one and not terribly convincing to anyone who really knew what one was like.
  • The Shadowed One is not able to use Kanohi.
  • A Mask of Rahi Control would not work on Spherus Magna wildlife.
  • Takutanuva, like Makuta, had the ability to shapeshift.
  • A user of the Mask of Intangibility avoids falling through the ground by willpower.
  • It is known that Av-Matoran can access special powers when in contact with a Toa or Makuta. These same powers would be available to them upon becoming a Toa. Takanuva never found out what his Av-Matoran power was as Takua, so he cannot access it.
  • The Kanohi Hau cannot block unseen attacks, so it would not be effective for blocking attacks from an invisible opponent.
  • Makuta can only use one Rahkshi power at a time. The particular strength of these powers in comparison to a Kraata depends on the willpower of the individual Makuta.
  • The quick healing Rahkshi power only affects organic components, not armor.
  • Rahkshi powers like fire resistance need to be consciously activated.

Farshtey Feed (p323-328)

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Friday, August 6, 2010

A note about the Farshtey Feed's erratic schedule as of late:

Due to a lessening in the weekly amount of information coming into the OGD (an apparent result of BIONICLE's lack of further set releases), I am choosing on occasion to combine two to four weeks' worth of information into single Farshtey Feed entries. This is to keep each individual entry more comprehensive.



  • Brutaka is still under the effects of his submersion in antidermis.
  • Despite the fact that Krika spared Miserix from death, Miserix probably does not think highly of him, since Krika imprisoned him in a place where he could have died at any moment. He regards Brutaka and the rest of the team that freed him as people he can use for the moment.
  • In Greg's words, the fate of the Piraka is that they are "Living on in a different form. We do not know that it is impossible to undo what was done, which would mean they would be alive again."
  • The golden-skinned fusion has its own distinct mind and personality and is not a merging of the minds which created it.
  • Metus and Telluris are still alive.
  • After Karzahni was retrieved from the Matoran universe, he disappeared in all the confusion of rescue operations, explaining why he was not imprisoned in Chapter 1.
  • Karzahni's Kanohi Olisi is now broken, smashed when he fell over the cliff.
  • In Greg's words, on the death-certainty of Karzahni's character: "I consider him to be dead."
  • Greg has alluded to "future victims" in The Powers That Be, and he confirms that indeed more characters will be killed in the story.
  • Karzahni was one of "The Powers That Be" to which the serial alludes.

2010 STORY

  • The Glatorian were able to mop up the enemy hordes which remained after Makuta's defeat because once Tahu had destroyed all of the Rahkshi, the Skrall left the fight because they were no longer motivated by the Rahkshi's significant numerical advantage. The Skakdi were subsequently outnumbered and either were beaten or surrendered.
  • It is already known that the Matoran of Mahri Nui were partially mutated during their brief exposure to the Pit mutagen, and that this mutation altered them to resemble how they looked before their botched reconstruction by Karzahni. Greg believes that when Mata Nui undid the mutations of anyone exposed to the Pit mutagen, he had the ability to be selective and did not revert the Matoran back to their Karzahni forms. Greg believes that there was also no need to make the Matoran amphibious, since they were no longer living underwater.
  • Tahu continues to wear the Golden Armor.


  • In Greg's words, this is what would happen if two Agori from different tribes were to have a child, and what tribe that child would belong to: "Agori are not born with colors. They simply wear armor that has the color of the tribe they are in. So it would come down to which tribe the child (or their parents) chose to live in. For example, now that resources are not so scarce, if a Fire and Water tribe couple had a child, one parent or the other might choose to change villages and bring the child along."
  • Vastus is older than Tarix, who is older than Strakk. Raanu is older than Ackar. Gelu and Kiina are probably about the same age.
  • There are a fair number of baterra still remaining on Spherus Magna.
  • The baterra do not generally use ranged weaponry, since this would require ammunition and because the baterra's essential technique is to get into close range of a target before killing it.
  • Baterra are roughly the height of a Bohrok.
  • The implication in the story, according to Greg himself, is that Angonce is currently on Spherus Magna.
  • It is doubtful that the Sisters of the Skrall would want to take part in the new social order of Spherus Magna, and Malum and Strakk definitely will not.
  • The Matoran will be able to feed on the organic animals found on the new Spherus Magna, just as they fed off of organic fish on the island of Mata Nui.
  • Special Av-Matoran will continue to transform into Bohrok even on the new Spherus Magna.
  • The inhabitants of the Matoran universe might find the concept of romance interesting to observe on Spherus Magna, though it will not affect them since it is not something they have need for as a society.
  • Sarda and Hydraxon have likely made their way to a camp on Spherus Magna.
  • Any Maxilos machines which were inside the Matoran universe when Makuta left Aqua Magna are currently still in the Matoran universe or otherwise already moved to Bara Magna. Any that were outside the robot are still in the ocean of Aqua Magna.
  • In Greg's words, the Order of Mata Nui is currently doing "Pretty much the same thing they were doing before, enforcing the will of Mata Nui."
  • If the krana get out of the Matoran universe robot, they will have to manage to survive; otherwise, they will go dormant in the Matoran universe as they did when the Turaga buried them.
  • If the Zyglak leave the Matoran universe, they will probably not get along with the natives of Spherus Magna, since they will be co-existing with the Matoran universe population. Also, the Zyglak might well not recognize a Great Being if they saw one.



