1I asked him a few questions, I think we already know 'em, but I asked for confirmation on stuff. 2EDIT: I got a new question, this one's pretty interesting (I think):
3Zuzu: Hi. I was wondering, would we see the Toa or Toa Nuva ever again after the Mask of Light movie? Thanks in advance. 4GregF: Yes, you will, in addition to other new characters.
6Zuzu: Hi again. I've heard before that there are 36 different Kraata, but will they just be labelled 'Kraata', or will they have different names for the different types, just like the Kanohi and Krana did? Thanks again. 7GregF: believe that each of the six groups of six will have a name, and then each kraata will have a number corresponding to its life stage.
9Zuzu: Thanks. I have one more question concerning the Kraata. A lot of people have been making the assumption that Kraata can control the Toa Nuva and Matoran. Is this true? Thanks again.
10Not that I know of. Yes, the toy I believe can be affixed to the face the way the krana can, but we are not using them that way in the story. What a kraata can do is touch your mask and infect it, so that you become a servant of Makuta. But we are not doing the face-hugging thing with these.
12I'll get more soon. I hope my questions, specially the last one, helps.
1Questions List 21. I'm still not clear on this. Can the Toa Nuva use the Noble Masks now that they have the Kanohi Nuva?
31) Yes, they probably could, but since the Noble Masks have always been far less powerful than the Kanohi Nuva are, why should they?
42. What is the "Kanohi" name, like Hau or Miru, for the Mask of Light and the Mask of Shadows? 52) Mask of Light is Avohkii, and the Mask of Shadow is Kraahkan.
63. Why is the Vahi just now appearing in the storyline? Did it just pop out of thin air for the Toa Nuva to use against the Bohrok Kal? 73) The Vahi is appearing in the storyline because there was a demand for it by BZPower members who were curious about it. Tahu actually got the Vahi some time ago, but because of its devastating power, was reluctant to use it.
84. Do the Kraata control the Rahski like the Krana and the Bohrok? Or are they just little helpers? 9The kraata basically are the Rahkshi, I believe.. they are portions of the substance of Makuta that he uses to bring the Rahkshi armor to life.
105. What is the name of ToL's vehicle? 115) The Ussanui
126. Why did Jala get a name change? 136) On Mata Nui, when you perform an exceptionally brave service for your village, you get to attend a special naming ceremony where your name gets changed and higher status is conferred on you. Jala was rewarded for his defense of the koro against the Bohrok swarms.
14-Crystal Matrix
1Here's 3 answers he just PMed me with:
21. Is the "Gukko" bird related to the Goko-Kahu? Goko sounds a bit like Gukko..
3The Gukko used to be the kewa bird. So I think there is a relation.
42. How long will the Nuva be around? (2004, 2005?)
5The Nuva will be in existence for some time to come, but how much they are the focus of the story will vary.
63. Will the Vahi be in wide release soon? 7No, there are no plans to re-release the Vahi. The only reason I put it in the comic story was because of demand from readers.

81 was a theory I had about another name change, 2, I wanted to know if the Nuva would actually die or be destroyed, and I asked # 3 because I'd like a Vahi, but I guess I'm not going to get one anytime soon. :bored:
1I asked:
21.Are Gahlok-Kal`s krana female? 3No.
42.Are the Toa of Light female or male? 5Cant answer that yet.

1Who is the Toa of light?
2Gregf:I can't give away the end of the movie::D


1Will the Kratta beable to attach to the TOA NUVA or a creature in any way such as the KRANA did to the TOA's faces?
2Thanks for your time,

4I believe the toy kraata can, but they will not be doing so in the story or in the movie. Nor do they really need to.. if a kraata is on its own and wants to put you out of the way, it just needs to touch your mask and infect it.

1GSS: Was the "Nuvaization" key to the storyline, or just a money scheme? ... 2GF: ...We don't force the people to buy the sets they choose to. Anyway, (not in Greg's exact words) all the things in the story come together...
1RMN:will Takanuva have a weapon or tool 2GF:the toa of light will have a tool,but I wont mention what it is yet
1These answers collected by Takua11: (Brought in here as stated by the rules.
2Hi, I am sure you are getting way beyond Sick of all the questions people are asking you, I would like to know if you could answer a few questions about the Nuva Cube?
3Q: What is the Nuva Cube for? Does it generate the energy for the Toa Nuva?
4I don't think it generates it, but it is tied into it.
5Q: How would the Bahrag be freed if all the Symbols were placed on the Cube?
6The cube is basically like a lock.. and the symbols are the key. Fit the symbols in and the lock opens and the protodermis cage dissolves.

