1 QUESTION, are all Energy Hound's smelling senses weaker, stronger or equal to Spinax's?
Zidonaro wrote:

1Greg, what Is plasma in BIONICLE ?

2Zidonaro wrote:

3Greg, what Is plasma in BIONICLE ?

4Superheated gas.


TonksM wrote:

1Hi Greg,


21. Do Matoran, Toa, & Turaga all have limited lifespans? I know that you've mentioned Turaga do die eventually from old age, but what about Matoran or Toa?


32. And if so, do they die because the organic components fail?
43. How are Matoran chosen to be Toa? You've said previously that those chosen to become Toa have latent Toa energies, when & how are they embued with these energies, and can the Turaga set which Matoran recieve latent Toa energies by the Matoran making machine?


54. Back when the Makuta were biomechanical like everyone else in the MU, could a Quick Healing Kraata heal organic & inorganic components a like?


65. If Makuta Teridax of the Melding Universe produced an equivalent Kraata to the ones Teridax (Prime) produced to infect Kanohi, what would it do to a Kanohi?


76. You mentioned that Metru Nui was literally the Great Spirit Robot's brain, is this why all the Metrus bare resemblence to synapses?


87. At what point in the story did you, & other people working on Bionicle at the time, decide that Mata Nui would be a giant robot? Who's idea was it?

91) Yes

102) Or the mechanical parts breaking down


113) I have a feeling this falls under things the story team probably would never have wanted to share. I think it works better if there is some mystique attached to it.


124) No. I don't believe a kraata could repair machinery that way,


135) It would probably do the same thing, only you would be under the influence of benevolent Makuta instead of evil ones.


146) That is a result of the artist's imagination, I don't know what went into their design.


157) That was from day one. I don't know whose idea it was, because I was not working at LEGO at that time.

TonksM wrote:

1I'm not Greg, but I believe I can answer part of your Mangai.


21b. The Mangai, from my understanding, aren't like other Toa groups we know, they didn't all come from one population of Matoran, thus their Toa forms have very little baring on each other. Toa armour is generated around normal Matoran > Toa beings on the perception of the wearer, so Lhikan, Tuyet, Nidhiki, Naho & the other Mangai could have completely different body designs to each other.


3I do understand that, but I just considered that, as the Iruini set has golden armor and Nidhiki set has silver. So which metallic colour did he have?


1Greg, do you know if Vortixx exist in the bionicle reboot?

2I am not involved in the BIONICLE reboot.

1#1 since Spherus Magna is larger then Earth, which planet in our solar system does it come close to in size?


2#2 do biomechcanical creatures like the skopio and iron wolves spawn biomechcanical babaies?

Orionpaxg1 wrote:

1#1 since Spherus Magna is larger then Earth, which planet in our solar system does it come close to in size?


2#2 do biomechcanical creatures like the skopio and iron wolves spawn biomechcanical babaies?

31) No idea, not an astronomer

42) No. 

WillBrownman wrote:

1Just a few (BIONICLE) questions for Greg! Smile

21) Are wisdom and valour/valor elements?

32) Would the names of the Toa Mata/Nuva correlate to the prefixes of their elements

43) Why do words for elements not match with their prefixes? eg Ce-/Matatu relating to Telepathy/Psionics. Are they just different words for a similar thing?

54) Could Ekimu and Makuta mean Creation and Control?

65) Is it possible for an entity to have 2+ elements without being a fusion?

76) Should we refer to the original storyline as G1 and the new storyline as G2, or just as new Bionicle and old Bionicle?

8Thank you in advance!

9                                                -Will Happy

101) No. They were Kaita designations.

112) We already know they do.


123) Because in some cases it just didn't work. Mask names came from the approved word list, but prefixes from those words couldn't always be used.


134) I can't answer questions regarding BIONICLE 2015.


145) No


156) Up to you, I don't really care


Wilmerkardell wrote:

1Hello Greg!


21. Nidhiki in mutated form had silver armor, however the Iruini set, that was originally ment to be Nidhiki, is gold, as is Lhikan's, would it be silver, gold or just plain earth green? If gold, can we assume that the other Mangai would have gold?


32. Are Axonn, brutaka, Umbra, Hydraxon, Trinuma, Artakha and Karzahni one-of-a-kind species?


43. a. If one was to use a Mohtrek, can one summon a version of him/her self that's not wearing a Mohtrek.

5    b. If a Toa was to use one, would they be able to summon Matoran versions of him/her?