  • In Greg's words, on whether the inhabitants of the Matoran universe experienced day and night cycles: "Metru Nui did, as the head turned toward or away from an external sun. My guess is the robot would have had a sort of 'power up' and 'sleep' mode, like a PC does, that might have simulated night and day in other areas of the MU."
  • Matoran dream when they sleep, as humans do.
  • Greg is fine with the assumption that the Matoran word "kofo" is an antonym for "nui" which means "small."
  • Although Vamprah was the Makuta in charge of Odina's region, the Shadowed One did not conduct his business with the Brotherhood through him.
  • The fact that Shadow Stealer once worked for the Hand of Artakha does not imply that he ever knew or suspected the existence of its predecessor, the Order of Mata Nui.
  • In Greg's words, the reason Xia would have had its own resident Toa team is because "Xia would also be a prime target for pirates and thieves, who might have seized control of the place so that weapons could only be made for them."
  • The Toa Hagah had the same mask powers as Toa Hagah as they had before becoming Teridax's bodyguards.
  • Specifically, Keetongu killed Sidorak by beating him to death.
  • There were no hidden Av-Matoran among Voya Nui's Matoran population.
  • The Matoran of Voya Nui never rebuilt themselves to undo Karzahni's changes because they lacked the necessary raw materials and because they were uncertain if the attempt might harm them due to the nature of those changes.
  • In Greg's words, on the likelihood of a Toa of Stone having been a part of the Toa Mangai team: "I can't see why there wouldn't have been one."
  • It is possible, though not likely, that there are still living members of the Toa Mangai besides Tuyet.
  • Whenever the Toa Mata wore new Kanohi they found over the ones which they already wore as seen in the comics, the latter Kanohi was sent back to their Suva.
  • The part of Mangaia where the Toa Mata fought the Manas and the Shadow Toa was not the same chamber where Takanuva dueled Teridax.


  • According to Greg, the Great Beings doubtlessly installed the earliest mechanical implants given to the Agori themselves, but as a rule later on, the Great Beings were not the ones performing the implants. "Most implants are done by Agori and Glatorian for each other, usually by people with some healing skill like Berix had." This accounts for Agori born after the Shattering receiving implants.
  • If any Agori, Skrall, or members of the Glatorian species were to have survived on Aqua Magna, they would have had to have stayed aboard ships, since there was no land anywhere on the planetoid. If any such ships would have been near the crash site of Mata Nui, they would have been sunk and their occupants drowned. If there were ships far away from the island of Mata Nui, they would most likely have run out of food long before they could have discovered the island and reached it.


  • In Greg's words, on the paradox of someone dying before he achieves his destiny: "If you die, then that was your destiny. Remember, 99.9% of characters don't know what their destiny is, anymore than humans do. So the concept of "dying without achieving you destiny" wouldn't occur to them." Essentially, there is no way for someone not to achieve his or her destiny.
  • The Toa code never makes allowances for killing. However, there have been instances when Toa have killed an enemy unintentionally which were not considered violations.
  • Greg believes that Gravity is one of the most powerful elements in the BIONICLE universe, along with Iron, since much of it is made of metal.
  • Toa of Gravity are rare because the element of Gravity is especially powerful, and this fact would unbalance the story if their numbers were greater. In Greg's words, "Think about what gravity can do. If all I have to do is look at you to make you fly off into space or be crushed to paste against the ground, then it doesn't really matter what powers you have, does it?" Greg also confirms that a Toa of Gravity could possibly destroy an entire planet with a nova blast, at the cost of his own life of course. However, Greg in another place states that the fact that Gravity is such a powerful element is not the reason why Ba-Matoran are so rare (Greg may not be aware he has contradicted himself).
  • In Greg's words, this is how a Toa of Iron would kill a Makuta: "Pretty simple. First, you rip the armor to shreds. Then you use your power to create a solid iron cell, with no cracks through which the antidermis can escape. After a certain amount of time, the antidermis disperses because it has no body to occupy, at which point the Makuta is dead. Or ... you compress the metal into a little ball, trapping the antidermis inside, then drop the ball into an active volcano, etc."


  • If the Ignika were to be broken, Mata Nui's spirit would need to find another vessel to occupy; otherwise, it would dissipate over time, and Mata Nui would cease to exist.
  • In Greg's words, the effects of a nova blast of the element of Life are "Irrelevant, since there is no Toa of Life to do one. But the[n] it could cause everything within a certain radius to come to animate life -- rocks, trees, etc. -- or it could age everyone [within] a certain radius, as it did with the creature in Karda Nui -- or it could simply extinguish life in that same radius."
  • If part of a Toa's body were damaged, the Staff of Artakha would likely be able to repair its mechanical components but not the organic tissue.
  • If a Skakdi were to be mutated by Hordika venom and developed a Rhotuka launcher as a result, he would have to use this Rhotuka in conjunction with another Skakdi, just like his elemental power.
  • The Toa Nuva's adaptive weapons might turn into Cordak blasters if they were to go underwater.