7Q: If the Kal's Krana-Kal turn Silver how are the Toa Nuva supposed to destroy them if they are invincible?
8You will have to read and find out 
9Q: And do the Bahrag get freed? That would be cool:
10You will have to read and find out 

1I asked him one about me
2CBT:Well I was just wondering if the guy in the MNOLG would that sold the infected Comet Balls will ever show up in the story line again since he was never actually caught

3GregF:No, he's a relatively minor character in the mythos, so I doubt he will be showing up in the comic anytime.

4Not a big question to anyone but me but it still was from him


2Here is what GregF told me on how Tahu got the Vahi.
3Vakama gave it to him as a sacred trust... and Tahu didn't intend to ever use it, so he did not tell the rest of the Toa Nuva.

6Isn't that KAL:::(cool)
1[QUOTE02 QUOTE 2sorry if im is bugging you but is the TOL going to be realsed in the USA bwcase it wasent in the toy far 3and on the bionicle maggse brodes i herd the toy version is going to be called tolkla is that true.
4i know you a very bussie man but its bugging me you proply get 50,000 pms every day.take your tie to answer.

5Yes, but it isn't coming out until September, which is probably why it wasn't in the magazine.
7thats my info from greg.
11. In the storyline, how do the Matoran change? 22. Any hints of what'll happen in 2004? 33. Where did the Rahkshi come from, and what is their destiny? 44. When did Tahu get the Vahi, and where did it come from?
1Q: What sound do the Rahkshi make? 2A: I believe that they hiss.
3Q: Why is Randy doing the pencilling now? Carlos D'Anda used to be doing it. 4A: Carlos is a freelancer who did work for DC (as is Randy), and he decided to move on to other projects. That is why Randy is doing it now.
5Greg is a really nice guy. He said he'd print out my Farshtey Flakes cereal and put it up in his office:
Almighty Turahk
11. In the storyline, how do the Matoran change? 22. Any hints of what'll happen in 2004? 33. Where did the Rahkshi come from, and what is their destiny? 44. When did Tahu get the Vahi, and where did it come from?

5Sorry but this topic is for questions you have asked gregf and have had answered.
6I don't remember the entire text but here it goes.
7Me-I basicly asked if the infected color on the bionicle webstie is a hint towards Infected Kanohi Nuva
8Gregf: I beleive he said something about him not knowing but I don't rember anymore.
1Here's a conversation I had with Greg.
2QUOTE 3QUOTE 4QUOTE 5QUOTE 6QUOTE 7I was wondering if the Toa had to collect all the Noble masks as well as the Great masks in order to get the golden Kanohi or just the Great masks?

8They only needed to collect the Great Masks to get the golden Kanohi. However, they did come across Noble Masks in their adventures and they returned those to the koro for the Turaga to use.
10But that doesn't really seem to coincide with the rest of the story. Through out the MNOLG the Toa are seen using various noble masks as if they were part of the collection. And also, if that were the case then why don't the Turaga use the masks to help defend the villages?

11The Turaga do use the Noble Masks to help defend their villages -- you just don't see it, because we focus on the Toa. Part of the Toa's quest was to collect six Noble Masks, but they did not need those to get the golden Kanohi -- and the golden Kanohi contained the powers of the six Great Masks.
12I have no doubt what you say about MNOLG is true, but I have never written or seen anything where the Toa use the Noble Masks themselves. I have no doubt it has happened, but in general my attitude is that the Noble Masks have so much less power in comparison to the Great Masks that the Toa would be less likely to use them.

14I'm not arguing with ou here since after all you are the one who actually writes this stuff. But that really doesn't sound like previous parts of the Bionicle storyline. Even though the Noble masks do not provide as a great a power as the Great masks do, the Noble masks appear to be an essential part of the story. Through out the story you have had the Toa battle their opponent in unusual ways. You used interesting tactics, making use of the surrondings and elemental powers. For instance, in comic five, you have the Toa use their elemental powers to set a trap to try and stop a swarm of Tahnok. In the MNOLG, Kopaka uses the Huna to confuse the Muaka and so on. You've put so much emphisis on not simply having the Toa run in and slice up their enemies, and yet you're dening them the use of a major tactical weapon. the Noble masks have powers that can be far more useful than the Great masks in the situations that you put the Toa into. So why do you say that "my attitude is that the Noble Masks have so much less power in comparison to the Great Masks that the Toa would be less likely to use them."?

