Official Greg Discussion

On the BZPower forums, members routinely exchanged private messages (PMs) with Greg Farshtey with questions about the BIONICLE story. The "Official Greg Discussion" was a long-running topic on BZPower where members posted these messages and discussed them. The topic was started in March 2003 in order to stem a tide of topics being opened to discuss individual PMs. In January 2008, after the topic had reached well over 300 pages of posts, the BZPower staff decided to close the original topic and start a fresh one (this is what is now known as the "Official Greg Dialogue").

This archive was reconstructed from a text file saved by BZPower member fishers64. For unknown reasons, all instances of the character '!' were converted to ':' in the text file. Because of this, all exclamation points have been converted to colons in the archive.