  • Do the shortage of useable names, it is very unlikely that the Element Lords will receive their own.
  • The situation with the Great Being imprisoned on Bota Magna will be revealed soon; the whereabouts of the Shadowed One and of Tren Krom will be visited in later story.
  • The baterra were originally planned to be part of the 2010 line of BIONICLE sets.

Farshtey Feed (p319-323)

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Saturday, July 17, 2010


  • The beings who captured Sahmad are not of a species we have met before. Greg doubts that they are the former occupants of Roxtus.
  • The gold-colored fusion created on Zakaz gives himself his own name.
  • On the new Toa team serial: "If I feel six new Toa characters is going to mean not enough time in the story to get to know any of them, then I will do less than six."
  • On why Orde, being a Toa of Psionics, is male instead of female: "Ah, the answer to that one is going to get interesting." "[It's n]ot a typo. Keep reading, it's part of a mystery." "The reason for a male Psionics Toa in what has been said up to now to be an all-female tribe gets revealed later."
  • As many Toa of Water as can be spared are moving equipment from Metru Nui.
  • On how Angonce feels about Marendar's escape: "He is not happy about him being loose, it's more senseless slaughter in a planet that has already seen too much of it."
  • On how Orde, Chiara, and Zaria were chosen for their mission despite getting along poorly with each other: "I think they were chosen because they are rule-breakers by nature, and the feeling is that is what's needed for this mission."
  • Onua calls Tahu "Tahu Nuva" out of habit.
  • Greg sees Chiara's personality as individual from those typical of other Toa of Lightning, not necessarily representative of her whole tribe. Moreover, he does not think every Toa of Lighting would have the same personality.
  • The Toa Nuva's history, especially as leaders of the resistance against Teridax, tends to compel more junior Toa to answer them.
  • Zaria originates from a Toa team of his own, although this is not from where he knew his Toa of Iron colleagues.
  • On why the Great Beings chose to prepare a contingency for killing loose Toa rather than loose Makuta: "[I]f the Makuta hadn't betrayed Mata Nui, things would have gone as they were supposed to -- the planet would have been reformed, Mata Nui would have shut down, and the Toa, Makuta etc. would have all shut down too. So the Makuta wouldn't be a threat to anyone."



  • When Artakha and Karzahni contested for the Mask of Creation, they physically fought each other.
  • Greg believes that the Toa of Jovan's team transformed into Turaga at different times after they completed their mission to save Mata Nui.
  • When the Shadowed One used to do business with the Brotherhood of Makuta, protocol would demand that he meet in person with Teridax, but he could send a messenger such as Ancient if he were dealing with a lesser Makuta.
  • The genocide of Toa of Iron began covertly not long before the events of Legends of Metru Nui, and overtly after the events of Legends of Metru Nui.
  • Greg considered the Mutran Chronicles to represent Mutran's journal.
  • If Mata Nui's mission had run without incident and the entire system shut down, the Great Beings planned to dismantle most likely for use in other projects.


  • On whether Toa of Gravity can create black holes: "Most likely, yes, but that would be something he would be doing by going nova. It's probably not part of his standard powers, simply because it is so dangerous." "It wouldn't be something he would do normally, because for one thing, he would be sucked into it too."
  • On the idea of Fe-Matoran having different colorations depending on region, like Po-Matoran, and also having rusting effects: "I don't have a big problem with that, but I don't think rusting is a good idea. If these are Matoran of Metal, they would put a premium on repairing any damage to their armor. They wouldn't walk around in damaged armor, anymore than a tailor walks around with a hole in his shirt."
  • The Mask of Mutation can undo the effects of Hordika venom, Makuta viruses, and Roodaka's Rhotuka, but not energized protodermis. The mask can also give beings new powers.
  • Johmak most likely wears a helmet rather than a Kanohi.
  • Toa Varian is still on Odina.
  • With the energy storms in the Matoran universe robot ceased, the lightsones in the robot will stop shining.
  • None of the Barraki are Skakdi.
  • On whether any of the Barraki come from species we already are familiar with: "I don't believe so, no. My vision of them was that they were species we had not seen before."
  • The Ta-Koro/Ta-Metru Guard is probably still active.


  • On why the Glatorian were not surprised that Mata Nui knew of the Great Beings: "They were certainly 'famous' on Spherus Magna, so it stands to reason the residents of SM might have believed their fame extended off-planet. After all, the Agori and Glatorian have no idea if the GBs projects might have involved other worlds as well."
  • Greg would say that Malum is older than Strakk.


  • On the list of approved names: "I wound up with 23 approved names. Only lost two off the list, and one I got an okay with a caveat." "They are all I am going to have probably for the rest of BIONICLE, so I need to be a little judicious with them. And I may not need a name for the new Toa team -- it is a team that is going to be formed on Spherus Magna, so they have no real need for a naming convention. The whole 'we're the Toa (blank) team' was meant to differentiate teams, but since most Toa will be working with Glatorian now, there won't be other active just-Toa teams for the most part."

