Farshtey Feed Premier (p153-158)

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hello there, readers! This is the first entry of the Farshtey Feed, my OGD Weekly Digest. Come here every Friday to get condensed notes from the OGD. Notice the new bar in the Links box. We'll see how this goes!


  • The waters of the swamp glow in places.
  • Tanma, Photok, and Solek are off fighting other Shadow Matoran during Endgame.
  • Mutran creates the Klakk that end up in Karda Nui.
  • Mutran creates Klakk in Karda Nui for defense and because Rahi creation is his profession as well as his hobby.
  • Mutran wanted to create Klakk in Karda Nui to harry the Toa.
  • A Klakk cannot destroy mental shielding.
  • The organic stone suspending Mutran's hive was a variant of his living rock.
  • The Makuta in Karda Nui do not know of the energy storms.
  • The Mistika Makuta took their swamp forms and then got locked by the swamp mutagen.


  • There is a connection between Nektann's spiky Muaka and the spiky Muaka the Toa Metru encountered near Makuta's lair returning to Metru Nui.
  • Jaller and probably Hahli are the most affected by Matoro's death.
  • Trinuma is offshore Destral.
  • There are about a half dozen Skakdi warlords.
  • Female Skakdi are actually more vicious and destructive than male Skakdi.
  • Zaktan is with the Toa Hagah when they come to the Coliseum.


  • The four-armed OoMN member's axe has multiple blades on each side.


  • Mata Nui had no need to sleep when he was awake.
  • Greg would say that even Mata Nui would not live forever if the Matoran always kept working.
  • The forges and caverns said to be where the Ignika was forged were someplace other than the Matoran universe.
  • The Great Beings regularly wear some clothing.
  • If Greg had to guess, he would say the Bionicle planet is smaller than Earth, although that is just a guess.


  • The Heart of the Visorak was on the Tren Krom Peninsula.
  • The southern continent is bigger than the north.
  • The Pit is south of the northern continent.
  • Ko-Metru is naturally cold.
  • All the Rahi native to Voya Nui are native to the SC.
  • Umbra's mind is not shielded.
  • Lhikan saw a lot of Toa in his time (as a Matoran?).
  • The Tahtorak on Metru Nui probably came from Zakaz.
  • Everyone felt it when Jovan's team brought Mata Nui back to full health after the Great Disruption.
  • The Toa who subdued the Kanohi Dragon on Metru Nui the first time were visiting, since the city was a major trade port. They were probably a team visiting.
  • The Kanohi Dragon was sealed away in the Great Barrier.
  • Tuyet's betrayal was 3500 years ago.
  • The five Toa Mahri (without Takanuva, so he could guard the city) subdued the Kardas Dragon, then Takanuva disappeared.
  • Nocturn has been captured.
Brotherhood of Makuta
  • The other Makuta serve projects at Teridax's discretion.
  • The Toa Metru's creation came as an annoyance to Teridax.
  • Teridax can deduce something like the Codrex must exist, but otherwise he does not know of it specifically.
  • Teridax learned how to wake up the Bohrok from Mutran's encounter with Tren Krom.
  • A protosteel weapon will always be strong enough to pierce a Makuta's armor.