1I allways thought they were real pepole... But maybye not!



2Also for some reason my spell check isn't working...

maletoaofwater wrote:

1bionicle.wikia.com says that Tahu rescued the Toa Mahri from the enslavement of the gold skinned skakdi fusion... I know that site isn't always correct seeing as anyone can edit it, but I don't remember reading that in any of the serials. Was this confirmed somewhere else? If so, how, and what were the circumstances surrounding that rescue?

2I don't recall stating this to anyone.

maletoaofwater wrote:1Would the way velika transferred himself into a matoran body be the same method that the red star brings people back to life with? (Wait, who does the actual bringing back? The kestora?)
2What would happen if velika had died in Mata nui? Same as anyone else?

31) I would say no, because in the case of MU inhabitants, you are dealing with AI that can be downloaded and transferred. GBs do not have AI, so another method would have had to be used other than what is done on the red star.


42) More than likely, they would have teleported the body up but then been unable to do the mind transfer to a new body.

fighterlord wrote:

1I know that the location of Voya Nui was sometimes called "The Daggers of Death" or "Island of Doom". Since "Nui" means "great" (as in Metru Nui =Great City, Karda Nui = Great Heart), what might "Voya" mean?

21) I always thought it meant voyage.

fighterlord wrote:

1Do you remember why the Dark Hunter Phantom was cut from Bionicle: Dark Hunters? And do you remember what Phantom's model looked like (I understand you had pictures of the model some way or another), e.g. his colors?

2I don't recall exactly, but it most likely would have been that either we did not receive the model to photograph in time or we did not get a release form in time.

1 I have a question. What powers would a melding Makuta have? Can Light just completely destroy shadow willy nilly?
TwistLaw wrote:

1Hi Greg!

21) You said that the decision to end BIONICLE was cleared in 2008, but for what reason? Low sales? If this was the case, when did they become low enough to justify the end of BIONICLE?

32) Multiple times it was reported that there were scheduled BIONICLE movies for the years 2010 and 2011. Does this mean that the end of the franchise came even earlier than you first expect?43) The BIONICLE Stars were the last set we had. Have you ever seen any prototype depiction of the sets that would have come out in 2010 and eventually 2011? Faber said in his blog that sets were made two years in advance.

54) Why did Toa Nidhiki became Toa Iruini?

65) What is the biggest story element you had to scrap? I mean, just for example, was Mahri Nui first intended to be a Los Angeles inside Mangai Volcano?

71) 2002 was the best-selling year for BIONICLE, so that should tell you something about where things were in 2008.

82) At the time we were talking about those movies, there was no plan to end the franchise or a set date to end it, to my knowledge.


93) Normally, yes, but things had to be done differently in movie years to coordinate with the demands of film. We were just sitting down to bash out 2010 movie story when we got the news on the cancellation, so sets would not have been designed yet.


104) It was a decision by Bob Thompson, who ran the story team at the time. I think the reasoning was that, at the time, he wanted to tell a bigger story about those characters down the line, so he didn't want them to just be "extra sets" in a year.


115) I can't recall one we had to scrap during the run of BIONICLE. Generally, whatever was in the story bible was what we did. Obviously, a lot of ideas get cycled through in a brainstorm, but none really jump out at me.

1 Would it be possible for the red star to revive makuta as they were before they became antidermis? Could the mask of life resurrect the makuta? Can the vahi do time travel?
WEBCIC1 wrote:




2Do you think Bionicle will EVER EVER EVER come back?


3Please say yes...Crying


4I have no way of knowing, because it wouldn't be my decision if it did. Do I hope it will? Yes, sure. I had a lot of happy times working on BIONICLE. But it's up to people a lot higher up the food chain than I am.

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
charlieb2334 wrote:

1Hello! I have A Question will you write a book of Hero Factory after Mirror World?

2Unfortunately, no. The book series was cancelled by Scholastic.

3Why was it cancelled? Also my final question for a while is, are you allowed to work on fanon stuff?

1Do you want Bionicle to come back?

1Hello Greg,2In the hoping you can answer at my questions :


31) In 2010, when Tahu use the Golden Armor, she has normally destroyed all the Solid Antidermis on Spherus Magna, so all the Rahkshi. Like those others in the Great Spirit Robot?


42) In 2010, the fight between Mata Nui and Teridax seems to be short while the Battle of Bara Magna at the ground seems to be the during of an afternoon. It's explained by the size of the two robots?


53) In 2010, we know that members of the Order of Mata Nui, Matoran, Agori, Glatorian, Toa and some others being participated to the Battle of Bara Magna. How many Toa? How many Glatorian (those presents in the Wastelands?)?


64) The Barraki, before their imprisonment, were greats Warlords created specially for this task by Mata Nui. They had physical abilities increased like great strength or enhanced speed to impose them as Warlord, or they were simply respected by all?


75) Can you give some details about the Jerbraz's apparence?


86) The Protodermis, under all his forms, are created by the disenergization of Energized Protodermis ?


9Thank you in advance for your answers and your time ^^

1 1) This still leaves an open question: was Bionicle on a costant decay from 2003 until 2009?2I have a feeling that years like 2006 may have sold more than 2005, and 2009 could have been more charming (therefore succesfull) than 2007, but that may just be my opinion.32) Interesting. So low sales didn't raise any suspect amongst designers and the rest of the staff?43) Does this mean that TLG had plans to revitalize BIONICLE? I mean, the franchise hadn't had any movies after WoS, and seeing that after four whole years they planned another TRILOGY sounded like the series was getting more attention from Denmark.53.5) Really, I don't understand. Why making a movie the year you know the show is gonna end?64) -not related to Nidhiki- as long as you know, has Hero Factory sold more than BIONICLE in its later years? At least, are you aware if HF year 1 sold more than BIONICLE year 9?
youngjusticeforever wrote:
ScribeGT6817 wrote:
charlieb2334 wrote:

1Hello! I have A Question will you write a book of Hero Factory after Mirror World?

2Unfortunately, no. The book series was cancelled by Scholastic.

3Why was it cancelled? Also my final question for a while is, are you allowed to work on fanon stuff?

4Lower than desired sales, I assume. As for your second question, not sure what you mean?

hanisnot wrote:

1Do you want Bionicle to come back?

2Why wouldn't I?