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  • The three classes of male Skrall are physically distinguishable from one another from birth.
  • Greg would bet that Surel is older than Ackar.
  • None of the Agori, Skrall, or Glatorian we know of are related.
  • The powers of a Toa of Psionics would work on the organic inhabitants of Spherus Magna. Although one would expect the brains of the Matoran and those of the people of Spherus Magna to be very different physically, the Matoran's AI, which may be housed in a brain that is organic like their lungs anyway, is based on the brain patterns of Agori, as that is what the Great Beings had to work with.
  • The Toa will be ethically obligated to retrieve the prisoners still trapped in the Pit in the Matoran universe robot, since they will essentially be killing them if they don't. The prisoners will be kept in a secure place on Spherus Magna.
  • The Dark Hunter Vengeance, with Teridax killed by Mata Nui, will not feel compelled to take revenge on Mata Nui, since Mata Nui is too far removed from his original grudge.
  • Like the Ignika, the Vahi is only keyed to the Matoran universe and will not cause a catastrophe if destroyed now that it has been taken out of the robot by Voporak.
  • The Great Beings invented cross-dimensional travel, and so the Great Being imprisoned on Bota Magna understandably had a means of observing and contacting Vezon when he was in an alternate dimension. He reached out to Vezon because he needed someone who could easily get into the fortress, which one could do with cross-dimensional travel, and someone who was crazy enough to want to release a chained Great Being.


  • On the fallibility of Mata Nui: "I see Mata Nui as very much like you and me. As you go through your day, assuming you are a generally healthy person, do you go, "I wonder what my white blood cells are doing today" or "Hey, hope my new cells are being produced okay!" No, probably not, unless you get sick and have to worry about things like that. And Mata Nui was the same way. He had the Barraki and then the Makuta who were supposed to look after his insides so he wasn't worrying about them. He was focused on his mission."
  • The Northern and Southern continent are probably in separate domes.
  • Toa of Psionics and Gravity are not able to absorb their elements. To absorb mental energy would be to harm those around oneself, maybe even killing them, to benefit oneself, which is very averse to the Toa's code of conduct. On the other hand, the absorption of gravity is a redundancy, since Toa of Gravity can already effect a lessening of gravity or negative gravity in an area.


  • On progress on "The Yesterday Quest": "I am actually planning the start of it now -- I am trying to avoid having it sound like ROS 2, so looking for a new approach to jazz it up a bit."

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Friday, June 18, 2010


  • The Great Beings did not live in Roxtus prior to the Skrall.
  • Greg doubts that all 42 types of Rahkshi participated in the invasion of Bara Magna.
  • Since the Toa Mahri did not bring any Cordak blasters with them to their mission on Zakaz, Kongu is carrying a different weapon, since the Toa had plenty of access to weapons before they left Metru Nui.
  • Takanuva has returned to his gold coloration.
  • It is likely that the Dark Hunters will remain active on Spherus Magna.
  • The Shadowed One's disappearance is related to the broken vials of virus he was keeping.
  • Conjurer still has not wakened from his coma which resulted from trying to absorb a Makuta's power.
  • On Miserix potentially trying to start the Brotherhood of Makuta anew: "I do not expect him to try to rebuild the Brotherhood, because at this point he has no access to antidermis. He's nowhere near the Mata Nui robot and I doubt the Toa will be rushing to salvage antidermis from the wreckage."


  • When it is said that the Matoran worked in the dark during their time constructing the Mata Nui robot, this mainly refers to the fact that the Matoran had no idea what they were making rather than that they literally worked in darkness.
  • On Mata Nui's survey of life in the galaxy and whether the Great Beings had anything to do with life on other worlds: "There were certainly planets with life forms, but most likely not like the Matoran, and we do not know if they were organic life like the Agori and Glatorian. Since the Great Beings are not gods, and did not create the Agori or Glatorian, it is also the case that they did not create life on any other worlds."
  • Those prisoners who are still trapped in the Pit inside the Matoran universe, such as Roodaka and Karzahni, will need to be rescued from the outside in order to survive.

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Friday, June 11, 2010


  • The rush of knowledge that Tahu received from the Ignika before receiving the Golden Armor was part of the Ignika's protocol for giving the Golden Armor to him.
  • It is doubtful that the prisoners of the Pit gained the ability to understand the Agori language.
  • Angonce most likely monitored only the battle between Mata Nui and Teridax on Bara Magna and following, not Mata Nui's adventure on Bara Magna up to that point.


  • Although there were likely Skrall trapped on Bota Magna after the Shattering, the baterra may well have wiped them out with any remaining leader class Skrall.


  • On why Mata Nui led the Glatorian to believe the elemental powers he gave them were generated by their weapons: "Because he didn't want them to know the power was in them, he wanted them to think it was in their weapons. The idea of elementally powered weapons wasn't new to them, they had those in the war. The idea of them themslves having elemental powers would probably have disturbed them."


