Farshtey Forum

Like the more popular BZPower forums, the Mask of Destiny forums also long had a thread dedicated to asking Greg Farshtey questions. The "Farshtey Forum" was the third and final iteration of this thread, running from the end of 2007 until September 2008.

Greg replied directly to questions posted by users in these threads, under the username "Greg2660." The first Q&A thread on Mask of Destiny, called "'Ask Greg' topic" (partially available on the Wayback Machine here), ran from February 26 to December 7, 2006, at which point the moderators decided to start a new thread. The second thread, also called "'Ask Greg' Topic" (partially available on the Wayback Machine here), ran from December 8, 2006 to late 2007. At the end of 2007, the original Mask of Destiny forums were taken down permanently due to technical issues. At this point, the staff set up a new forum hosted on a site called ProBoards. The "Farshtey Forum" (still available on ProBoards here), was started on this new forum on December 23, 2007. Greg's last reply was on September 7, 2008. This archive only includes posts up to Greg's last post.