11. If you had a chance, what would you change in Bionicle story. Which fact, character or event would you remove?

22. I remember I have watched an interview included in Bionicle: Legends of Metru Nui - Movie in which you said (that you like Kopaka Wink) that you don't like Vahki. Why?

33. Which writers do you admire? I know that you like Lovercraft novels but nothing more.

44. Who created Kraana masks for Bohroks? Why did they have them? They were supposed to control the people and made removal to Metru Nui easier?

55. What was the name of Lhikan team?

66. Is there on Spherus Magna a Zesk or a Vorox who can speak? Any intelligent ones of them?

77. I'm not sure about that one. Mahri Nui is under Voya Nui and Karda Nui is under Mahri Nui? If it is so, why Karda Nui is not all in water? I know there were swamps but... that's not too logical. I think I missed a fact.

88 And the last one because I don't want to make you bored with my long post Wink What Kanohi mask would you use if you had a chance?



91) Vakama would  not have turned bad in 2005. I never liked that.102) Because they had no personality, so they were boring to write about

113) Jeffery Deaver, Rex Stout, Ambrose Bierce, Mark Waid

124) The Bahrag made the kraana, as I recall

135) I don't recall offhand

146) Not to my knowledge, no

157) Mahri Nui was completely outside of the body - it was a settlement built underwater by Matoran who fell off Voya Nui. Voya Nui was originally part of the body, part of the roof of Karda Nui

168) Not sure


toabastignika wrote:

1Hi Mr. Greg! I just read all your answers here, now I'm gonna leave mine. Please note that English is not my first language.

21)Are you the one who approves Bioniclesector01 MOC Contests to decide (by voting) the official look of characters? Because there's a lot of characters that still need one. Either you're allowed to approve them or not, you would?

32)Could you give me your opinion on this idea? If Bionicle comes back, they could make a Series (like Ninjago or Chima) for a Younger Audience about Gelu's group and their quest for the Great Beings: two worlds trying to get along. Previous storyline could be told by flashbacks.

43)Do you have TSO name written somewhere?

54)Glatorian and Agori are supposed to be able to reproduce... Have you thought in the fact of how the Matoran species will persevere?

65) Glatorian is supposed to be a title... Have you thought on the name of the species?

76)How are you at drawing?


8That's all.

91) I haven't had anything to do with Biosector in ages.

102) If it came back, I doubt very much they would use characters or stories from the old version. It would probably a brand new story with brand new characters, since most of today's 8-9 year old LEGO fans would not remember old BIONICLE

113) No

124) Manufacturing facilities would have to be created to produce them

135) No

146) Terrible

calebrw22 wrote:

1ok two questions for you greg


21. where you the one who closed bionicle


32. if not what did you feel when LEGO closed it


4I did not and do not have the power to end a LEGO line. The decision was made by the people who run the company, not by me.

calebrw22 wrote:

1i have a 3rd question




2i know velika is one but WHO ARE THE GREAT BEINGS!? that question has been long awatied to be answered who by name are the great beings


3I can't give you a list of names, Caleb, because I have no approved BIONICLE names to use anymore since the line has been over for three years.

nickvang_7_7_7 wrote:

1Alright, however, the Great Beings still have the capability to create a Toa of Acid, don't they? So Toas of Acid could exist, but they just don't, right? And that means that I could make a story-line in another parallel universe, in which a Toa of Acid appears, OK? And so it would still be canon in terms of Bionicle logics and possibilities, yup?
2By the way, I created a Marendar MOC with four arms, each spraying a different kind of acid...

3Acid is not a Toa element, so no.

nickvang_7_7_7 wrote:

1However, as long as the story team doesn't reveal wether it is true or not, I can decide that for myself?Don't tell anyone (It would really help me with my own story-line.)Wink

2What you do in fan fiction is up to you, because fan fiction is not official.

Tomasko579 wrote:
Tomasko579 wrote:

1Hello Greg !Happy  I would be very pleased, if you could answer some of my questions, please ! Gift


21. When Tahu used golden armor, he absorbed powers of all kraata he destroyed, one of them being heat vision. Can we say that he now posseses all 42 kraata powers ?


32. What material is the golden armor made of ? Is it harder than protosteel, or simply does golden armor provide better protection than Tahu´s original armor ?


43. Is Marendar a sapient being or a beast ?


54.  Do the Element lords have greater elemental power than toa or the same ?


65. What kind of questions do you like to answer the most ?

7Can you please answer my questions ? Very please ? CryingAngelHappyXmastree

8Unfortunately, since I have not worked on BIONICLE in three years, I don't remember the answers to most of these.

nickvang_7_7_7 wrote:

1Greg Farshtey, I've got another question for you: What species does Lariska belong to? I read that Lariska was one of you favorite characters to write about, but you've never revealed what species (Matoran, Rahkshi, Bohrok, Makuta, Rahi, Agori, Vortexx, etc.) she belongs to.Thinking Many people think she's a Vortexx, and she's depicted as a Vortexx in many MOC's, however, I don't agree with that. She just doesn't feel like a dark hunter version of Roodaka. And after all, her being a Vortexx would be too 'cliche' to me.Disappointed So, will you please reveal her species? Or if you can't do that, would you please tell us what species you would personally like her to be part of? Either way, I would be able to start making my own Lariska MOC.Smile

2I never thought of her as a Vortixx.

eragon3443 wrote:1As I lost my earlier post, I'll ask it again. Any plans on continuing at all with the Bionicle story? I've been following it since 2001, and hate to see it go...
2On a side not, it's great to meet a LEGO Legend like you around on these boards, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

3No plans at this point, no, not unless the line comes back.

drp227 wrote:1hey Greg!
2my friend wants to know, what got you into writing books
3You are epic

4Opportunity, basically. I started writing books in the early '90s. I was working for a game company and making very little money, so I had to write books so I could eat regularly.

1Mr. farshtey, thank you for taking the opportunity to answer all these questions. Smile

2Only one more thing:


3If LEGO decided to sell BIONICLE to another company,

4what would they sell for?

5(sell the right to make money/parts, of course)



7Please look at my "Holly Jolly Bohrok" !


8With best wishes,

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
drp227 wrote:1You do not know how much i wanted to talk to you Greg!!!
2Is Keetongu considered a dark hunter???
3i have all of your bionicles!! (my favorite is naparu "Iknaka")
4But sadly i don't have the ultra mask of darkness Makuta

5No, Keetongu is not a Dark Hunter.

6Keetongu is actually a Rahi.

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
eragon3443 wrote:1As I lost my earlier post, I'll ask it again. Any plans on continuing at all with the Bionicle story? I've been following it since 2001, and hate to see it go...
2On a side not, it's great to meet a LEGO Legend like you around on these boards, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

3No plans at this point, no, not unless the line comes back.

4Hmm, OK, figured that.

5Anyway, what do you think of fanfiction? The Bionicle universe is so massive, it supports plenty of it!


6What is your favorite race in Bionicle?


7What made you choose your account name?


8Lastly, does LEGO still have rules/regulations that prevent you from interacting with the community, such as BZP?


9Thanks for your time!

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
drp227 wrote:1PS is makuta really mata nui's brother?
2And in "Run or Surrender" Why was all the toa getting angry at each other?

31) No, not in terms of physically his brother. They were brothers the same way all firefighters or police officers think of themselves as brothers

42) I wrote that a really long time ago, so don't remember

52) Maybe because the Vahki were using them. . .?

1Wow, this is really cool. Happy The MB's are already awesome; things like this just make them even more so. StarParty