1Hey GregF, just four questions.21. I am confused on the difference between alternate and pocket [dimensions]. You have used them interchangeably before. Could you describe the differences between all three (including core) dimensions?32. Did the Shattering occur in the dimension that Vezon travelled to?44. If the Shattering did occur and Spherus Magna exists now, does this mean the Shattering was reversed?5Thank you. :)

61) The main universe is the one in which the 2001-2009 story has taken place. It is the equivalent of Earth-616 in Marvel. We consider it to be the core reality for purposes of story.
7An alternate reality is another version of the core reality in which events unfolded differently. It is not linked to the core reality, it exists on its own. New alternate realities are formed whenever a decision is made in the core reality.
8A pocket dimension is a totally separate reality linked to the core reality. New ones are not constantly formed, and it need not have any relation at all to the core reality.
92) Yes, it did.
104) Yes

114. Was the Shattering reversed by Mata Nui?

124) In that reality, yes
1Hello Mr.Farshety,21. Is it possible that other Kanoka disks exits other than the 8 mentioned in 2004 because their is alot of masks that d'ont seem possible with the 8 combinations like the Calix or Mohtrek.32. Why are Toa of Gravity purple? I d'ont see what that has to do with gravity.43. Are the Toa Inika's masks exclusive to Karzahni because they have not been seem anywhere else.54. Why is the Tryna considered immoral?65. Can Toa of Plasma control magma?76.Can leader class Skrall like Tuma have other secondary colors other than green like say red or purple?87. The final question's a bit long; when say Bitil is called to the future by a future self does he suddenlydisapear? Or is it just like a duliplicate of his body that gets sent to the future and the effects return to his orginal body?9Thanks,

101) Nope, just the eight, plus the elemental disks112) And what color would you associate with gravity? By the way, G is purple because BZPers have been on me for ages to do a purple Toa :P 123) We have mainly focused the story on a small number of locations in a very big universe. So they could well be common masks elsewhere, just not on Metru Nui134) Raising the dead goes against nature. That is why necromancy is considered to be black magic.145) No. Magma is melted rock. Plasma is ionized gas. Two different things.156) Possibly167) He does disappear, but he gets returned a micro-second after the time he left, so no one notices the disappearance.

11) Is it possible that there are Skakdi of Light, Shadow, Sand, or Acid?
22) In Dwellers In Darkness, Bomonga says the two dead Glatorian Pilots are wearing Masks. Were they? Or was he referring to their helmets?
33) According to BS01, Artidax was home to species capable of defeating a Makuta. These were the Klakk, correct? Not something else?
44) Could Mata Nui's Gravity beams be considered elemental? What about his other powers, such as maintaining Heat and Light inside his body?
55) If the Third Robot was created, would it have been called Teridax or Mata Nui? Or something else?
66) How exactly did the Prototype Robot function without any nano-tech when the MU required it?

71) I would say no.82) He was referring to their helmets. To an MU resident, that would be considered a mask.93) Yes104) We do not consider MN to have elemental powers as such, not in the same way as a Toa, because he is 100% mechanical. And your body maintains a constant temperature inside, does that mean you have the elemental power of heat?115) Something else. Why would you name it Mata Nui again, wouldn't that be confusing? And Teridax was never a name of a robot, it was the name of Makuta.126) It was built differently. Sort of the same way that in 1990, a PC was big and heavy and only had 256K memory if you were lucky. Now they are the size of little laptops and have multiple GB of memory. Different technology.

13Thanks for the reply. I have one more question, though:
14A while ago, you replied to this question:

15Greg,16Like Po-Matoran, whose armour is a different colour depending on the region they're made, do you think it'd be okay if it was also like this for Fe-Matoran, with their armour being different colours of metal depending on the region? For example, some might also have some gold armour, whereas some are just grey, or maybe bronze-ish. Then, depending on how old they are, maybe some parts could rust.17-K

18I don't have a big problem with that, but I don't think rusting is a good idea. If these are Matoran of Metal, they would put a premium on repairing any damage to their armor. They wouldn't walk around in damaged armor, anymore than a tailor walks around with a hole in his shirt.

19Can you confirm the first part (with the colors, not the rust)?

20I don't have a problem with that.

1Hey GregF, I have a question that I have been meaning to ask you.
2Skall get their names when they do something to earn them. Is it possible that the names meaning something in the Skrall language? For example, Stronius is a great warrior, so could the word "Stronius" in the Skrall language mean something along the lines of "Champion"? Basically, do their names have any meaning to them?
3Thanks in advance.