15Well, #1, they do have less power -- that is established fact. The Great Masks are much more powerful than the Noble Masks. And while the Toa did have to collect the Noble Masks, I still feel that the most important thing they did with them was provide them to the Turaga, so that they could use them to help defend the villages. While I certainly do not say MNOLG was wrong -- it wasn't -- its authors had different perspectives on some things than I do, and different goals in their storylines. You asked for my take on the issue, and that's what it is -- that while the Toa did use the Noble Masks (as evidenced in MNOLG), and did have to collect them, they were collecting them more with an eye toward supplying them to the Turaga.

Almighty Cadhok
1I asked:
21.Are Gahlok-Kal`s krana female? 3No.
42.Are the Toa of Light female or male? 5Cant answer that yet.

6Question number two right there. Is the Toa of Light male or female?
7can't answer that yet
8at first I was thinking that the toa of light was female.But then I had another idea it says Hahli and Takua 9use the mask to defeat makuta. Or something like that :unsure: anyway it involves both Takua and Hahli 10so maybe the TOL is Takua and Hahli put together.

11hmmmmmmmmm???:?? :unsure:

2Anyway...here's another set of questions with answers collected by 007 Huki
3ok can you please tell me the anwsers to these questions?

41. what is makutas mask name and mask of lights name? 5gregf-Makuta's mask is Kraahkan, Toa of Light's is Avohkii (I think).
62. will other bionicle games come online besides MNOLG2? 7gregf-Yes, eventually.
83. what is the silver mask of light on makutas claw power? 9gregf-Have no idea.
104. will makuta return again after the rahkshi? 11gregf-Yes.
125. what are the toa of lights weapons? 13gregf-Can't share that yet.
146. what is the mask of lights power? 15gregf-Can't share that yet.
167. does the toa of light have a symbol? 17gregf-Not that I know of.
188. you said previosly to somebody else that the kraata transform so do they change colour or change form? 19gregf-A little of both, but the color changes have more to do with patterns of color than radical color change.

21I'm a little iffy though on a few of those. I'm pretty sure Makuta coming back after the Rahkshi saga could be considered one of those things he can't divulge.
22But oh well. I'm sure Greg will comment if there's false information in here.
1Here's some:
2N: 1. When and where did Tahu find the Vahi? 3G: Tahu was given it by Vakama. 4N: 2. Is the Vahi an Olda or a Nuva mask? 5G: It's an olda. 6N: 3. When did the Matoran become big and bulky? 74. How did they? 8G: After the Kal came so close to victory, the Turaga decided to share a secret they have long known with the Matoran -- how to essentially rebuild themselves so that are faster, more agile, and better able to defend the koro. This takes place between the end of the Kal story and the beginning of the movie.
1Here are my two:
21) My friend (Who is not a member of BZPower) wants to know directly from you if the Vahi has no limit to how slaow it can make time. Here is his example:
3Okay. So you are going to use the Kanohi Vahi. But what if the opposer has a Kanohi Kakama, or even better, Kakama Nuva? He can use his mask to get back to regular speed, couldn't he?

4I answered that I would ask you if there was any limit. I am inclined to think that the Kanohi Vahi will not allow (somehow) any interference. Is this correct?
5GF: No, the Mask of Speed does not allow you to outrace time. If time has frozen around you, Mask of Speed ain't gonna help.
62) Easy: Why does Makuta, both times, use minions (Rahi, Rahkshi) to attack, rather than himself? I mean, he is more powerful...
7GF: Partly because he doesn't really respect the power of the Toa Nuva... he doesn't see them as his equals. And partly because, like any great super-villain, he prefers to work from the shadows rather than take risks himself.
83) I have seen the comic scans for #11, and at some point someone said you said that the Toa Nuva get defeated in the Bohrok-Kal Saga. Can you please verify what that means? Does it mean that they lot there powers, or returned to grayness? I don't get it, because if it is the grayness one, there is onl one more Bohrok-Kal Saga episode... and the Toa Nuva have not been defeated yet. If they return to grayness in the next episode, they will only be that way for a couple hours. Can you please verify this?
9GF: The Toa Nuva got defeated in BIONICLE 10. They met the Kal and the Kal knocked them all unconscious.
104) Can you tell us what the name of the next comic is?
11GF: "Absolute Power."
125) How long does it take the drawers to draw the comics? Have you ever met the drawers?
13GF: Yes, I have, and usually a few weeks.
14Thanks, GregF. Your assistance will be welcomed.

