Official Greg Dialogue

The "Official Greg Dialogue" was the successor to the "Official Greg Discussion," a topic on the BZPower forums where members posted Greg Farshtey's responses to their private messages and discussed them. It was started in January 2008 under the name "Official Greg Discussion" and was later renamed the "Official Greg Dialogue." In September 2010, after reaching over 330 pages of posts, the topic was closed and reorganized into the "Official Greg Quotes" and "Official Greg Discussion" topics.

This archive was reconstructed from a text file saved by BZPower member fishers64. For unknown reasons, all instances of the character '!' seem to have been converted to a space followed by a period in the text file. Because of this, some instances of " ." may have originally been "!".

Data Loss in 2009

In March 2009, a technical mishap caused all BZPower forum data since September 2008 to be lost permanently, so there is a span of about six months from the original topic which has been forever lost; not even the archive contains these lost posts. However, the Farshtey Feed, a fan-run weekly digest of the OGD, recorded the most salient information from this time span and still survives.

Page Number Discrepancy

It has been pointed out that, at the time of its closing, the original topic contained 334 pages (as recorded by the Farshtey Feed and snapshots on from as late as 2013), whereas the archive only contains 333 pages. This reflects the fact that the text file provided by fishers64 only has enough posts for 333 pages. It is not known why this discrepancy exists, but it does not appear to be the case that the archive is missing posts from the end. See this forum post for more information. If you know the reason, please feel free to reach out!