4Not that I am aware of, no.
1just a couple questions for you.
21. can you mold a mask into the shape of a piece of armor?
31.b. if yes, if you put the armor molded mask on as armor, would it still give you powers?
42. can you take two halves of a different mask and receive a new kanohi no power, new power, or a fusion of two powers?
5that is all, and thank you for your time.

61) Yes, but you wouldn't be able to use it as a mask then. It needs to be on your face for you to be able to use it.72) To achieve a new power by combining two masks, you need to melt both masks down and make a third from them. You can't just stick two halves together.

11. Can the Toa Nuva still use regular Kanohi or just Kaanohi Nuva?22. Can the Toa Nuva use their Kanohi Nuva powers with Spherus Magna's inhabitants?

31) They can use regular Kanohi42) Yes
1Hey Greg, here's some of the first few questions I have about The Yesterday's Quest.
21) Why does Zaria sound like a girl's name32) Why is Orde a guy, because all Psionics beings are female43) When's the next chapter? It's been like, months!
5Sorry if I'm being a little too rough on you, or the Orde question is a little common to you. Thanks Greg, you're the best!

61) Doesn't sound like a girl's name to me72) Gets explained in the next chapter83) It has been a while, but my wife was in her ninth month and just had a baby last weekend, so I have been kind of busy.
1My last one got lost, so I'll try this again..
2Did the Red Star blast lightning at Jaller and Co's canisters in self-defense,3thinking they were intruders as they were basically on top of Mata Nui?
4Thank you!

5No. They were on Voya Nui at the time. If it was going to do that, why not blast all the Matoran who were actually living on top of Mata Nui?
1If carbon exist in BIONICLE, which element would be able to control it?

2I don't think any of them would. It's not rock, and it probably wouldn't be considered earth either since it isn't dirt, and we have no Toa of Charcoal.
1Hello again, Mr. Farshtey, I have two quick questions to ask you.21. Do the turaga of Mata Nui wear cloaks like they do in the movies?32. What purpose did the Toa Mata's "hands" serve?4a. hands5b. or shields6Thanks in advance.

71) It's certainly possible. No one ever told me that was not canon.82) No, they were not shields. They were magnetic and used for grasping things.
1thanks for taking the time to answer these
21) could a being using telekenisis pull an activated hau off another being's face?
32) could this be done using magnetism powers?
43) with iron powers?
54) could a being using a mask of quick travel teleport inside a hau's force field?
6and if you don't mind me asking, how's alexandria?
7thanks for your time!

81) It's possible, if their willpower could overcome the magnetic attraction92) Yes103) I think it would be more difficult, but not impossible114) I'd say no, their molecules would be unable to penetrate the field125) She's fine, thanks
1Excuse me Greg, if you have a moment, can I ask:
21. Is Reign of Shadows going to head into 2010?
32. Does Tren Krom know of Bara Magna.
43. I have seen The Legend Reborn due to living in Australia it was released on DVD on the 2nd of September, why does Mata Nui gasp when he sees his own body in the lab, and why does he say it is enslaving the matoran when that is his body, while Teridax is supposed to be just antidermis, or is it because Teridax is the body currently?

51) Possibly62) I would tend to think not73) It's because Teridax is in control of that body. And he gasps because he has no idea that he is on the planet where his body was designed.
1Hey Greg! I just wanted to ask: was Orde created as a Toa, or was he a male Matoran of Psionics that was transformed into a Toa?
3~Kohilå*** Spirit Fable Epic ~ Review ***

4Created as a Toa.
5~Kohilå*** Spirit Fable Epic ~ Review ***
1Hi Mr. Farshtey! Congrats on the baby! I have three questions for you (one about the possible Toa Mangai of Stone you mentioned a while back)
21. In the Maori lawsuit, do you know if the name "Motara" was abandoned? I am wondering because not all of the words were kicked out, such as Kongu and Tamaru (meaning storm if I recall)
32. If not, does that mean that the name of the Nihu-Motara Energy Siphon Blade is canon?
43. I am a bit confused about the rahi from 2001: do they normally wear powerless kanohi, or do they only wear them while they are being influenced by a Makuta?
5Thank you for your time!

