1Cole has a sister Lloyds dating her? When did this happen?

1Another batch of Bionicle questions for your viewing pleasure!


21) Did Velika have any sort of bond with the other members of the Voya Nui resistance team (and the matoran of Voya nui in general?)

32) Could a great being hide himself  from the Ignika


43) Was Mata Nui a target of Velika?


54) Are there any sapient species on Spherus Magna besides those previously introduced (after all, Spherus Magna must be massive if it dwarfs the size of the MU


65) Did the Order of Mata Nui have any double agents in the Brotherhood during their war?


76) Is Mata Nui an actual spirit or an AI? I don't believe an AI can just leave a body when the body dies after all.


87) Was Mata Nui closer to Teridax than the other Makuta, or was he just not real attatched to any of them?


98) Are there more Agori/Glatorian Tribes somewhere on Spherus Magna that haven't been introduced (or were there others in the past?)


109) Were the 3 virtues created by the Great Beings just for MU inhabitants, or was it a sort of creed that they followed?


1110) Considering how Ackar is considered to be an old Glatorian and Kiina is considered to be a new, yet both were around during the Core War (aka before Mata Nui, which is at least 100,000 years), how many years is considered "old" for a Glatorian?


12And finally,


1311) Does Energized Protodermis have control over what it transforms and what it destroys?



14As always, thank you for your time!

Bio4Toa wrote:

1What mask that exists in toy form do you consider to look most like toa Tuyet's mask?

2Also, what about toa Helryx's mask?

3I never pictured what Tuyet or Helryx's masks looked like, so can't really answer this. I think in words, not pictures.

Roblotix27 wrote:

1Hey greg, what is your favorite Ninjago comic you have made???

2I like the one where Jay goes into an alternate universe a lot and I thought Phantom Ninja came out pretty good.

BrayMax wrote:

1Hi Greg, I have two questions for you.Question#1Were you sad when you made Matoro die,or had you planned his sacrifice all along? Question#2 Was there anything you enjoyed in particular about the comics with the Toa Mahri and Barraki in them?

21) You always feel sad when a character you like dies, but he was dying for a reason, so that made it easier.


32) That was so many years ago I really don't remember.

TimmyChip wrote:

1So greg, how come you didn't put out the movie that took place after the Legend Reborn? Because It whould have bean EPIC, I mean, come on, no Epic gient robot battle?

2Once the toy line got cancelled, there was no point in making more movies. The movies existed, in part, to help promote interest in the toys - so spending the money to produce it to promote a cancelled line really wouldn't have made much sense.

sepublic22 wrote:

1Hey, Greg, I've noticed that Kirchonn the Invincible has some pretty human qualities- the main things that stray him away from one are his extra arms and lack of nose (the latter of which is present in all minifigs). So I have a question- is Kirchonn basically just a human with six arms, or is he an entirely different organism all-together? Thinking

2None of these character are really "human," but I guess what you are saying. I consider him a different species.

ToaOfVirtues wrote:

1I think you missed the first time I posted this quite a while back, so I'll try again.


2First of all, thank you. You have built my childhood, and kept me captivated in your wonderfully colorfull storyline since I was five years old. Wether it is Ninjago, Hero Factory, or the possible return of Bionicle, keep writing!


31. Does pit mutagen mutate beings based on the appearance of surrounding creatures, adapting them to the environment, their personality, or just at random? Is it possible that an alternate purpose of pit mutagen was to mutate beings to survive in extreme conditions? Also, can a being be mutated by mutagen to such an extent that they would not be able to function anymore?


42. Did the shadow Matoran of Karda-Nui originally have the same noble masks before they were transformed into shadow Matoran? They seem like unlikely mask choices for Av-Matoran because of how immoral they are and their association with Makuta, even if they are powerless. Did the Makuta switch them?



51) I consider it at random, because it is not something that was created for a specific purpose. And to your last question, yes - we have met characters who were mutated and could breathe water, but we have no idea how many may have been mutated and drowned.


62) Yes

youngjusticeforever wrote:

1Can Glatorian used kanohi?

2No. It would like asking you, as a human, to get energy from a cell phone charger as opposed to by eating food.

Tomasko579 wrote:

1Hello Greg, so far we know two powers which Tahu has absorbed after using golden armor : heat vision and quick healing...

21. Can you reveal at least one more power that he absorbed ?

32. Can you tell us one power which he definetly does not have ?

43. Does Tahu wear golden armor attop his adaptive armor or did he switch them ?5Thank you for your answers Nerd



6I will try to get to this at some point.

Firox555 wrote:

1Thanks again for taking the time to nswer our questions, Mr. Farshtey.


2I have a bit of of a longer question for you, if this is all right. I'll try to keep it brief as I can.


3How do you fel about adding details to canon, at this point?


4To explain what I mean by "details" - I'm fully aware that you're not planning on continuing the serials yet, nor adding any major events, powers, characters, et cetera.


5But you seem to be willing to make minor additions/confirmations. For example, you recently stated that Tahu has also absorbed the Rahkshi power of Quick Healing. Did you come up with this on your own? I could not find any place that this was confirmed beforehand. If it was confirmed beforehand, I stand corrected. But you have made confirmed decisions on minor story elements like this before.


6So, how do you feel about making minor additions that might not affect canon in a serious way, but would be of interest to fans?


7Thanks again, and best of wishes,




9P.S. Some months ago, I suggested that Velika might have been the cause of the Matoran gaining sentience. We discussed this possibility for a bit, and I was wondering - have you thought about this further? (It's all right if you haven't, I myself am not entirely sure what we could draw from it at this point) Do you have any further thoughts, ideas, or comments on the theory?



101) I am doing it here and there, but I don't want to make a habit of it, partially because after so many years I don't want to add things that end up making no sense.

112) On your PS, I actually find that prospect intriguing and would like to talk more about it.

legocreater1982 wrote:

1Okay, so can you tell more me about cole's sister Terra, I know Lloyds dating her, and I know she's training to become the ninja of wind, but can you please tell me more about her!!!


2I have not heard anything about Cole having a sister or about Lloyd dating her.


1Greg, if Bionicle were to magically come back, would you be up for writing it? Or would you pass the job to someone else?




4That would be up to LEGO Company and to the publishers who did whatever books there were.

Rick7021 wrote:

1Mr Farshtey,

2I read your script for the fifth bionicle movie and I was wondering, you said Tera was a glatorian of earth, so does that mean their was a seperate ground based bara magna element from rock, iron or sand?






4Signed: Robo Skeleton Asronaut

5Yes. Sand and rock are not the same as dirt.

Cheetah507 wrote:

1Hi Greg we already know about the 2014 Ninjago series there's already episode 30, but will there be a new series in 2015 there are rumors of it.

21.And I like Jay to plus if you could make a new era weapons like the Techno blades or Elemental swords what would it be?

32.Will there be new ninjas/new characters if there is new series in 2015? 

41) I cannot discuss anything related to 2015.

52) It's really not up to me, it's up to the set designers and the folks who write the TV show.