  • The powers that Mata Nui had as Great Spirit of the Matoran universe belong to his robot body, not his spirit, which is why he does not access those powers when trapped in the body made for him by the Ignika.
  • On languages other than Matoran in the Matoran universe: "I consider them to be specific offshoots of programming language, sort of as if someone had a machine where part of it ran on COBOL and part of it ran on Visual C++, because those specific languages worked best for those specific situations."


  • When the Toa from Jovan's team took the Ignika to Karda Nui where he sacrificed himself to use it, Karda Nui's energy storms were occurring at low intensity.
  • Tahu Nuva's adaptive Hau changed shape so that he could breathe while flying at high speeds when he changed into his Mistika form, but it did not change to resemble any preexisting mask.
  • When Takanuva found Destral's teleporting device, he found that it was not working and did nothing with it.
  • The Toa Nuva did not take the Kanohi Nuva off their Suva and take them with them. As long as the masks are on the Suva, they have access to them. Since Makuta never saw the Toa Nuva as a threat during his control of the Matoran universe, he never had the Rahkshi remove the masks.


  • The teleportation method that Artakha uses, which appears to warp space itself, is different from the Makuta's brand of teleportation, which dissolves the user's substance and reconstitutes it elsewhere.
  • A Toa Nui is not possible to exist.

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Friday, June 4, 2010


  • On whether the stages of growth of the Kraata whose powers Tahu assimilated matter: "I really haven't thought about the level question, but it is probably something worth us discussing."


  • The Skrall homeland is located in the forest of Bota Magna.
  • On whether clothing is common in Spherus Magna: "Yes. You wear fabric under the armor. You don't wear armor against bare skin in a desert, you would fry your skin right off."


  • Malum tried to kill Strakk in the arena because Strakk had driven him into a rage by wounding him.
  • While in exile Malum probably had a hundred or so Vorox at his command.



  • The construction of the Matoran universe robot took a matter of months.
  • The Great Beings assigned certain members to work on programming Mata Nui's AI.


  • The living Mountain of Xia will not survive if it cannot somehow be relocated.
  • The Kanohi Aki and Rua can only exist by being formed by the Toa Kaita.
  • Greg doubts that an elemental Kanohi would give a user all the abilities of a Toa of that element.


  • On whether Toa on Spherus Magna will have to adjust to dealing with non-protodermis elements: "Yes, they will. But when you think about it, there is a not vast difference in the properties of water and liquid proto, or stone and rock proto, and fire and air are the same. So it is not a major task to master this."
  • Toa produce the protodermis version of an element when they use their power to create it. On the other hand, Glatorian with elemental powers create the regular, non-protodermis version. The Element Lords cannot control the protodermis forms of their elements, although Greg would not rule out the possibility that they could learn to do so, though they are unlikely ever to encounter protodermis.
  • The energy for the Glatorian's elemental powers comes from their bodies.
  • On the difference between elemental energy in Toa and in Glatorian: "I can't see it being the same type of energy, as these [Glatorian] are organic beings and not primarily mechanical ones."


  • On the presence of light and shadow energy in non-biomechanical beings on Spherus Magna: "It was not stated originally in reference to Spherus Magna, but it does apply -- all intelligent beings have good and evil in them. The difference is that Matoran Universe characters can, in some cases, access this to use as a power. Spherus Magnans cannot." In Rahi: "Some do, most do not. Animals, as a whole, are not good or evil."
  • Were for example Tahu drained of all shadow energy, he would most likely become a Toa of Light but would lose his ability to control fire.
  • On the reason why Miserix also expelled all the light out of his system like the other Makuta: "Miserix banished his light because his enemies had done so, and in his mind, that gave them an edge if they met again. They would not be held back by any shred of morality or conscience. So he saw it as in his interest to do the same thing."


  • The Barraki have now most likely replaced their weapons since their mutation was reversed. Mantax no longer has his pincers, Pridak's teeth are no longer strong enough to pierce protosteel, and Kalmah no longer has his tentacle.
  • Greg doubts that the other Barraki still accept Pridak's leadership, since he failed to deliver triumph and glory as he promised.
  • The Barraki are probably thrilled that their mutations were undone.
  • None of the Barraki's species have a particularly low population; they are just as common as any other species of the Matoran universe.

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  • Mata Nui gave the ability to understand Agori to all the Matoran universe inhabitants on Bara Magna as well as on Aqua Magna and Bota Magna. However, Lewa Nuva and the others with him in the Great Beings' fortress were shielded from the transmission by the building itself and never received the ability.
  • On the plausibility of the reuniting of Spherus Magna: "Think of it this way -- you tear off a chunk of Earth, say with America on it, all the way down to the molten core. The top of the chunk is the surface of the Earth. So the sides of the chunk are what would have been the underground on Earth. Who's living there? Nobody. So if you put the chunk back in place, no one gets hurt. Another analogy. You have a little flag stick in a patch of your lawn. You dig up that patch. Now you have the flag sticking out of the grass, and on every side, the dirt that was underneath that grass. If you then put the divot back in the lawn, the flag is not harmed. As for Aqua Magna, what prevented it [the flooding of Bara Magna] was me and the fact that Earth science only applies in BIONICLE when I want it to."


