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1Hello Greg!


2I'm a huge Nidhiki fan so I have a question that may lead into more questions, but I really want to know was it always planned for Nidhiki to have once been a Toa? I mean did the Set Designers know? or was it something added to the character after he had been made?



4I don't recall.

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1Hi again, Greg!


2Since we checked that only two Kanohi Olmak are available in the Matoran Universe (this is the mask I believe that you were thinking of), can we now confirm that the last Toa Mangai of Ice wore the Kanohi Rode, as established via the BZPower poll?


3Thanks for your support!

4I believe this got buried, and has been in-the-works for a couple weeks now. Can we simply confirm this since BZPower already voted on the Kanohi Rode? Thanks very much!!

5I believe that this got buried again. Sorry if this is prying, Greg; this is just to double-check that the officially sanctioned BZPower poll choice of the Kanohi Rode works for one of the Toa Mangai of Ice.


1Hello, Mr. Farshtey.


2I have a few questions regarding BIONICLE:


31.) Can a Toa of Stone control igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic rock?

42.) Where on Spherus Magna is Roodaka currently imprisoned, and where is this location in relation to the Agori/Matoran village?


5I hope you are well, and I appreciate the insight you have given LEGO fans, including myself, into the BIONICLE story.

6Thank You for your time.

7P.s. How many questions am I allowed to ask you on this forum, and am I allowed to make multiple posts? 

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1I was freshening up on my memory on the Melding Alternate Universe today, on BS01. And I was wondering,


21.a. Were Jaller, Hahli, Hewkii, etc. in this universe?

31.b. If so, were they Toa or Matoran?


42. Can a Turaga ever become a Toa again?


5You don't have to answer this one.

63. What is your favorite Toa team?


74. Would you consider the Exo-Toa a mech or an armor


85. Can you create a mask worn by a Kiata(Mask of wisdom or Mask of Valor, for example) by carving a disk created by combining the disks required to create the masks of the Toa who are part of the Kiata?


96. What happened to the Toa Stones Takua used to summon the Toa Mata to the island?


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1I see.
2However, I have discovered an interesting detail:


3In Legends of Metru Nui (the movie), when Vakama first meets Turaga Lhikan, there's this scene where Lhikan asks whether Vakama had saved the "heart of Metru Nui". It's basically a "Have you done what I told you? Oh, no, you have misunderstood me - I'm not the heart of Metru Nui, the Matoran are" scene. The thing is, Lhikan had never actually said anything about the "heart of Metru Nui" before. However, Vakama did have a vision where he heard Lhikan's voice saying: "Save the heart of Metru Nui!" The fact that Lhikan was referring to something Vakama had only heard in a vision means that it cannot have been only a figment of his own imagination.


4I should note, in your novelization, Lhikan actually did say this sentence to Vakama before he was kidnapped by the Dark Hunters, so it was not just a vision in the books. Maybe you noticed this plot hole and tried to resolve it? But recently you said that when there are differences between the movies and the books, the movies have precendence...
5What do you think?

6The reason the movies take precedence is that movie novelizations are based on earlier versions of the the film scripts. In the original script, Lhikan says this -- in the film, he doesn't, because the script was modified after the book was written.

7Yes, but that was only a side note, not my actual point. You said you were uncomfortable canonizing whether Vakama was actually having visions or just hallucinations, because you don't know what the filmmakers had in mind when they came up with this concept. My point is that (canonically!) Lhikan was referencing something he had said to Vakama in a vision - not in the "real world" - which clearly implies that Vakama's visions are more than just a figment of his imagination.

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Toa-Nuva-von-Mata-Nui wrote:
Toa-Nuva-von-Mata-Nui wrote:
Toa-Nuva-von-Mata-Nui wrote:
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Toa-Nuva-von-Mata-Nui wrote:

11) Marvel used to do something called a "no prize." Basically,if something was wrong or left out in a story, readers were invited to provide explanations for it.

2Okay, I've been discussing this with a few fellow fans, we came up with several theories and this is the one that seemed to make the most sense to us:

3The Avohkii still had some Toa energy from Takua's transformation left, which was used to power a safeguard mechanism: The Avohkii can "absorb" its wearer's consciousness and body, and restore it later. This mechanism works only once, because it uses up the rest of the Toa energy. Artakha created this mechanism as a protection, because of how important the Toa of Light is. Or possibly even because he foresaw his fusion to Takutanuva and this was the safest/only way to restore the Toa of Light from his fused state.

4What do you think about this theory?

5Got buried.

6I am concerned it is a bit of a stretch, simply because it really  makes the Avohkii way more than a Great Mask. Other masks cannot bring their wearers back from the dead.

7A simpler explanation is that, for a brief time, the red star teleportation system was working before it broke again.

8Well, it wouldn't necessarily bring him back from the dead, but absorb him in order to protect him from dying in the first place. Or alternatively, absorb him "out of" Takutanuva, because that's the only way to unfuse Takutanuva.

9This got buried.

10Also, I think this clarification (still on the topic of Takanuva's revival, but a different theory) has been buried again.

11Again, you are ascribing to the mask powers we do not have any reason to believe that Great Masks have. I don't want to canonize the Avohkii as "super mask" in order to answer this question.

12Alright, I definitely see your point. Thanks for your input!

