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1If you had ever discussed this and knew what it was:

2What was Takua's original mask?  The one before the blue Pakari?

3Was never discussed.

diglett809 wrote:1Greg, why haven't you been answering questions latelyThinking? Take Labor Day weekend offThinking?

2Yes, I have family up and I am on vacation.

diglett809 wrote:1Greg, why haven't you been answering questions latelyThinking? Take Labor Day weekend offThinking?

2I'd say he deserves it.

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diglett809 wrote:1Greg, why haven't you been answering questions latelyThinking? Take Labor Day weekend offThinking?

2Yes, I have family up and I am on vacation.

3Wow, nice! Have funHappy!

  1. 1In the Mata Nui Online Game II, there is a Matoran named Agni: an all-red Ta-Matoran guard who wears a Miru. In the first Mata Nui Online Game, there is an unnamed background character: a Ta-Matoran guard who wears a Miru. Are these the same person?
  2. 2Agni appears in MNOGII. Also in that game, there is a cutscene in which the Rahkshi attack Ta-Koro, and a Matoran sounds the alarm. This Matoran is an all-red Ta-Matoran guard who wears a Miru. Was this Matoran Agni?
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11) What type of animal (mammal, reptile, bird, amphibian, fish, insects) would you classify 1a)Matoran/Toa 1b) Skakdi 1c) Vortixx 1d) Agori/Glatorian?

22) Couldn't a Makuta use their vaccum power to prevent air from touching their antidermis and dispersing it?

33) There are at least one letter K in most MU names, including the names of all villan groups (Bohrok, Rahkshi, Vahki, Visorak, Piraka, Barraki, Makuta, and Skrall), why is this?

44) The names of almost all species, groups, and objects (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, Rahi, Bohrok, Rahkshi, Makuta, Vahki, Kanoka, Kanohi, Visorak, Hordika, Vortixx, Rhotuka, Piraka, Skakdi, Barraki, Agori, Glatorian, Skrall...) are the same in both singular and plural forms. Why is this?

55) Could three Toa of the same element form a Kaita?

66) How do Toa store their tools? They don't have scabbards or anything, but are often described as using two hands without losing their tools.

71) It's a good question. Part of being a mammal is bearing live young, which MU inhabitants do not do, but they are air-breathers. SM inhabitants are mammals.

82) Yes, if they wanted to do nothing else all day.


93) Simple. All names had to pass the Google test - basically, you were looking for no references or a bare minimum of references on Google to the term. If you add a K or an X to words, you tend to cut down a lot on the number of times it pops up on Google.


104) Simplicity, basically.


115) No


126) They attach them magnetically to their backs.

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1Some being's powers are extremely powerful and can be used in hugely destructive ways. are there safegaurds agaist a being doing extremely lethal acts such as :

2Thok: animating a Kanohi to pull it of a being's face, animating and controlling Toa, animating the support structure of a building to make it collapse, etc.

3Toa of Psionics: severing connection between mind and motor functions, putting a being into a coma or killing them (By making the brain stop the heart or swell the throat and make them suffocate, etc.), decreasing one's intelligence, causing insanity, planting evil opinions, cutting off their connection with their eyes, etc.

4Toa of Gravity: using gravity to destroy delicate internal organs, making an object's gravity the same as a planet's, using gravity to push apart a being's molocules until the molecular bonds break which causes instant disintegration, ripping someone apart with opposing gravitational forces, doing a Nova Blast and creating a black hole, etc.

5Makuta: too many to list.

6The safeguards are other beings whose role is to make sure these beings do not run out of control.

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1Would the Adaptive Armor's default form look like the Toa Mata or the Toa Nuva?

2In the case of the Toa Nuva, it would look like their Nuva armor. No point in designing it for Mata armor when they weren't Mata anymore.

biggestbrother23 wrote:1Hello, I know that you did not release the name of the Dark Hunters leader, The Shadowed One, because of all the backlash you received when you released the name of Makuta Teridax. The Bionicle fan base is shrinking but still exists and I know that many people would be eager to know what The Shadowed One's actual name, and I am one of them. So in short what I'm asking is would you be willing to divulge his name, if not I understand.


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11.If mata nui could fulfill its mission as planned without being interfere by Teridax how he would reform Spherus Magna? of course they would have first attracted the moons to SM After what manner he might reform SM?


22.When Mata nui landing in the planets for analyze different cultures is what he sent drones to explore the planets or a team of Toa.


33.What are the limitations of adaptive armor exactly


44.Is what the GB have the technology to penetrate in the interior of the subconscious of other much like science fiction movie. what a toa can create solid objects from their elementary powers?






61) There were supposed to be two giant robots who would work together to do this. That was the original  intent.


72) Neither. He scanned it.


83) I don't have exact limitations. There was no need for me to come up with them for story.


94) I don't know what you are referring to


105) Yes. Pohatu can make stone, for example.

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1Hi mr Greg


21.Is the GSR (mata nui) had the power of the three legendary masks of the MU to perform certain tasks such as shoot a blast of life capable of reforming Spherus Magna from the two fragments of SM? Because it would illogical that SM would reform from collision of the two fragments. mata nui could also have used the power of Creation to create the Barraki or a good number of species living in the MU as well that the makuta for them that I suspect that mata nui is able to transform the matter as he showed in amending the Antidermis liquid in biomechanical matter was mentioned in the war of destiny. desolated if was a bit too long.


32.after the reformation of SM what happened to protodermis energized?


43.the body of the elemental lords are they made ​​of their element?



5                                                           thanks in advanceHappy

61) No. You have to be wearing a mask to use its power, or have it fused to you. The Mata Nui robot does not wear masks.

72) In where? The MU? The EP in the MU had been mostly destroyed by the resistance against Makuta.


83) Unknown

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1If so many people from the MU died during the Great Cataclysm, how did they all survive when Mata Nui crushed Teridax's head and he crashed to the ground? 

2Who says they did? Have we stated that no one was killed in the collapse?

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loco828 wrote:

1I had a question regarding an odd topic.

2On Earth, we humans can tell how long something has been sitting in one spot by the amount of dust on it. Dust mostly consists of dead human skin. In the MU and Spherus Magna, there are no humans. Can things even get dusty? Or is everything (For the most part) clean and pristine? 

3I think this got buried.

4Remember that MU characters have organic tissue, so you can still have dust.

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1Greg, what is the fate of the Rahkshi after the migration to Spherus Magna? What's their status, in other words?

2A lot of them were destroyed by Tahu. I would think most of the rest would have been captured or destroyed by the Toa, though it is certainly possible some might have escaped.

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misterbrickguy wrote:

1One question that has been bothering me lately:


2So when the Toa Mata, the Turaga, and Matoran where on Mata Nui, they where basically on Aqua Magna's surface, am I correct?

3Well, I have a question regarding Bara Magna with that. In "Journey's End," we see Tahu and Takanuva come out of the Great Spirit robot's leg, and they seem to have no harm done to them regarding the greater gravity of the planet. So that made me wonder: Do inhabitants of the Matoran Universe have a trait that allows them to withstand any type of gravity, or did the Great Spirit robot make them ajust to it immediatly as they where being pulled by Bara Magna's gravity?


4Thank you for your time.

5I am confused. Under this post, you just said "No." Was that the answer to everything, or did you not get everything answered to the post due to a malfunction? Just wanted to know.

61) The island was on the surface, yes.

72) The Toa were built on SM. It makes sense that the conditions inside the MU would duplicate the conditions of SM, as much as possible. We know they had artificial gravity in the MU.