  • On the new style of government on Spherus Magna: "Unknown at this point. I personally don't think a global government would be a good idea, they had one before and that was part of the problem."
  • The inhabitants of the Red Star would be aware of the destruction of the Matoran universe robot. They are not, however, aware of the rejoining of Spherus Magna, nor do they care. The Red Star itself will stay in orbit indefinitely now that the Matoran universe is destroyed.
  • On re-creating Metru Nui on Spherus Magna: "Cities may well be built on Spherus Magna, but no real reason to make one that looks just like Metru Nui. Metru Nui had a function -- it was the robot's brain -- and that's not needed anymore, so they can make the city look however they like."
  • On transplanting the islands of the Matoran universe to the surface of Aqua Magna: "Probably not a good idea ... those islands are designed to exist in a controlled internal environment, not an external environment. For example, none of the cities or villages would have any power, since they got their power from Karda Nui before. They have no self-contained power grid."
  • On the continuation of the Matoran race on Spherus Magna without Mata Nui to create new members: "You're assuming Mata Nui had to be directly involved in creating new ones. He didn't. The Turaga, for example, once they were back in Metru Nui could have created more Matoran, even though Mata Nui was still asleep. All he did was create the initial members of species, he didn't have to create every single one. Remember, he was paying virtually no attention to what was going on inside of him for most of the last 100,000 years -- his focus was on the planets he was visiting."


  • Karzahni can breathe air and is still alive, but he will most likely be kept in captivity since he is mentally unstable. It is not impossible that he may regain his faculties, though he was never very stable to begin with.
  • It is very doubtful that Malum will re-enter society on the new Spherus Magna.
  • When the Bahrag are evacuated from the Matoran universe, they will probably go off on their own, since they have nothing in common with Agori or Matoran.
  • Were a surviving Bohrok-Kal to turn up on Spherus Magna, it would simply go back to hibernation, since the Bahrag do not need saving.
  • Any of the powers that the Barraki gained from their mutation in the Pit have now been lost since their mutation was reverted.


  • When he died, Certavus was buried near Iconox.



  • Greg would assume that Ice Bats are white or translucent white.
  • The Bahrag are susceptible to mind control abilities which might change what they perceive to be their mission.


  • Artakha, when he won over Karzahni for the right to possess the Mask of Creation, was not actually personally handed the mask by the Great Beings.
  • It is unknown whether Order of Mata Nui members used code names, though the organization was so secretive that the use of code names might have drawn attention to themselves.
  • Since being exposed to the antidermis pool, Brutaka understands how to create Rahi.
  • There are still some living shadow Takanuva left.


  • In the alternate universe of the Melding, Rahkshi exist as servants of the Makuta as guards and scouts, etc. The Element Lords are no longer in power, and the Makuta themselves oversee the tribes of Spherus Magna.


  • Some of the mysteries concerning the Red Star may be answered in The Yesterday Quest.

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  • It would be highly unusual and unlikely were one of the enemy Skakdi or Skrall to make his way into the new society on Spherus Magna.
  • Greg envisions the Sisters of the Skrall as having a black color scheme, with robes of dark brown or faded purple.
  • Agori are subject to heart disease and obesity.
  • Now in possession of all the powers of the Kraata he destroyed, Tahu has become more powerful than he was as a Toa Nuva.


  • Greg would guess that the Dreaming Plague wiped out 99.8% of the Iron Tribe.
  • It would have been possible, though difficult, for a Glatorian or Agori to have a marriage with a member from a tribe different from his or her own.
  • On the Rock Agori's role in the Skrall tribe: "Personally, I think the rock Agori saw the Skrall as their only way to survive and be safe, so they followed the Skrall's lead on things."
  • Mata Nui allowed the inhabitants of the Matoran universe to speak and understand Agori, but not vice versa.
  • The characters taken by Vezon to the prison of the Great Being isolated on Bota Magna did not feel the rejoining of Spherus Magna, since the Great Being fortress is insulated against any seismic shock.


  • A Toa would be able to store Toa power in an object other than a stone, such as a tool or a weapon.
  • In general, the heat vision power temporarily weakens the user's vision after use, as is the case with the heat vision Rahkshi, Makuta, Hakann, and now Tahu. Users of heat vision can also control how hot the beams are.
  • According to Greg, it would be possible but highly improbable that anyone would be able to create a replacement set of fully-functional Makuta armor since "creating protosteel that can shapeshift would be beyond the capabilities of 99% of crafters."
  • Greg does not suppose that Toa Kaita can perform nova blasts.
  • The two Glatorian species members who had lived near the Mata Nui robot's consciousness had originally been put there in stasis, to awaken either when it was time to land on Bara Magna or in the event something went wrong with the ship. They awoke when the virus attacked the ship and were killed in the crash.
  • Toa Iruini's healing Rhotuka is designed to cure the physical ailments of living beings. Therefore, it can cure disease or plague and insanity when it is caused by physical ailment, but not mutations by the Pit mutagen, Visorak venom, or infected Kanohi. Iruini cannot use his healing Rhotuka to heal himself. The time it takes for the Rhotuka to heal an injury depends on its severity.
  • In the Matoran universe, Greg would see the difference between a disease and a virus as that a disease would be something that affected organic protodermis, whereas a virus attacked AI.
  • Antidermis is not a form of protodermis. Therefore, the Makuta were the only inhabitants of the Matoran universe not made entirely of protodermis.