61) Do not know. No one ever said anything to me about not using that term, it simply never came up in story.72) We never canonized the name, only the functionality of the weapon.83) Yeah, it is confusing. I always had the impression they were given the Kanohi by Makuta, but there may well have been something online in 2001 that contradicts that.
1Hey Greg,
2Is Orde really Marendar in disguise?
3Just to test a theory in the TYQ topic.
4Thanks in advance!

5No. Marendar does not use disguises. I didn't see the point in having to do that since it would make him too much like the baterra.
1Hello Mr. Farshtey, I had just a few questions.
21) If a Toa is drained of their Toa power prior to fulfilling their destiny (by, say, means of a Nui Stone), would their body stay the same, instead of becoming a Turaga-style body?31a) If they are drained of their Toa power, would they still be able to use Kanohi?41b) Elemental powers?
52) On BS01, it says that Shadow Stealer was "a hero before the first Toa were created." Is this a myth, flavor text, or is their truth to that statement?62a) If it's true, what exactly was there for Shadow Stealer to defend against at that time?
73) Did the Zyglak evacuate the MU when Teridax was killed? In The Kingdom, they stayed behind out of hatred, so is that the case in the main reality?
8Thank you in advance!

91) Unknown, as it has never happened.102) There are always menaces -- remember, there was a giant robot being built in an area where there was wildlife and the robot was not sealed yet, so someone had to be defending the construction site from the inside.113) At this point, there are no reports of them on Bara Magna
1Hey, I have a few questions for you this time:
21. Did the Great Beings create any male Matoran of Psionics before they decided to make them all female?32. Could a Toa of Magnetism hypothetically negate a magnetic force, such as the one that attracts a Kanohi to a Toa's face?43. Could a Toa of Iron use his control over metallic Protodermis to destroy a Kanohi while someone is wearing it?54. Are there any non-regressed Zesk in the Vorox city?65. Have the Vorox always been aggressive, even before they devolved into beasts?
7Thanks, and I just want to say great job on the last YQ chapter; I thought the Vorox part was a great twist. :)

81) No92) Yes103) Yes114) We won't know until we get there125) Yes

13Not much here, but the last one was interesting.
14-Toa Nidhiki05
1QUOTE2Hello Mr.Greg, here are some questions
31) We know Bara Magnians have children, and Gresh has been reguarded as a "kid" more than once, so, what happened to his parents?4Stuck on another half, or slain entirely?
52) Will the tentacled being be named?
63)Where is click, is he still with the glatorian, or is he in someother place?
74) Will it be revealed how Metus got turned back?
85) What would you say, would be considered a delicasy (excuse my grammar please) to the glatorian, like thornax stew is favored by bonehunters and vorox?
96)Are you doing well?
10Thank you for your time

111) No idea. Probably still out there somewhere. Eventually, you do leave your parents and go out and make your own life, and that is what Gresh did.122) Possibly133) He's with the Glatorian144) If he was, yes.155) There's a species of hawk that is very popular among Glatorian, because it so hard to catch166) Tired from taking care of the baby
11. We know that love does not exist in the MU, but is "love" still a word there? ("Man, I love mask-making!")22. Is Orde blue and gold like every other Toa of Psionics?33. Do Glatorian have toes?44. The Agori on Bota Magna with the plant-armor are Jungle Tribe Agori, right? Are there maybe any other tribes with plant-armor?55. Every SM tribe had elemental weapons, correct? 66. Is it theoretically possible to mass-produce Bohrok-Kal or Vahi?77. If things had gone as planned for the Great Beings, would Teridax be in control of the MU from the beginning, and Mata Nui be in control of the second Great Spirit Robot (the one that was never built)? Or was there supposed to be a completely new entity controlling the second MU?88. What color armor does Pouks have? (Yellow, Brown, Orange?)

91) Sure, because only romantic love does not exist there -- love of friends, love of freedom, love of homeland all exist.102) Yes113) I assume so, otherwise their balance would be off.124) Actually, I don't think it has been specified that they are jungle tribe Agori.135) Correct146) Vahi, no, because you don't have the right kind of disks. Kal, yes157) Not from the beginning, no, because the second robot would have been on BM, where Mata Nui and Makuta were not for 100,000 years168) Don't recall

177) a. So is Teridax only destined to have the robot body because the second robot was never built? 18b. And the second robot would have been a completely new character, right?19c. So lets say we are in a universe where both robots were created. Would Teridax be in control of any of them?