64. Where are the rest of the Great beings species that were not Great Beings?


75. Where any of the ~20 Great Beings female?


86. Does Matoran/Toa of light (Tanma and Takanuva for example) remain extra large after leaving Karda Nui?


97. What happened to the Visorak when Tahu used the golden armor?




111) There is no point in looking at the Iruini set and trying to extrapolate Nidhiki's colors from that. That set was Nidhiki for about three seconds. There is no official Nidhiki Toa set.

122) Umbra, Karzahni, and Artakha we know are one of a kind. The rest, we don't.


133) Yes

143a) Unknown.


154) Unknown


165) Yes


176) Probably not, no


187) Is there a mention in the story of something happening to them?


marshal6000 wrote:1Hey Greg Happy What do you think of the new bionicle? Also what do you think about hero factory ending? Also do you like furno from hero factory? Joking

21) It's sort of pointless to ask LEGO employees their opinions on LEGO sets/stories. It's like asking a car company employee what he thinks about the new cars.


32) I was always more of a Bulk fan


Warbandit_XOXO wrote:

1 Hi Greg!


2I just wanted to ask which appearence of Turaga Dume is canon - from the movie or set?

3If I recall correctly, we usually give preference to the movies in these cases.


lalajujunini wrote:

1at the moment there is a canon weapon (Tuyet and a few others' weapon) without a canon set form, producing inconsistency in MOCing, so my question is:


2Could you canonize this piece as the Barbed Broadsword?

3- seen at the front of the Jetrax T6

4- poking out the front of the sides of the Thornatus V9

5- half of Krika's front stilts (in a non-metallic coloring)


6my defense:

7- comes in 3 sets, 2 in a mettalic color and one in a not, which is both more variation and occurs in more sets that most BIONICLE weapons

8- is actually barbed, which is better that some MOC attempts

9- occurs in one very common set, and 2 pretty common ones

10- is a perfect size

11- finally offers a solution to the mystery of the missing sword


12I haven't heard any other ideas, and so I am offering this

13Tell me if you have trouble figuring out what piece i'm talking about (try google images of those sets)

14I'm not doing a lot of canonization these days, particularly when it comes to weapons. It restricts the ability of artists to draw the weapon as they see it.

lalajujunini wrote:

11. in the Legend Reborn, in each tribe, the Agori were identical. I always assumed that they had some color and shape variation, like Matoran, and humans. Was this an anmator error, or is it canon?

22. did a normal toa look like the toa metru (cause Toa Nuve were built, Mahri came from rebuilt matoran with lighting, Takanuva was made from a rebuilt matoran, and the Toa Hagah had special extra armor)?

33. is Lhikan's Hau in the shape of a Noble Hau?

44. Did normal turaga look like Dume (cause we have no reason to believe he was abnormal) or like the Turaga Metru (because they were normal and made from normal matoran)?

55. did Makuta have access to Antidermis (it appears not in Destiny War)?

65b. can Makuta reproduce- create more Makuta from Antidermis, separate their antidermis into another being, etc.?


71) It's neither. It was done that way because doing variation would have meant more animator work and a higher budget than the film had.

82) A Matoran turns into a Toa whose appearance is based on what that Matoran thinks a Toa looks like. The Metru were never seen out of Metru Nui, so the odds are they were not a template for anyone else.


93) In Metru Nui, yes.


104) Define "normal." Since Toa can look different from place to place, Turaga can too.


115) No

125B) No



lalajujunini wrote:


16. are ALL Bohrok dead Av-Matoran; a LOT must have died, and that seems unlikely

27. you have said that the Toa Stones on Mata Nui were made by the Toa Metru to make more Toa:

37a. I thought they used their Toa Power to wake up the matoran, turning them into Turaga, so where did the get that power?

47b. is this the reason that their are only 6 stones, 1 for each Toa, when Lhikan made 6 all by himself (because they only had a little left)?

57c. after Takua used the Stones as a beacon, are they still full? (meaning that they have the ability to turn a Matoran into a Toa)

67d. were those 6 stones the same ones that Lhikan gave to them (saved and later refilled by the Toa Metru)?

76) You're talking about a span of 100,000 years though, and they're not dead, they're evolved.

87) You don't need a ton of power for six Toa to make six stones.

97b) Yes

107c) No

117d) No. You don't refill Toa stones. Once they are used, they are burnt out.

1#1 it is said that av matoran have the highest chance to become toa, so can we assume that a LOT of them have toa energy?

2#2 if this is true then Why does it appear that alot of them became bohrok?

3#3 can the ignika turn bohrok back into matoran

4#4 can the Ignika turn matoran who are not destined to become Toa into Toa