1Hey, Greg. Taking your time to talk to fans really means a lot to me, thanks. I am truly sorry if any of these have been asked before, I skipped pages 100 to 445 of the forum, but here they are:


21.) How many Great Beings are there?

32.) When the Great Being went into a Po-Matoran and became Velika, do you think Mata Nui made the matoran and Velika pushed out the original matoran's "spirit" or did Velika create an empty Po-Matoran and occupy him?

43.) Do you still make more BIONICLE stories in your mind?

54.) Did you ever have to change a character's personality once you saw the character's design becuause you thought the two didn't match?

65.) Do you wish to read Fan Fictions? I understand you cannot.


7Thank You

1Hey Greg, I hope you don‘t mind answering some of these questions:


21) Do MU inhabitants heal faster than normal organic beings (e.g. Glatorian, Agori)? We already know organic protodermis has some remarkable regenerative abilities-as demonstrated by how the Toa Mata‘s organics grew back instantly after completely rotting away in their canisters-so this would make sense, right?


32) Do you think it would be possible for some of the mechanical components in MU inhabitants to have backup systems in case of damage?


43) Do kanohi masks contain some sort of power source, separate from the mask‘s unique power, that supplies the energy necessary for its wearer to function?

1Thank you very much for your answers, Mr. Farshtey!  I have a few more questions for you to consider...


  1. 2Was Voporak given his sensitivity to Time before Sidorak joined the Brotherhood, or after?  I ask because BS01 says that Sidorak wanted his position of power, and it seems unlikely that the Makuta would want one of their current agents occupied with ruling an island.
  2. 3I know that it was planned for Ahkmou to become a Toa of Shadow in 2008.  Can you recall what his role in the story was going to be before those plans were canceled?
  3. 4In the promotional image for Trinuma, he is shown to have horns coming from behind his head.  Are these horns part of his Mask of Charisma, or are they part of his body?  If it is the latter, are these horns exclusive to him, or are they a species trait?
  4. 5Multiple media sources have shown beings like Matoran and Turaga wearing robes and/or capes.  To what extent do other beings wear garments like these, and are their other types of garments besides robes and cloaks?
  5. 6Due to the fact that Metru Nui had Twin Suns, formed by the Great Spirit’s eyes, would it be logical for the other domes in the MU to mimic this set-up?  After all, wouldn’t it be suspicious for a Matoran from, say, the Southern Continent to travel to Metru Nui and see a different number of suns in the sky?
  6. 7Which BIONICLE character/group of characters do you think has the coolest name?

8Thank you for your time!

legocrazy9460 wrote:

1If you can't answer these all at once, do them a few at a time.

21) What do the baterra define as "weapon?" A pencil can kill, if wielded right, and many weapons have everyday, nonthreatening use (knives in a kitchen, axes used on trees, quarterstaffs used as walking sticks...)

32) In "Prisoners of The Pit", it says about the sea squids "They did not come into being in a normal way..." What is that "normal way" in the MU?

43) Does the Makoki Stone work as a universal key?

54) When Johmak shatters into crystals, the crystals "fly". What is their method of propulsion?

65) How are the projectiles fired in Zamor Sphere launchers, Cordak blasters, etc.?

76) Can all Order of Mata Nui agents use Kanohi?

87) Do Kakama give all toa the same speed? As in, if two Kakama-wearing Toa had a race, would there be a winner?

98) Does Matoran have grammar or literary/verb structure?

10Sorry if this is too much.

111) Baterra have a pretty wide view. I don't think they would react to a pencil, since you couldn't pierce armor with it, but in general, they err on the side of "you're carrying a weapon!"

122) Well, there is no biological reproduction in the MU - there is outside of the MU.

133) I don't think so, no

144) No idea.

155) Again, no idea, I work with the set functionality, I don't necessarily try to explain it.

166) No

177) I think a Toa who was already naturally faster would be faster than one who was not.

188) I would assume so.

FrozenAssasin wrote:

1Hello,Greg. Will you answer these questions for me ? It seems you've been ignoring them. 1) Do the GB posess the level of technology required for interstellar travel? If yes, did they visit any other planets and "create" life on them ? 2) Can one reach our universe (or the Marvel/DC/Image/... Uni/Multiverse for that matter) utilizing the Kanohi Olmak ? 3) Do the GB posess the technology required for such an achievement ? 4) We know that Keetongu heals from any poison. Do the GB have technology to synthesize a similar effect using an apparatus? If yes, can it be utilized on a Toa ? 5) Can any inhabitant of SM (excluding the GB) be affected by the Visorak poison? I mean, can the Glatorian/Agori/... be mutated by the Visorak ? 6) If an inhabitant of the Matoran universe affected by Visorak poison dies, will he/she/it be cured on the Red Star? If not, why?