207a) No, what I am saying is, Teridax was not destined to take over the MU until they got back to Bara Magna. Your question implied he was meant to run the MU from the start.217b) Yes227c) Assuming it is a universe where Teridax did not betray Mata Nui and get himself killed, yes.
1Found this rather old PM that I forgot to post:
2For confirmation's sake, though, can I have it confirmed that the "lives of the many outnumber the deaths of a few" is part of the Toa Code?

4You could use that, or simply say that a Toa must put the lives of innocents above his own.

1QUOTE2Hello again,
31)Is it possible that Gresh's parents fought in the core war?
42)Where was Gresh when the war was happening since he was too young to fight?
53)Gresh was called a kid, but if he were in real life what would his age be, 16,17,18?
64)What did the gbs work on when they put the els in charge, since they wanted to experiment more?
75) I read the Legend Reborn novel, and in it Mata Niu said that he suspected a traitor among them and Actar agreed, did Mata Nui learn that from8his mission of observing worlds?
9thank you for your time

101) Not impossible112) Home123) No. Remember, 100,000 years have passed since the war started. He wouldn't have been "too young" to fight in the war if he were in his teens now, he wouldn't have even existed yet.134) Experiments. The GBs had a lot of things going.145) Yes, and his own experience with Makuta betraying him.
1Hello, Greg. How are you? I have just one question for you today.
21. We know that Mata Nui gave the MU residents the ability to understand the BM residents. We also know that this didn't affect Lewa, Brutaka, Vezon, and co. because the Great Being's fortress blocked the power from reaching them. So my question is, when Mata Nui cured the Pit prisioners of their mutations, was that power also blocked by the Fortress, hereby leaving Brutaka in his mutated form? Or was he still cured and now looks as he did in 2006?
3Thank-you for your time.

4No, Brutaka was not cured.

1Hi Greg! it´s me again. Hope you can answer me this time
2Well first I liked to say that the second chapter of the Yesterday Quest was AWESOME!!! it was worth the waiting, and I have two little questions for you:
31.- Krabua! great name and an intelligent Vorox! I don´t know if you remember it but like three months ago I asked you if you could show us a character like this and it happen so my queston is: did you created him thanks to my request? or did you always planned it? cause I would feel great If I had contributed to Bionicle in this way
42.- do you think Krabua has some physical differences from other Vorox, like maybe a bigger tail or colors twisted?
5thanks in advance

61) I did recall you mentioning it, yes72) Not that I envisioned, no. Part of the reason Gelu is so surpised by his intelligence is that he doesn't look different from the other Vorox.

8Another few Questions if you don´t mind:
90.- so did I helped in anyway for the creation of Krabua? at least a bit?
101.- well I´ve read the serials of Destiny War and Dwellers in Darkness and I still don´t understand very much how does the war between the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Order of Mata Nui starts, could you explain it for me?
112.- do you think we will meet a Toa from the other elements that we haven´t met yet like: Platlife, Plasma and Gravity before Bionicle ends?
123.- will Toa Varian appear in The powers that Be?

134.- and do you need legal permission for the matoran prefixes cause if the story demanded to know the prefix for the matoran of lightning, would you consider naming them the Vo-matoran because of Volts that would be great!
14thank you again

151) I think my earlier answer speaks for itself, doesn't it?162) No idea.173) I can't see why that would happen. I have no plans to use Varian as a character, that is why fans were free to speculate on history, element, etc.184) I usually do run them by someone, but it's not as restrictive as with names.
1Hi, GregF. I just had some questions:
21a. Were there any Ce-Matoran in existence before Orde's creation?
31b. If so, they would have been male, correct?
41c. Would the GBs have bothered to alter the existing Ce-Matoran's AI to make them female, or just let them be?
52a. Is "Vorox" a demonym for the Sand Tribe warriors or more of a species name?
62b. Same question regarding "Zesk."
73. The weapons possessed by Kabrua & the Bota Magnan Vorox fire "spheres of explosive force." Are these weapons similar as the "force blasters" seen on the Thornatus V9 and Skopio XV-1 vehicles?
84. Do the Bota Magnan Vorox follow Kabrua because he is considered an alpha male, or for other reasons (i.e. he was elected by popular vote, put in charge by higher authority, etc.)?

91) No102) The former112b) Same answer123) Haven't decided yet134) Unknown at present. Gelu assumes it is because he is an alpha male, because he is used to the pack mentality of the Bara Magna Vorox. But that may not apply in Bota Magna, so time will tell.
1Moi: Just a quick yes or no question that I hope you'll have time to answer.
2Now that he's on Spherus Magna, can Kualus still communicate with the birds there?

