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1About how old is Gresh? We know he was born after the Shattering and that he's young for a Glatorian, but what would that mean given their lifespans? And what about Ackar? He's the oldest of them, but how old is Glatorian old?


2Thanks for your time

3I don't have this info. Their precise ages aren't really relevant to the story I was telling.

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1Have you made any decisions about the canon properties of Protodermis?

2While I think some very good arguments have been made, I am not inclined to make this huge of a canonization. Even minor canonizations seem to be provoking firestorms, and this seems to impact part of the core of the story. I don't really see it as a necessity that this be added in to canon.

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1How do you feel about calling Toa Mata Pohatu's toa tools Stone Boots? This name goes along with the pattern established by the other Toa Mata, with their element being the adjective for the weapon, like Tahu's Fire Sword, Gali's Water Hooks, Lewa'a Air Axe, etc.

2I never saw his boots as being Toa tools. His strength is what allowed him to kick stones the way he did. I never read anything that said it was dependent on his boots.

voporak1 wrote:1the GB have they built spaceships? If so, where they are? Is what the spaceships are somewhere in Spherus Magna? or it they are in a space station in orbit of SM?

2The only spacecraft they ever built was Mata Nui.

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1Hey Greg:


21) Are Baterra made of protodermis, or are they constructed out of materials local to Spherus Magna?


32) We know MU inhabitants as a whole are biomechanical. But do you think their biological tissue could be technorganic, meaning that it is composed of technological and biologoical components fused at the cellular level? It seems fitting given their abilities.

41) They are made of protodermis

52) I tend to doubt this is the case.

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1hi greg,


2will you continue writing "the powers that be" and "the yesterday quest" please?? 

3they were really cool and they left a lot of intrigue.


5I can't write for BIONICLE without permission from LEGO Company, since it is their story, and they want people focused on new BIONICLE, not old BIONICLE. So it is highly unlikely they would want me producing more serial chapters for the old story.

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1I think I've heard that starting 2015, all subscribers to the LEGO Club Magazine over the age of 13 will have their subscription ended. I think I heard that it is because the magazine will be focused more towards kids. How more "kiddy", for lack of a better term (since LEGO really is for kids...) will the magazine be? Will it be overall shorter?


2Also, will BIONICLE be featured as extensively as, say, Ninjago, in the upcoming 2015 issues of the LEGO Club Magazine?



41) I am not aware of any plans to change the content of the magazine. I am the editor for all the editions and no one has voiced anything to me about this. Different lines have different age targets -- for example, MINDSTORMS is aimed older than Chima - and content will continue to be written for those age targets.


52) I have no idea. That is up to the BIONICLE brand managers in the various markets where we do magazines.

1Hey Greg


21) How many dark hunters were there?


32) You have stated that there is no romance in the MU. Then what would you call the reletionship beetween hewkii and macku/Jaller and hali?


43) Could a mask of a certin shape have the power of another?


54) Was there a reason Mazeka was as big as an av-matoran or was this because that was just the matoran build for the year?


65) Are the matoran on metru-nui called metrutoran or metruan?


76) Is protodermis an element or a compound?

1The tower of GB which is turned Into puddle and After Into artificial volcano is made of protodermis? For we know that the protodermis can take Many forms, Including That of stone and earth and the metal. So it Would Be logical That tower is made of protodermis.


2In the Yesterday Quest gelu said he had not seen the weapons of Vorox of bota magna since the Core War. Is that these weapons were the former arming of glatorian before the Shattering? Because before the Shattering it was mentioned that the people of SM was a very advanced civilization but they have lost the ability to create new things and their technology after the Shattering.


3What is the strongest between Exsidian and protosteel?


4Is that the marander is made of protosteel?


5The weapons of vorox of bota magna are laser guns or plasma guns or energy guns or something similar of weapons of humans?


6The IA of mata nui can like amorously a person? contrary to the inhabitants of MU? like the matoran.

11) Any particular reason to why you decided to kill Carapar ? DId you had to ask the Story team for this ?


22) a) Vakama tried to do something with the Vahi when confronting Teridax, but failed really hard. What was his intention when he used the power of the mask ?

3b) He used the power of the Vahi even though he had not yet discovered how to use his own Huna. How was that possible ?

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Acus001 wrote:

1Me again, and I think I have an easy one this time:


2What kind of mask can you make using only "reconstitute at random" disks?

3If you make a mask out of an RAR disk, it is going to be an RAR mask. The mask has the power of hte disk it is made from.

4And what would it be called?

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kyle7475 wrote:

1Hey Greg:



2 2) We know MU inhabitants as a whole are biomechanical. But do you think their biological tissue could be technorganic, meaning that it is composed of technological and biologoical components fused at the cellular level? It seems fitting given their abilities.

32) I tend to doubt this is the case.

4But wouldn't a technorganic physiology make sense, given the attributes of the MU inhabitants? Among other things, their organics seem to regenerate faster, and it might partly explain the various innate abilities that come with each elemental power. Not to mention that their  their brains seem to possess attributes of organic brains such as a need for oxygen, but their conciousness is a domloadable AI.

11. Are "The Yesterday Quest" and/or "The Powers That Be" ever going to be finished?

22. If not, how were they going to end?

33. Did/do you have any other stories planned after those two?

4Thank you for your time.

1I know, I am not Greg, but I think theese questions are fairly easy to answer, and this is what I believe it is:


21) There's no number on it.


32) Hewkii+Macku/Jaller+Hahli is uncanon. Jaller and Hahli are more like (in what is the canon) brother/sister.


43) Shape doesn't really matter at all.


54) Most likely Set Design. (I am not sure on that one)


65) They are just called Matoran of Metru Nui, thoose terms are inoffical references to the 6 sets. That means, both are right/wrong.


76) It's no Element, it's a compound, I believe created based on energiesed protodermis by the great beings.

1 Oh ok. Thanks for thinking about them though