1Is Dekar-Hydraxon the same thing as the original Hydraxon due to the Red Star? 

1DO YOu still play with LEGO's ?

1Which element is more powerfull? Gravity or Magnetism?

acidicus24 wrote:

1I wanted to ask greg when the LEGO will detect photographs of new sets ninjago 2014?

2Think I have answered this already, but just in case I did not -- I don't have anything to do with when TLC releases  images of new sets, so this is not info I can provide.

Tuma1785 wrote:1Hello Mr. Farshtey,21) Could any of the Barraki be of the three Steltian species (Sidorak, Krekka or Gladiator)?32) Dozens of new species were introduced in the Dark Hunter book. Would it be reasonable to assume that some were of the same as the Barraki?43) Could any three random Toa form a Kaita? Or did those three have to be destined to form one?5(like could Tahu, Iruini and Krakua form one)?64) Were there any major Metru Nui sized cities on the Southern Continent, or were they isolated Koro?75) How and when was the idea of introducing secondary elements (like plasma or gravity) born?86) Would Skakdi of secondary elements follow the same color code as Matoran/Toa? (Ex: a Skakdi of Plasma being orange and white)?97) Prior to evolving into pure Antidermis, could a Makuta have been sent to the Red Star?108) If so could deceased Makuta be there?119) Is Nidhiki in the Red Star?12Thank you so much for your time

131) I won't say it is impossible

142) Unknown. Not something we ever discussed

153) It's a good question. An Inika and a Mata are quite different, so could they form part of a Kaita? What do you guys think?

164) There could have been cities, yes

175) Pretty much by me in talks with folks on BZP

186) Yes

197) Prior to that, yes

208) Only if the teleportation system had broken prior to that happening. If not, they would have been back inside Mata Nui

219) Nidhiki was consumed so I tend to doubt there was a body left to teleport up

gress5532 wrote:

1Greg whats your idea of a good ending for a story.

2That depends on the story.

Tahu_Nuva_Master_of_Fire wrote:

1Hi Greg,


2I have a question. If a Makuta made of antidermis was killed would they be teleported to the Red Star? 

3No. Antidermis is energy, it's not a physical form, so there is no physical form to teleport

legomansion2010 wrote:

1is herofactory the future of bionicle


2No. There is no connection at all between the HF universe and the BIONICLE universe.

legomansion2010 wrote:

1I have wanted to be a writer for along time do you have any sugguestions for a writer like me?

2Read a lot. That, and just writing, are the best way to learn

BamBam1124 wrote:

1Brick blue Greg,


2Yet another pair of questions:

3First: Did you have any LEGO experience in your past? (childhood, ealry adulthood?)

4Second: Has working with LEGO affected anything in your life? (or is that a little personal?)

5Third: How much do you enjoy working with LEGO?


6CobaltBlade (C.B.) Brick blue

71) No. LEGO bricks weren't being sold in the US until I was 10, so we never had them in the house

82) Sure, it has.


93) If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't still be here. I work with some wonderfully creative people and help to promote a product that I know is high quality and fun.

spiderboy614 wrote:

1Hey, Greg! Your name reminds me of someone. He is from a book series, but I just can't put my finger into it...aw, well!


  1. 2How much fun is it to write stories?
  2. 3Do you like the G.I. Joes?
  3. 4Is Stormer awesome or what?
  4. 5In your opinion, tell me what you like best: BIONICLE, Ninjago, or Hero Factory?

6For those G.I. Joe lovers and Cobra haters, here is a message for you: Hoo ah, YO JOE!

71) Depends on the story, lol

82) My brother had some when I was little, but I was never that into them.

93) Yeah, he's fun to write

104) I worked on BIONICLE the longest, so it has a special place in my heart

acidicus24 wrote:

1Greg and what exactly will happen in the LEGO book ninjago 9?

2I cannot discuss future storyline

alienduck wrote:

1Is Dekar-Hydraxon the same thing as the original Hydraxon due to the Red Star? 


plew2000 wrote:

1DO YOu still play with LEGO's ?

2I do build, yes. I just finished the Lone Ranger Silver Mine set and now I am building Arkham Asylum

Akuumo wrote:

1Which element is more powerfull? Gravity or Magnetism?

2My personal opinion would be gravity.