15-(V)oD :infected: -
1Ok I just did a short interveiw but I feel it revealed some important things
21. You have confirmed that Kratta come in cans.I would like to know if these will look like the tubes that Makuta pulls one or the kratta out of.If not what will they look like.
3Makuta doesn't pull the kraata out of a tube.. he pulls it out of himself. At any rate, I have not seen the packaging yet.
42. The koli sticks are a standard on the new matoran.Does this mean that we will learn the rules of koli and use the figures to enact matches or will they also be used as weapons.
5They are not meant for use as weapons. And I have the rules of koli, anytime anyone wants to see them.
63. Tahu has a vahi as revealed in the latest comic.Is he the only toa who wears one or do the other toa have one as well.
7He is the only one who has it.

84. You say that TN has had his vahi for some time and that we will see how he gets it on the website.Will there be a flashback or will he just officialy get even though you have assumed he got it sometime ago.
9I believe you will see him actually getting it on the web.
105. Is the vahi a one time use weapon or will the toa use it to fight there opponents every time things get sticky.
11Well, I wouldn't call it a one-time use, but it is phenomenally dangerous, so I doubt they will use it often.
126. After the kal saga ends will we see more bohork under toa control or do they leave with the kal like the rahi did.
13The Bohrok return to their nests in anticipation of the Bahrag being freed. So they are back in their nests, but may return someday.
147. Will the rahi help the toa and matoran in their strugles against Makuta for a second time.
15No, not really.

16I plan to follow up with some more questions and will keep you posted.
1Here's mine:
21. Are the Bahrag "Great Being's"? 3No.
42. Mata-Nui will eventually awake right?If so, are there plans for a Mata-Nui set? 5I have no idea.
63. Can you give any information on comic 12? 7Well, comic 12 is the end of the Kal saga and the first appearance of the Rahkshi... and I think one of the cooler comics we have done.

8This might be important, it might not.
1Here's what GregF answered my questions:
21. Any hints of what'll happen in 2004? 3Greg: No, I have no story bible for 2004 yet. 42. Where did the Rahkshi come from, and what is their destiny? 5Greg: They are the "sons of Makuta" 63. When did Tahu get the Vahi, and where did Vakama find it? 7Greg: I don't know where Vakama got it from yet. 84. Will Puku (Pewku) and the Kahu (Gukko) change in the same way the Matoran do? 9Greg: No. 105. What's you daily life like, being a comic writer? 11Greg: The comic is only a small part of what I do. I also write the LEGO Magazine, the LEGO Shop At Home catalog, some stuff on the web, and anything else that needs writing around here. So my daily life is pretty busy.

12I guess the Rahkshi's destiny is to destroy the Toa Nuva.
1So we can't ask questions right? 2Any way i asked him this before:I know were not suppost to ask MoL questions but this one has come up a lot. 3What will the MoL movie be rated? 4Many people say it will be PG-13 but i don't think lego will make a PG-13 movie when the toy is for kids. 5And this is what he said.
6I see no reason it would be PG-13.. it is not like there is any blood or language in it. I am not sure how ratings are handled for direct to video movies, but I don't think you need to worry about a PG-13 on this.

8This is for all those members who were saying a kid movie will be rated PG-13.
1not in exact words cause I deleted the dumb PM: 2GSS: Are Matoran the same as humans? Biologically and emotionally?
3GF: Emotionally yes, but not biologically.
4GSS: Is the place where the Bohrok-Kal were talking in Comic #9 the same place the Bahrag were talking from in Comic #5? 5GF: No.
1Here is what I got. Only one question is important, but I included the rest. 2Sorry to ask you more questions, but I have just two this time .
3Okay.Do the Toa Nuva have to have the symbols in their power, or at their suvas to get thier powers back?
4They just have to retake possession of them.
5And.Have you written anything other than Bionicle? (Comics and books)
6Yes, I used to write for the roleplaying game industry -- had three novels out and about 35 game books I wrote or co-wrote.
7Tahu Is Frozen
8Also, an idea.Why don't you make it so that two toa could combind into "semi-kaiti"?That would get some attention.

