Farshtey Feed

The Farshtey Feed was a fan-run weekly digest of the Official Greg Discussion topic on the BZPower forums. It was run by BZPower member Planetperson on his personal blog on BZPower. Starting in January 2010, the entries of the Farshtey Feed were also posted in an official reference section of the BZPower forums, though these were lost along with the rest of the forum data before 2011. The original blog entries, however, were unaffected.

The Farshtey Feed happens to cover the entire time period for which data was lost from the Official Greg Dialogue in March 2009. Because of this, it is the only surviving record of this information.

The original Farshtey Feed survives on Planetperson's blog, which can be found here. However, the copy of the Farshtey Feed hosted on the Official Greg Discussion Archive is searchable and supports linking to individual bullet points. It also corrects a number of formatting errors present in the original copy (for example, content inside of spoiler tags used to be unreadable).