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raymondmay11 wrote:1. The Preeminent's (From Ninjago) goal was to destroy/curse all 16 realms. However, when she was unleashed into Ninjago, she was immobile until the ghosts possessed the city of Stiix to create some sort of Exo-suit for her. Therefore, how could she accomplish her goal of destroying all 16 realms, if she couldn't do anything except summon more ghosts?

2. In the episode "Kingdom Come", from Ninjago, Fenwick states that the Preeminent is trapped in the Cursed Realm, and in episode 54, Garmadon says "The preeminent IS the Cursed Realm, and the Cursed Realm IS the Preeminent". So, how could the preeminent be trapped in itself?

3. I watched the Ninjago Panel on LEGO's youtube channel, and someone asked about the clip in which Morro brings Lloyd to Chima. You were right, that it was a joke on the designer's part, as Dan and Kevin Hageman admitted that it was meant to be a joke.

1-2) I don't write the TV show and I'm not on the story team, so I can't answer these.

Andrew31kbrick193 wrote:
Andrew31kbrick193 wrote:

What happens to a Kraata once the Rahkshi it's in is destroyed in battle?

I believe this was buried

Andrew31kbrick193 wrote:
Andrew31kbrick193 wrote:

Hey Greg, what connection do/did the Dark Hunters have with the Brotherhood of Makuta?

I didn't get the answer to this yet.

In the past, the DH occasionally did jobs for the BOM. That's it.

6CuteBoy6 wrote:
6CuteBoy6 wrote:

Hi Greg, I had another question, I don't know if you might've overlooked it or something, so I'm reposting it.


This one's been bugging me: The Toa Metru used the Great Disks to destroy the Morbuzahk, but then later Vakama combined the Great Disks to create the Disk of Time (and later the Vahi). How did they get the Great Disks back after using them? Correct me if I'm wrong, it's my understanding that Kanoka are used once and then are gone once they've hit their target.


Also, is it possible, with enough willpower and unity, for a Toa team such as the Toa Mata to create a Toa Nui?


On this topic, is there the capability for three Toa Kaita (that's 9 toa creating 3 beings!) to create a Kaita from those three Kaita, creating a "Kaita Nui" of sorts?


Thank's so much for taking time out of your day to answer us! Happy

Buried really deep...

1) Kanoka disks wear out with repeated use. If one use was enough to wipe them out, then masks made from them would only be good for one use to.


2-3) No. The Toa Nui is a myth, it can't exist.

Hey Greg, I was just wondering if it would be illegal to 1. post a Bionicle fan creation that I built to a website that isn't affiliated with LEGO and 2. Use Bionicle terms such as Matoran in its description. I didn't know if doing either of these would infringe upon a copyright (and I'm not sure if you know either) but I just wanted to be sure.

Greg, why does the Agori look mechanical while they are suposed to be organic?

the bionicle wiki states that they are organic with some mechanical parts. So how can they be covered in mechanical details?

charlie_boy wrote:

Greg, why does the Agori look mechanical while they are suposed to be organic?

the bionicle wiki states that they are organic with some mechanical parts. So how can they be covered in mechanical details?

Because BIONICLE pieces that would make them look organic were really not being used in the system in 2009. The Glatorian are organic too and don't look it. Buildable action figures that look organic/human are something relatively recent for LEGO and would not have fit it in with the BIONICLE product line at that time.

Hey Greg, my question is what are ways outside of a Toa Stone that a Matoran can transform into a Toa?

Okay I have a few questions , thanks


     Bionicle:  are the new and old bionicle related somehow becides the names of the toa?

    will you do any comics for the new bionicle or are your bionicle writing days over? what are the

   bionicle if not robots,acording to the movies they have wires, lights, and screws. is that info corect? Do bionicles eat? If so what and how? Are your books and graphic novels canon semi-canon or non canon?


Ninjago:   What was zane's power sorce made of before and after he was rebuilt? or did he keep the same one before and after? do the jade blades contain any elemental powers or are they more like tropheys?

are your comics and books cannon, semi-canon or non canon? Do you consider Amber/absorbtion an element or just an ability/side power. Do you think it is posible for a warrior becides the green ninja to wield more than 1 element unless they also wield amber/absorbtion



  hero factory:  do you think the piece of  quaza is inside the hero core or just protected by it ? or maybe the

  hero core is the quaza.   


writing: Do you enjoy these questions? do you enjoy answering them?  do you like writing? do you prefer your writing with or without ilustrations? thanks again bye Smile !


Hello Mr Greg 


A blast of power of Axonn or of Brutaka send of all their forces could destroy the armor of a Makuta? 


Which kind of Toa could destroy the Antidermis other than the Toa of plasma and ice? A Toa of fire and electricity maybe? 


The Makuta of the dimension of the merger have they evolved as the Makuta of the main dimension or they were created like this? 


is it possible that there's a dimension where the Great Beings are mad scientists thirsty for power? 


A Toa of electricity could restore the energy of a Matoran who lost his mask and maintain this energy until the Matoran has a new mask?

ok. just 2. from me.


1. why, or better yet, HOW did the toa ignika change masks in the transforation to mahri. i undertand it haveing the power to controle life (what with being the mask of life 'n all), so it affecting the inikas organic masks makes sence, but from what I can tell from lore this shouldent be possible. wouldent this require that the very structure of the mask would have to change, what with comeing from seperate kanoka?


2. where there ever plans to relase the kanohi ignikas origional form in a set?

Hey Greg, I have a question regarding the Toa Metru's Toa Tools.


How did their Toa Tools come to be?


Did the Suva make their weapons at the same period and amount of time that it took the 6 matoran to become the Toa Metru, or did those Toa Tools belong to the Toa before them?

Mr. Greg, thank you for looking at my questoins. Here they are.

Ninjago; In the next season, can you bring up one of these 3 things?

1;Combining Ninjago with Chima (They get there through the realm crystal and get stuck)

2;Having the new bad guys being halloweeny or something like vampires and werewolves etc.

3.Combing the the 2 ideas.

You don't have to if you don't think they're good ideas, though.

Thanks again.

Andrew31kbrick193 wrote:

Hey Greg, my question is what are ways outside of a Toa Stone that a Matoran can transform into a Toa?

Did anyone answer this question?

What type of houses did Matoran live in on Metru Nui?