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1To a Toa of Magnetism's powers also magnetically contol fellow Toa because they are part mechanical?

2The metallic pieces, yes.

3By metallic pieces, you mean their exo-skeleton? 


5Would that make Fa-Matoran among the most powerful elements in the Bionicle universe?

6Toa of Magnetism would be, yes. Fa-Matoran have  no elemental powers.

1Hi Greg,


2Would it be possible for a Toa Hordika to give up their power and become a Turaga? Would that make them a Turaga Hordika?

1 Did Gaardus use his teleportation powers to escape the RS the first time?
1 Dear Mr. Farshtey,
2If BIONICLE would continue for 2009 to beyond, would the Toa Nuva and Mahri return in the storyline and have new sets again?
1 Can you confirm whether or not the following characters were revived on the Red Star?2Ihu (killed in a chute collapse)3Kodan (killed by Eliminator)4Naho (killed by Eliminator)5The other Toa Mangai (killed by Eliminator)
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11. Did you ever begin to write the next serials? What I mean is, you begun and just didn't finish. Or did you just stop writing after you finished the previous one.


22. If yes, could you share with us the little of what you wrote?

3No, I never started anything. Even if I had, that was like two computers ago, I wouldn't still have it.

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11) Takanuva (as of 2008) had a Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster. The Stars set had twin Lightstaffs. Can we assume that Takanuva got them as a result of his previous tools breaking while he was on his mission with Pohatu on Destral?


22) Would Velika try to reprogram the baterra to serve his ends as well? Or just destroy them?


33) Do any Agori/Glatorian still live in the Northern Frost? If so, do they have similar beliefs to the Jungle Agori about technology?


4Thank you!

51) Or he simply chose to use different weapons

62) It's possible.


73) Yes, and I don't think so

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1Would the Kanohi Suletu (Mask of telepathy) allow memory reading or is it only good for incidential thoughts?


2If the former is true on question one, does Kongu know that Velika is a great being (Via accidentally reading his mind)?


3If not on question two, is it because Velika's mental sheilding be too powerful, or would Kongu not choose to use his mask power on a preceived "innocent"?

41) No, it cannot read memories unless you are thinking about them at the time

53) I am sure Velika knows how to shield himself from something he helped create

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1Was Gaardus exposed to EP?


1Hey Greg, I hope you won't mind answering these questions:


21) What role will Alternate Teridax serve in the new Agori/Matoran society on Spherus Magna? Would he be in a leadership position? He also seemed like the spiritual type to me, with the whole "I purged my inner darkness through constant meditation" stuff.


32) I'd hate to be putting words in your mouth, since I know you haven't figured out the occupations for the matoran of the secondary elements, you think Ba-matoran are well-suited as miners, seeing as their elemental power manifests as the ability to resist extreme pressures?


43) Also, would Ba-matoran prefer to live in low-lying flatlands, where the atmospheric pressure is the greatest?

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1Hey Greg,


21) Are Toa other than Tahu able to use the Golden Armor?

32) Are Krana revived on the Red Star?

43) Was the Velika from The Kingdom Alternate Universe (who became a Toa) also a Great Being?

54) In TLR, what exactly was Strakk's motive for attacking Ackar? He was almost definitely aware it would get him banished, right? Could Metus have paid him to kill Ackar in the match to weaken and demoralise the Glatorian?

65) Is there any EP left in Spherus Magna's core?

76) Do the Glatorian with powers granted by Mata Nui need to channel them through their weapons?

87) Was Velika's memory affected during the Time Slip?

98) Was Velika's mind shielded from Telepathy? If so, wouldn't Kongu have noticed this in 2006, as his mask was always on. If not, wouldn't he have been able to tell he was a Great Being?

109) Which group of villains were your favourite to write about in BIONICLE?

1110) Which location was your favourite to write about?


12Thanks for answering all of our questions.  

131) I hesitate to just say no, but we do know Tahu was destined to use  it.

142) No


153) No


164) He lost his temper, plain and simple


175) Probably, yes


186) I believe so, yes


197) No


208) Velika knows how to shield his mind from something he helped to create


219) Probably the Piraka or the Barraki


2210) Metru Nui and Voya Nui

Boidoh wrote:1Did Gaardus use his teleportation powers to escape the RS the first time?

2No. He was sent back via the teleporter, and because it did not work after that, he got blamed for it  being broken.

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1Hi Greg,


2Would it be possible for a Toa Hordika to give up their power and become a Turaga? Would that make them a Turaga Hordika?

3If they achieved their destiny while a Hordika and chose to do so, yes.

1You mentioned that Velika in the Kingdom Alternate universe isn't a Great Being. This brings up... quite a few interesting questions, many of which I probably haven't thought of.


21. What is non-GB Velika like? His personality and quirks and such?

32. Is this to say that Main universe GB Velika's 'awakening' spread to EVERY universe?

43. If the answer to 2 is no, then how did the Kingdom Alternate Universe - and any other universes where Velika is not a Great Being - have Matoran, Toa etc. develop free will and autonomous feelings?

54. Do Great Beings even have alternate dimension counterparts? e.g. does the Angonce we know have a counterpart in the Kingdom, Dark Mirror, etc. etc. universes?

65. If the Great Beings do not have counterparts, does this mean they created all the alternate universes?

11) You said, that Skrall Tribal Design Blade was created using technology that is alien to Spherus Magna. If this weapon is from other planets(in Solis Magna system), how did it come to Spherus Magna?

22) Also: When did Skralls find their Weapon? Was it before or after the Shattering?

33) Tell me about Annona's species. How did she come to Spherus Magna? Was she teleported from another planet or mutated by Energized Protodermis? Personally I see her species as "alien invaders", that teleport from planet to planet and consume dreams of their inhabitants.

44) What happened to Vultraz? We remember, that he was captured by Great Beings from Alternate Universe. Did they removed Shadow and turn him back into Ta-Matoran?

55) Great Spirit Robot is taken apart. But what happened to Matoran Universe islands? Were they brought to Aqua Magna?

66) Are there any unknown pocket dimensions?

77) Are there any negative effects of Elemental Powers on the body of the user?

88) What is the destructive capacity of the Makuta? Can he (or she) destroy the whole island? About Kraata powers: almost every 6th grade kraata were described as they can easily avoid any actions from Toa Nuva and even defeat them without much effort (for example, it's said 6-7th grade Kraata with "dodge" ability for sure can dodge accelerated Pohatu Nuva). If that is true, how they hadn't destroyed whole MU already?