3GregF:No. The birds in the Matoran universe speak a variant of programming language (which is what Matoran is as well). Spherus Magna birds are real birds and do not.

1Hey Greg. Congratulations on your new baby girl, and best of luck with raising her. I had a few questions, of course, and I hope you can take some time out of your hectic schedule to answer them. I sent a few a while ago, but I assume the server must have eaten them.
21. With the recent revelation that Iron Matoran (and subsequently Toa, I would assume) have varying armor colors, I have to ask; is Zaria of the burnt orange and metallic grey armor color variation?32. The Energy Hound species existed prior to the Makuta, so who exactly made them, the Order of Mata Nui? They've dabbled in Rahi creation before, so its not too big of a stretch.43. How exactly does the Olmak work with finding Alternate Universes? Do they specify a divergence point and discover a universe with it, or do they have to explore universes at random? 53a. If the latter, once they've done so, can they picture that AU again in order to revisit it?64. What's Sarda doing now? Working on Spherus Magna, or did he go with Lesovikk during the Toa's pursuit of Karzahni?75. The weapons of the Bota Magna Vorox sound similar the Force Blasters found on the Thornatus and Skopio sets, which were not described beyond being named and that they cause things to explode. Are they one and the same? It would mean that Gelu didn't have much contact with Perditus or Telluris, but it would be a cool connection to a story point that didn't get expanded.
8Thanks for your time, and best wishes to your family.

91) Yes102) Actually, it was the Hand of Artakha113) I see it as sort of a GPS -- it maps out routes by being able to sense where alt universes exist. 124) Working with the other Matoran in Bara Magna. 135) I haven't decided yet
1Hi! I hope all is doing well with Alexandria. I have some questions about the Kanohi Rau.
21. Can the Rau only translate languages that originated in the Matoran Universe, or could they translate, say a Cave Shrike's language as well?
32. Would a Rau be able to translate a code that two beings used to communicate with each other, or does it have to be an actual full-blown language?
4Thank you for your time!

51) Only MU languages62) A code basically is a language
1I'm a little bit confused about the timing around the creation of the Toa Mata. Specifically, what I'm not clear on is whether or not they came into being before or after Mata Nui was first "turned on". Through the flashbacks in Swamp of Secrects, it seems like they came into being before Mata Nui was turned on (because Karda Nui did not have any energy storms until they went into stasis). However, they are not the first toa team and it seems like the MU had been running without Mata Nui for at least several years before he was ever switched on. So how many years had the MU been running without Mata Nui and how long before he was switched on had the Toa Mata been around?
2I think I might have phrased my question poorly. Would please PM me back if I need to clarify anything.
3On something a little different, how long do you think it will be until a new chapters of "The Powers that Be" comes out?
4Thank you for your time.
51) It did not take years to construct the MU, months at most. And as we have seen, the Mata went to Karda Nui, did their mission there, and then went into stasis, meaning MN was waking up.62) Don't know at this point, I only get to write when the baby is sleeping.
11. Is the Mask of Creation gold like the other two Legendary Kanohi?22. Were the Shadow Toa made of Shadow? If so, could they be considered Elemental Beings?33. Does the Sentient Acid Cloud from Karzahni's Vision exist in reality? Like maybe, Karzahni encountered one before and that's why it ended up in the vision?

51) Not that I am aware of, no62) From 2001? I would say no73) It does exist or could exist, remember, he is seeing possible futures.

1me:we know that the vorox from bota magna did not devolve into animals is this the same for the zesk of bota magna
2greg:Yes, and for the same reason.
1from the official languages topic:
2"Sidorak (former king of the Visorak) is stated to "curse in an ancient tongue" at one point, nothing further is known."
3is this language agori?