2I haven't been ignoring them, but I do have other things to do besides be here. Smile


31) Interstellar? To my knowledge, no.

42) I do not think any of the universes you mentioned exist in the multiverse of BIONICLE.

53) See answer to #2

64) No idea

75) No. Visorak poison works on bio-mechanical beings and beings made from organic protodermis. It's basically like asking can you get a cold from a computer virus.

86) It's not a question of "curing" -- the RS does not cure. It downloads your consciousness into a new body. Now, the issue with what you are saying is that you would be downloading a Hordika consciousness into a non-Hordika body, which would be ... problematic.

Boidoh wrote:
ScribeGT6817 wrote:


  1. 1Given that some locations on the island of Mata Nui were named after the Toa Mangai—Naho Bay and the Mangai Volcano being two examples—would it be safe to assume that other locations on the island (such as Tiro Canyon or the Motara Desert) were named after members of the Mangai as well?

21) They were likely named after Toa, but it may not have been from that particular team.


3This Motara and Tiro, what elements are they?

4Does this mean that: Leva, Fau, Pala, Kanae, Kumu, Hura-Mafa, Fusa, Papa Nihu and Marn were Toa names also?

5I'm assuming that since these names are used in BIONICLE locations that they are approved by the legal team. Could you by any chance assign these names to characters we have no names for? Here are some nameless Toa.







6Thanks for your time.

7I have no idea what the genesis of those names was, Boidoh, since all that naming took place before I worked at LEGO Company. Those could well be Maori terms, in which case I doubt LEGO would want me assigning them to characters in the story.

bubbameister10 wrote:

1Dear Greg, how did the Metru know about the legends of the Toa Mata, and did ANY of the matoran or other species know that they were in a giant robot.

21) How do any of us know any legend? Oral tradition.

32) Some of the Makuta knew. No one else did.

kyle7475 wrote:

1Hey Greg:


21) Do you think a Toa would be paralyzed if he broke his spine, or does the physiology of MU inhabitants not work that way?


32) Was Takua--the first matoran created--non-sapient when he came into being, or was he an exception and created sapient? Maybe he could have been the first matoran to recieve sapience from Velika?


43) Are matoran assigned their names upon creation, or do they have to make it up themselves?


54) Would it be safe to say that all MU inhabitants are protodermis-based lifeforms in the same way that we humans are carbon-based lifeforms?


64a) If so, can we call their DNA equivalent PNA, for protodermic nucleic acid?

71) Good question. I don't know enough about the mechanical set up to be able to answer.

82) Takua was always a little different, because he was the first, so the programming was never quite right with him which is why he didn't sound like the other Matoran from the start.

93) Names are assigned

104) Yes

114a) Up to you.

Bradblaze wrote:

11. Is it ever a being's destiny to die? (Except for reviving Mata Nui)

22. Would you say that now that the MU has been evacuated, MU inhabitants would have a destiny set for them automatically, or they are free to choose because they are no longer "programs in the massive computer (being Mata Nui)"?

31) Aren't we all eventually destined to die?

42) I consider their destinies to have already been set. Some may find it harder to achieve them now that they are not in the MU.

TheSpecial wrote:

1You might not know the answer to this but are the set designers familiar with the bionicle story and characters? Do they know which character they are designing and whether that character is male or female? Thanks.

2Set designers do their work usually before gender and personalities are assigned to a character. What they primarily know is who is a good guy and who is a bad guy.

1Dear greg, how did Velika give the MU inhabatents sapience,why did Mata Nui take the MU inhabatence for granted and did Velika give Mata Nui sapience ?

1 Greg, do you work on Labor DayThinking?

1I had a question regarding an odd topic.

2On Earth, we humans can tell how long something has been sitting in one spot by the amount of dust on it. Dust mostly consists of dead human skin. In the MU and Spherus Magna, there are no humans. Can things even get dusty? Or is everything (For the most part) clean and pristine? 

1Hello, Greg, thank you so much for answering my previous questions and thank you in advance for these as well.


21. Since Zyglak are virtually immune to elemtnal powers, does this make them immune to a Toa seal?


32. Are Matoran and other beings in the MU completely covered in metal or is some organic protodermis exposed. I know that some like Skakdi have a fair amount of organics exposed but what's the general ruling if you know?


43. Can the Mata Nui/Metru Nui Matoran regain their memories of living on Metru Nui after some time or is it impossible?


54. Can Takua regain his memories before living on Metru Nui?


65. Rahi don't reproduce right? So was it up to the Makuta to constantly make new ones? And if so, what will happen to them now since nearly all Makuta are dead?

1This might be a weird question.


2Is there such thing as fashion in the Matoran Universe?