  • Greg believes that after his meeting with Tren Krom, Mutran understood that the Matoran universe was a giant robot.
  • After the Makuta evolved into antidermis, they mainly used their quick healing ability to heal their allies, since there was no need to use it on themselves.
  • Metru Nui's leadership was determined by the fact that Dume was the only Turaga around and hence the compulsory leader of the city; he was not elected or appointed. In general it was thought that ex-Toa made the most worthwhile leaders of Matoran. A Turaga's authority was essentially absolute; he did not need approval from any other body of government, though he might well have consulted Matoran on issues which he did not know himself as closely.
  • During the Great Cataclysm, some parts of the land inside the Matoran universe may have been temporarily swamped, but none were ever permanently flooded. There were no tsunamis, since the system was designed to prevent that kind of thing.
  • On the rainstorm that occurred on the Toa Metru's return to Metru Nui just before the Great Rescue: "My guess is that was more of a fire prevention system that kicked on as a result of the crash, rather than actual rain."
  • When the Toa Nuva ordered the Matoran of Karzahni to migrate to Metru Nui, all that was needed for them to reach Metru Nui across the silver sea was for one Matoran to make it to Metru Nui with a message from the Toa, then Metru Nui would have sent boats out to get them.
  • When alternate Teridax detected the death of Teridax and of the Matoran universe robot, he was reading Mata Nui's mind to sense what was about to happen. He was able to accomplish this because he has a very powerful mind and because Mata Nui was in relatively close proximity to the Matoran universe.
  • The Barraki could not reach Metru Nui before the fall of Teridax and are now leading their armies out of the Matoran universe.


  • The Shadowed One's whereabouts will be revealed in a future serial.
  • With Mata Nui dormant, Lewa Nuva will likely have to learn the Agori language on his own.
  • The character to result from the Who Am I? contest will appear as a character in future serials, and his or her character will be revealed as the story progresses.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's been like a month, right?


  • All characters we know by name survived the death of Teridax.
  • All named characters survived Teridax's death and will escape alive from the Matoran universe through any one of the many hatches that were needed for Mata Nui's construction or other means of leaving the robot body.
  • Greg would assume that after Teridax's death, the Rahi in the Archives will be released, since it is the only humane thing to do.
  • Ehlek's species will probably require the aid of multiple Toa of Water in order to relocate to Spherus Magna from the Matoran universe.
  • Tahu can no longer form a Toa Kaita with the other Toa Nuva.
  • Since the death of Teridax, Tren Krom has disappeared from his island, and no one knows where he is.
  • Nektann does in fact have a third power.
  • There are currently 57 Toa alive.
  • There were not necessarily more heat vision Rahkshi present in the Bara Magna invasion than any of the other types, although there tended to be more in view during the first part of the battle since they came out of the Matoran universe before the others.
  • The Nuva symbols will be relocated from the Matoran universe.
  • According to Greg, there are "probably a couple hundred" Dark Hunters.
  • The Vahi will at some point leave the Matoran universe, presumably in the hands of Voporak if he still has it.
  • The Shadowed One has not received the Vahi from Voporak yet, since he is off doing something else at the moment.
  • The Rahkshi's upgrades mentioned in Journey's End included better armor.
  • The baterra are still headed toward the Bara Magna desert.
  • On the Sisters of the Skrall in comparison to the male Skrall: "I see them as being more serious and thoughtful ... certainly capable of destruction, but it's more directed at a goal rather than "let's just conquer everything." They don't have the same motivation Tuma did, because the baterra are no threat to them. So it's more a, "Let these different groups fight it out and then we will pick up the pieces" mentality."
  • The satchel that Gresh carries as mentioned in Journey's End is brown and about the size of a bookbag, and Gresh usually has it on his mount when traveling.
  • The sundial excavated from Onu-Koro which came into Takanuva's possession would have been left behind in the Matoran universe. There is no particular point in retrieving it now.
  • Umbra will be inclined to guard the Ignika wherever it is to be kept on Spherus Magna.
  • The Ignika would be able to undo the curse it put on the Great Being who touched it.
  • Mata Nui used the Ignika to cure everyone afflicted by the Pit mutagen, even those not on Aqua Magna. This includes Lesovikk, Sarda, Idris, the Barraki, Brutaka, and Karzahni. Ehlek is now amphibious as well. The Ignika's power even healed the exposed sea life on Aqua Magna.
  • Mata Nui restored even the Northern Frost with the Ignika's energy.
  • Tahu has gained all the powers of the Kraata killed by the Golden Armor, and he does not need the Golden Armor to access any of his new abilities.
  • There are still Glatorian stuck in the Forest of Blades.