1 Hi Greg!
2I had an interesting question that may lead to follow-up questions. Since you are no longer writing BIONICLE for LEGO, would you personally relax your own policy of reading fan-fiction? I only say this because I have an interesting idea in mind on how to finish off the old Bionicle story where you can't be in any legal trouble since you will not be writing it; you also could not use anyone's ideas since BIONICLE ideas and characters don't apply to your writing anymore.
1 Hi Greg Farshtey,
2I have been collecting bionicles since 2001, so naturally I was excited when I heard about the relaunch. However, I'm curious about your initial reaction to the relaunch. What went through your head when you found out that bionicle was coming back. Also, were you upset that you wouldn't be writing it this time?3Thanks for everything you have done for us!4-darthantroz66

1Is there asphalt in the Matoran Universe?

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ScribeGT6817 wrote:

  1. 1I always thought it was spelled Kho-no-hi.
  2. 2That I know.  But I was talking about their orginal concept of the Kanohi mask of life.
  3. 3Google always changes pictures whenever you exit out and then come back in and type the same thing.  Trust me, I knew I saw it.  I'm very honest about it.

4There is no Visual Dictionary for BIONICLE on Amazon anywhere, although they still have all the other BIONICLE books. While it is certainly possible something like that could have been written by someone other than me, I find it very hard to believe it could have been published without my knowing anything about it since I was working closely with LEGO Licensing at that time and I reviewed a lot of stuff done by other people.

5But I remember seeing a picture for it.  And this was no dream.

6Alright, so do you like the bio  story?  Because I don't.  Not even the sets.

1Hey Greg, can you confirm or deny any of these assumptions with reguards to the Pit Mutagen?


  1. 2The reason the Vorox inexplicably degraded to beasts within only 0-2 generations or so was due to a form of the mutagen from the Prototype Robot. While much weaker, constant exposure caused them to slowly degrade. This would go hand in hand with theory #2: 
  2. 3The mutagen is meant to give the target an adaptive ability when in harm, or to "heal" them somehow, but mutates the target to do so, and like pretty much everything else made by the Great Beings, it ended up breaking. When encountered underwater, most targets are threatened by drowning. So, to adapt them, they gain a monstrous form, similar to a sea creature. The Matoran of Voya Nui were damaged by Karzani, so their bodies were strengthened. The Vorox could be seen as having an insufficient supply of food and water, so the Mutagen would have reduced their biological needs, but end up causing brain damage in the process. It could also be reasoned then when it comes to Makuta, the mutagen just fails to come up with with any explanation, and starts slowly morphing them and beggining to devolve them into insectoid forms similar the the rahi life around them, starting with their powers.
1 Was it ever specified where the Pit actually was?

1Hi Mr. Farshtey, I have a few questions:2"Ninjago 7: Stone Cold" graphic novel31. Were all villains from this graphic novel the Tower of Tears' prisoners? For example, Gahrann the Dreamer is said to be a ruler of Dream World, so I don't think he can be defeated and/or imprisoned.42. I found a poster (made by Jolyon Yates) with all villains with their names. Diamond Ninja-like villain is named Diaman and a group of four villains is named Evil Gang. Are these names from comic script (these characters are unnamed in the comic)?53. One page shows Sensei Wu fighting two creatures ("Across the world I traveled, from the Frozen North... to the burning deserts..."). Are they named or described in comic script? Also, were they imprisoned in Tower of Tears?6"Ninjago 4: Tomb of Fangpyre" graphic novel74. This graphic novel features the origins of Serpentine. Were they created by you or they come from Ninjago story bible?8"A Cup of Victory" short story (from "Ninjago: The Tournament of Elements" activity book)95. This short story introduced the Master of Water named Lar. Was he created by you? Was his creation consulted with Ninjago story team? (For what I remember, you once said that every new story concept have to be approved by the respective story team.)10Other116. Why Papercutz stopped releasing new Ninjago graphic novels after "Comet Crisis"? Weren't they sold well at the end?

jayzor17 wrote:1Was it ever specified where the Pit actually was?

2To clarify, I mean where it usually was when the GSR was functioning as planned. In hindsight I realize that I worded that badly.

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1Hey Greg. It's nice to talk to you again. I haven't asked anything since years before you left BZP.


21. I know this may be impossible legally or temporally, but would you consider writing maybe even 2 sentences to tie up the Gen 1 story? Something quick like "Lewa, Vezon, and pals make it back safely, and Kabrua gets Angonce to deactivate Marendar. Turaga Onewa makes the Toa Mahri come to their senses and they all rebel against the gold-skinned being. Lesovikk spends the rest of his days in prison for his murder of Tren Krom and Karzahni. Kopaka, Pohatu, Lhikan, Nidhiki, and everyone fly back home safely, the end"? I mean, it wouldn't even have to be GOOD. Just something to tie it all up.


32. Varian's dead, right? I mean, The Shadowed One wouldn't go through the trouble of moving a big vat out of his fortress, and after a while the Great Spirit Robot will start to break down like it did in The Kingdom, right? ...Or maybe Norik launches a rescue mission before that happens? Please? Pretty please with a Bula on top?

4Velika killed Tren Krom and Karzahni and got a "master plan". Why would Kabrua get Angonce to deactivate Marender + Angonce tried to deactivate it if I remember right and the Toa Mahri are safe, I believe the Hagah got em (Read Sahmad's Tale). Ooh yeah, Nidhiki isn't on the red star, cause he is Dead-Dead. And one last thing, skrall, Malum, Dark Hunter, Barraki, now wild Rahkshi and Visorak, Ahkmou, Velika and more is still out there, peace will never come (Ya know all that balance good and evil, no good without evil stuff). And the story is freezed where we left of. (Gelu has been in that tree for a while now, right?)