9I liked my last idea. :LOL: The "That would get some attention" was my own, btw.
1XH:will the villains in the future have non-regular powers (such as fire,ice) like the Bohrok-Kal and Rahkshi? 2GregF: I certainly hope so. I like messing with different powers. 3XH: have the turaga always known about the Mask of Light like they knew about the bohrok? 4GregF: Yes, it is a long-standing prophecy.
1Here's some more Qs and As, Though I would still like to know why the Turaga never speak of the prophesis until it's too late:::
2QUOTE 3I have 3 more questions.

4Considering the Protodermis is supposed to be very important later, can u hint at what will happen?
5I would, but I don't know.
6Can u hint at the Mask of lights powers?
8Can u tell us anything about the next "book" of Bionicle?
9I have some idea, but i do not have a story bible for 2004 yet, so I don't know anything definite.
10Thanx for your help and Time:::

11) Do the Kraatas have powers like the Krana? 2No, they don't have those kind of individual special powers.
32) Are there any Noble Kanohi to be found after the 4Toa Nuvas transformed? 5No.
63) Are there going to be any new Kanohi Nuva 7besides the MoL and Vahi? 8Not that I know of.
94) Will the Toa Nuvas ever get to control their 10elements and not depend on the symbols? 11Not sure.
125) Bionicle has 7 books right? So will there be any 13time when Mata-Nui wakes up? 14I wouldn't doubt it, but I don't know the content of all 7.

1This won't help a bit.
2What does the MOL say? 3No clue.
4(I have figured it out it says 5Open 6Bionicle 7with 8one destiny.)
9What music will be on the MOL? 10The version I watched didn't show the music soundtrack. So I have no clue.
11. According to another PM sent to you, Makuta pulled the Kraat "out of himself." What does that mean. Does he procude the Makuta? (Or is that form or reproduction that only needs one parent? :glare: )
2-- The kraata is a part of Makuta's essence. So he does produce them, yes.
32. Do you know when the next Bionicle.com update occurs(where Tahu gets the Vahi?) And do you know when the Mask of Light.com production trailer comes online?
4-- No, sorry, I don't.
53. What is the Gukko/Pewku/ToL/Makuta combiner called? Is that Graalok? Or is just a non-essential "fun" thing?
6-- It's not Graalok. And I am not certain TOL is involved in it.. it's not on the packaging I saw. It is another form of Makuta which does not appear in the film.
74. What is the ToL/Makuta combiner? Does Makuta fuse with ToL or something?
8Wait and see :)
95. When is the next Proto-Squad update occuring?
10We are discussing what will be in the next one now.
116. Exactly how many tunnels are there under Mata Nui? It seems like every Bionicle climax ends with the heroes underground.
12Lots .. and lots .. and lots. As you will soon see, there is a reason we keep going underground -- because underground is WAY more interesting than aboveground, as things turn out.
137. Will the Toa Nuva always be the main focus of the story, or will there ever be any new heroes?
14-- They will always be around, in one way or another, but they may not always be the main focus.
15-Crystal Matrix
1I PMed Greg about the powers of the Vahi a few days ago, and this is what he sent back:
2Greg? 3I have a question that several people would like to see the answer to. 4Can the Vahi do more than slow time? Because that doesn't exactly sound all that devastating. 5If that is its only power, then what makes it so dangerous? 6Thank you.
7-Master of the Rahkshi
8It slows time, it can also speed it up. And yes, it is dangerous. For example, let's say you and I are fighting, and it's a stalemate. I use the Vahi to slow time down around you, so you can't move... I then position a huge rock above your head. Now it's not falling at its normal rate, because time is slowed down right around you. But the second I turn the Vahi power off, it will start falling at its normal rate and you won't have any time to react to it. Squash.
10Okay, but what makes it dangerous to the wearer? Why could it mean the end of everything? 11-Master of the Rahkshi
12Well, let's see .. you try to hold back the flow of time or speed it up.. so you are messing with one of the fundamental forces of the universe.. and if you weaken or screw up or use too much power, you rip time to shreds and reality as we know it ceases to exist... how's that?
1Hi, Greg: :D 2I know you've been getting too many PMs, but I need to know something that's been bugging me for a while. I have heard people talking about "Graalock"(sp?). What is it? Some sort of monster Rahi?
3Thank you. 4-Bonehead108- 5P.S. Say hi to the other comics guys for me. :)

6No, not a "monster" Rahi -- it's an ash bear. It's a big wild animal that lives in Le-Wahi.

