1Sorry Mr. Farshtey, but I have another question.

2In The Doom Box, what happened to Core Hunter? One of the most powerful villans just dissapearing? Hmmmmmm...... I have a feeling he's coming back. 


3Oh, sorry, I have another question.

4Did Arctur actually die?



5-DragonWolf5, the bunny ninja.

1 Dd you think you would be working for LEGO this long when you first got your job?
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1Greg Farshtey? Here?


2*Freaks out like Bieber fan*



3That's awesome. It's those sidestories that make Bionicle such an intriguing and complex world, especially when they link with each other in some way. Thank you for answering! Smile


4I do have another question, though: The "salvation" known as Marendar was mentioned only once before the story ground to an abrupt halt. I'm not going to ask what you had planned in the story for that guy, but I wanted to know if you had an image of its appearance in your head already, as well as its abilities. You see, I built a MOC of what I pictured Marendar to look like in my head (I have it uploaded to the LU creation lab), but I would like to try and make it closer to what it would have looked like in the canon. So, what do you picture Marendar to look like (colors included), and what did you have in mind with regards to its powers and such?


5I actually almost never picture my characters, except in the most rudimentary way. I think in words, not pictures. That is why my physical description of characters is often the weakest part of one of my books.

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1OK, new question. I have been reading Destiny War and Brothers in Arms, and I was wondering, do you even understand Vezon?


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11.If you could create another ninja what would the color be, and what would his/her name be


22. I appreciate your work


33. turquois would be a good color for a ninja

4Well, I didn't create any of them, but I would probably lean toward purple since it is my daughter's favorite color.

deer7175 wrote:1Greg suggestion for next season of ninjago add more are,more vehicles,and make stronger,darker enimies

2Thanks, Deer, but I have nothing to do with the show.

1Oh, sorry. I thought it would copy my question from earlier when I clicked "quote". Joking


2I'll just copy it here:


3Ooh, goodie! A chance to talk to the mighty GregF!


4What do you read and what inspires you? Do you know of any other series/sagas with such a good storyline as Bionicle did?


5And what did Kopaka see in the Red Star? A friend and I have a hypothesis that it is Teridax...


6Anyways, thanks for this opportunity!




7Sorry if I was a bother at all in your busy schedule.






2I have every single comic that you have made!!!!!!!!!



3I have all of the bionicles from every season



4i really like how you made Matro 's spirit make Mata Nui rise


5You have made me so incouraged to write so many bionicle comics!!!!!!!!Happy

1I like J .K Rolwing , Brian davis, and C . S Lewis


2But you are on the top of my entire list!!!!



3PS     I didn't know you wrote Ninjago!?

1 You do not know how much i wanted to talk to you Greg!!!
2Is Keetongu considered a dark hunter???
3i have all of your bionicles!! (my favorite is naparu "Iknaka")
4But sadly i don't have the ultra mask of darkness Makuta

1Are you a LEGO fan? Brick blueBrick greenBrick pinkBrick yellowBrick red

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Icely wrote:

1OK, new question. I have been reading Destiny War and Brothers in Arms, and I was wondering, do you even understand Vezon?



2ARE YOU GREG FARSHLY???????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Sorry if i said to much
2And sorry if i bothered you at all
1 PS is makuta really mata nui's brother?
2And in "Run or Surrender" Why was all the toa getting angry at each other?