Official Greg Quotes

The "Official Greg Quotes" topic was the third and final iteration of the "Official Greg Discussion," a topic on the BZPower forums where members posted Greg Farshtey's responses to their private messages and discussed them. When its predecessor, the "Official Greg Dialogue" topic, had reached over 330 pages in September 2010, the BZPower staff decided to split the topic into two new ones: an "Official Greg Quotes" topic only for posting answers from Greg, and a separate "Official Greg Discussion" topic dedicated to discussing them. Since LEGO had already concluded the BIONICLE line earlier in the year, the "Official Greg Quotes" topic received relatively few posts. It eventually stopped receiving new posts in April 2011, at which point Greg Farshtey left BZPower forums in compliance with a new corporate policy by LEGO.

This archive was reconstructed from a text file saved by BZPower member fishers64. Like the other OGD topics from BZPower, all original instances of the character '!' in the text file appear to have been corrupted due to unknown reasons.