8I hope this clears up your thoughts about Graalok. I'll go find the other one. Here it is:

9Ash bear? Never heard of one. Are we going to be seeing it in the storyline? Some people are saying that it's the Makuta/Gukko/Pewku combiner thing.

11It's only in the movie, and it was created for the movie. And no, it is not the combiner model -- there is no Graalok model. (it's not that big a part of the film, it's only in one sequence.)


1GSS: Is Puku Pewku? If so, how did she get 2oversized and orange?
3GF:Yes, Puku is Pewku. I wasn't aware she had changed that much.
4GSS:. Did Tahu get the Vahi after the Nuvaization or before? 5GF:After. In addition to the web, the scene where he gets it will also be in the third novel.
6GSS: Can you give a "teaser slogan" for the post-MoL saga (book 3)?
7GF:No, I don't even have a story bible for 2004 yet, let alone a slogan.

1GSS: Can you give a "teaser slogan" for the post-MoL saga (book 3)?

2Isn't it Book 2 we are starting after the MoL?

3Anyway, I have more...

4Can the Kanohi Vahi be used like a Kanohi Nuva in which Tahu Nuva would slow down time for him and the other Toa Nuva to move faster than the Bohrok-Kal?

5-(V)oD :infected: -

6No, it is not a Kanohi Nuva.
1Heh, got some good ones here... 2 Isn't that important, as we've heard it before. But, 1 and 3 are helpful...
21. how the Kraata can infect a mask, do they just slither out of the Rahkshi's backs whenever they want, or do they get luanched out of the Rahkshi's backs?
4There have been kraata all over Mata Nui since long before the Rahkshi appeared. As you will find out in July, the Turaga have been hunting and capturing them for years.
52. You've said that the Kraata evolve.When the Kraata evolve, do they grow new physical features like small spikes maybe, and other stuff?
7Their shape changes somewhat, and the pattern of their colors changes.
83. In Febuary, BZP found out that Altered States Magazine had put the Rahkshi powers on their website. They were this:
9Guurahk, whose staff causes structures to collapse. 10Lerahk, whose staff has the ability to turn the landscape to mush. 11Kurahk, whose staff can cause confusion in its enemies. 12Turahk, whose staff has the power of fear. 13Panrahk, whose staff can shatter anything its path. 14Vorahk, whose staff creates a swirling vortex that can harness the elemental powers of the Toa Nuva
15So, the Rahkshi's powers are in their staffs, right?
17Those powers aren't totally accurate. Lerahk poisons whatever he touches, and Kurahk doesn't cause confusion, he causes rage.

18So the Kraata have always been here. Interesting, huh? And Kurahk can cuase rage and Lehrahk poisons anything he touches. I think 1 is the most important one.
1Well here are some questions I asked him I do not know if there any help.[/QUOTE]Hi, I have a couple of Questions for you to answer. Here they are...
2Tahu: Will their be more enemies aginst the Toa Nuva after the Rahkshi?
3Eventually, yes.
4Tahu: Why does Lewa have an infected Kanohi Nuva mask?
5I didn't know he did.
6Tahu: Will Makuta be defeated by the MOL, and if so will he rise agian bringing more chaos to Mata-Nui?
7Can't answer it -- movie plot point question.
8Thanks in Advance.
9Tahu Master of Fire

10Well there they are.
1Here are mine:

2Hi: I was wondering if you could answer a few questions...
31. How many questions do you ask daily? 4I get about 21 messages a day.
52. Do you answer all the questions that are sent to you? 6I try to.
73. Have you made any future comics? 8The comic is written up through issue 13.
94. Have you collected any bionicle sets? 10Yes, I have some.
115. Did you ever say that you wouldn't mind if some people posted the proto-squad password? 12Yes, I did.
136. Do you know the proto-squad password? 14No.
157. Have you built any moc's? If so are you going to post them? 16No, I haven't.
17Thanks for the info:


1in the kratta toys will the kratta be different sizes depending on how far it is evolved?
2will the rahkshi come with different kratta like the bohrok, or a set kind like the toa?

3No, they are all the same size so they can fit in the toy.. and I believe they are randomly packed.

5so the kratta will be just like the krana, you never know which one you'll get, and will be the same size? hm, i wonder how different they will look if they are the same size...