4No, because Agori would not have been considered an ancient language by the MU inhabitants, since only Mata Nui knew it. It was simply a very early version of programming language.
1just to clear something up:2you said that agori/glatorian are mammals. bone hunters are related to agori, and skrall are related to glatorian, making them mammals by extention too. however, something's come up as we're talking about classifications: are they primates? if not, what are they?
3thanks for your time

4Not sure -- primates are an Earth species, and it's not known if what we define as a primate exists anywhere else.
11. Do you have plans to name the Mask of Creation.21) Not at the moment no.
1Hello Mr. Farshtey,
31. According to Biosector01, Karzahni was reduced to a vegegative state by Teridax. If this is true, why would Lesovikk still consider him a threat? Was it just based off of Karzahni's past?
42. Is there any chance you will be on Lego Universe? You don't need to answer this one, but I just had to ask.
61) Well, he had evidently escaped, and vegetables generally don't do that, so Lesovikk had cause to worry
72) No, don't think so.
1Hello Mr.Farshtey,21. Were the Matoran created in a similar way that the Makuta created Rahi by mixing viruses and machananical parts?32. Please d'ont feel presured into doing this but awhile ago the BZP StorySquad canonized the Mask of Healing so I was wondering is the mask made from Removes Poison disks?43. Are Protodites organic or biomachanical?5Thanks you for your time,
61) I'm not allowed to discuss how Matoran come into being72) If it was, all it would do is remove poison. If you make a mask from just one disk, with one power, you get a mask with that power83) Bio-mechanical
1Hey there GregF, it has been one month since my last PM to you so I have some questions. 2(sorry about the long list)
31. Is Zaktan truly dead or will we see him again?
41.a) What is Zaktan's third individual power? Is it ''his nature''?
52. If the Ignika or a mask of Fusion were used on a Shadow Takanuva and alternate Teridax would Takutanuva or something like him be recreated?
63. In ''The Mutran Chronicles'' Mutran said that Tren Krom walked through the universe in the throes of its birth. Does this mean Tren Krom has legs and feet?
73.a) Has Tren Krom ever met the flaming tentacled entiy or ''dream eater''?
83. Is Tren Krom just a red blob with spiked tentacles and a giant skull?
93.c) Can he even speak or does he just use telepathy to comunicate?
103.d) When Tren Krom says that he is eternal does that mean that he is immortal?
114. How was Nocturn able to fuse the shark teeth togehter to make the Shark Tooth Blades? BS01 says it was his stregth, but how?
125. Do the Great Beings have contact with the creatures inside the Red Star?
135.a) Do you know what the Great Beings look like?
146. Is it possible that Nektann fought in Miserix's army in the Spherus Magna Alternate Universe? The same with Roodaka.
157. Have you seen the prototype Baterra sets?
168. Why did Helryx's armour start to strangle her when it came alive? By the way, is all of it one entity or many separate entities?
17Thanks for reading this.
181) Time will tell191a) Not sure if we ever identified that202) Possibly213) No, he was being figurative, not literal223a) No233b) I don't think of TK as being "just" anything.243c) He seems to mainly use telepathy253d) It means he sees himself as immortal. But there is no reason to believe that he cannot die.264) Same way Superman can turn a piece of coal into a diamond by exerting pressure in his hand275) No. If they did, they would have known Mata Nui crashed.285a) Yup296) Possible, sure307) I may have, but if I did, it was just for a very short time since the meeting they were brought to was the one where we found out BIONICLE was being cancelled.318) Same reason that if you grab a wild animal and clutch it to your chest it will try to hurt you. The armor was alive but trapped and it reacted the way a living thing reacts under those circumstances
1:i: have some questions regarding Av-Matoran/Toa of Light
2:1: Is it possible for Av-Matoran to be transformed into Toa in other ways than putting on an Avohkii? For example by using Toa stones.3:2: Can Toa of Light wear other Kanohi than Avohkii? (Did Tanma wear an Avohkii in the Kingdom? If not: Which did he wear?)4:3: Av-Matoran can change their colors, Takanuva is known to have paled his gold color while on Bara Magna, but is it possible for Toa of Light to completely change their colors to look like Toa of other elements?5:4: Toa of Light can make illusions, can they use these illusions on themselves so that they look like other beings (for example other Toa, rahi, Makuta...), kinda like how they change thier color?
6- dann494

71) Yes82) Yes93) What they are doing is not actually changing their color, they are changing how your eye perceives light, so you see them in a different color. But the answer to your question is yes.104) They can make holograms, yes, but it would be hard to do one that moves as you move and is convincting unless you were really, really, really good at it.

1Hi Greg! I hope you and your daughter are doing fine. With the new TPTB chapter out, is Tren Krom another "Power that Be" that you mentioned Karzahni was one of?


3I'm starting to think that there will be another PtB every chapter. =P
11a. So Tren Krom is dead, correct?21b. Was he the one who sent the image of the Red Star to Kopaka?

41A-1B) Yes and yes

5-Toa Nidhiki05