  • The armor which Agori and Glatorian wear to distinguish the tribes did not come from the Great Beings.
  • The alien technology present in Atakus's swords originated from the planet to be featured in the New World project.
  • Lein died 265,000 years ago. The Element Lords (ca. 103,000 years ago) therefore were not around by the time Lein was still alive. The Iron Tribe, on the other hand, was still around at the time. The Skrall had not yet become an invasive tribe, though none of the Skrall characters in current story were alive yet. Lein was also dead before the explosion of the prototype robot 150,000 years ago.
  • Lein predates all of the existing Bara Magna characters (even Ackar) except probably Raanu, who would have been quite young when he was still living. Certavus and Surel were also alive before Lein died, though very young. None of the individuals who became the Element Lords were yet born.
  • Before the Shattering, in addition to the Jungle and Iron Tribe, Bota Magna would also have been home to Skrall, who were neighbors of the Iron Tribe and to part of the Water Tribe. Ice would have been there or at least nearby. Sand would have had no presence in Bota Magna.
  • Lein's drift was a river crossing through which many travelers or traders would have needed to pass.
  • Skrall are born into their caste systems; one could never change classes.
  • Lein traded whatever he could get his hands on that someone might want, be it tools, food, etc.


  • Greg would assume that the vehicles we have encountered in the Matoran universe run on some kind of power cell with a very long lifespan.
  • Seasons did not really change within the Matoran universe. Seasons did however shift on the island of Mata Nui in periods of more or less heat. Spherus Magna and its constituent parts all experienced naturally occurring seasons.
  • It may have been in the Matoran universe that during the day and night cycles in the domes, the bunches of lightstones which lit the sky at day dimmed during night to look like distant stars.
  • A Toa of Psionics would be able to induce nightmares in someone who is asleep.
  • In general, Toa of Psionics do not need a weapon to channel their powers, though some use a tool out of habit or lack of experience.
  • Greg would doubt that a Toa of Psionics could wipe someone's memories, though she might be able to mask them temporarily.
  • It requires elemental energy to control an existing form of the element as well as to create it.
  • The scareRahi used by the Av-Matoran of Karda Nui were made from plants from the swamp. It would take a few hours to craft one.
  • Since Helryx is not actually physically older than many of the inhabitants of the Matoran universe, Greg would ascribe her frail appearance to the fact that she has been through a lot.
  • The names of the Rahi Kuma-Nui, Kahu, Kirikori Nui, and Mahi can approximately translate to the type of cretaure each Rahi resembles; Kuma translates to something like "rat" or "rodent," Kahu to "hawk," Kirikori to "grasshopper" or "locust," and Mahi to "goat."
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta fortress where Zaktan and later Pridak found out about Teridax's Plan is located to the west of Destral as indicated in this image.
  • On warfare used by the Toa during the Toa-Dark Hunter War: "You definitely want to imprison/incapacitate the enemy, because otherwise, you just have to fight them again. And I think they probably did follow the code less strictly, simply because the code exists in large part to govern how the Matoran see them. I don't think the Matoran would have an issue with them killing in a war, in the same way humans allow our soldiers to kill in war but not in normal everyday life."
  • The original Matoran Chief Archivist on Metru Nui from before the Great Cataclysm resumed his job after the Matoran's return. He has since moved to Spherus Magna with the rest.
  • Were the Toa Nuva to become Turaga and merge into Turaga Kaita, they would not form the Akamai and Wairuha characters, nor would their masks be noble versions of the Aki and Rua.
  • The Great Beings built the Suva. In order for the Toa to use them now, they would need to relocate them outside of the Matoran universe.
  • It is likely that the Order of Mata Nui employed Maxilos robots on Daxia.
  • The Order of Mata Nui did not know about Mata Nui's mission.
  • The island of Nynrah never had Toa protectors. Xia most likely did have Toa. Stelt would not have had Toa, since the law is generally unwelcome there.
  • Not all of the Matoran living on Nynrah were part of the Nynrah Ghosts.
  • Krana only affect the biomechanical residents of the Matoran universe, since they are designed to override programming.
  • Under normal circumstances, anyone taken control by a Krana during a Bohrok's cleansing of Mata Nui's face would have ended up with the Bohrok in the Bohrok nests.
  • Were Pridak to die, Kalmah would probably step in to lead the Barraki. If Kalmah were also unavailable, the team would simply fall apart.
  • The monster created by the Skakdi does not have the abilities of the characters fused into it nor carries a weapon.


  • It would take not long at all for the Mask of Creation to conjure something like a sword.
  • There is a limit to how long an Iden user can be away from one's body.
  • Greg would assume that the Toa Mata's Kanohi went to Artakha when they received their Golden Kanohi.
  • The Golden Kanohi were made by Artakha.


  • The new Toa serial will take place after Teridax's death.
  • The stop-motion Bionicle Battle Videos represent canon fight sequences.