gootah wrote:1Mr. Farshtey, please be honest with me. Don't you think LEGO should finish what they started with BIONICLE: the legend reborn? It is the beginning to a trilogy that IS VERY incomplete. Everyone talks about all the other bionicle storylines and how they should add to it. I believe they should finish what they started with the legend reborn. If bionicle comes back, (which is a huge assumption in the first place) would they continue and finish off the legend reborn series, or would they just leave it incomplete and make up or continue with an old storyline?

2I, personally -- if it were up to me -- would not pick up from where we left off with the old story. Why? Because the success or failure of BIONICLE will depend upon how many 8-9 year olds buy sets. Those kids were 3 and 4 when Legend Reborn came out, know nothing about it or any old BIONICLE story. If you tell them, "Hey, buy these sets, now go dig up this old movie that relates to a nine-year long story you never heard anything about so you can understand what is going on ..." .... they won't buy the sets and the line will fail.

3There is a benefit to long-time fans to pick  up from where we ended, but there is no real benefit to LEGO Company or the new fans who would have to carry the bulk of the business. Even back  in 2009, there were a lot of people who were huge fans of the story, but didn't buy sets anymore ... and now they are older and probably would be even less inclined to buy sets. The only way  a return of BIONICLE would survive would be if it captures the imagination of a new generation, and you can't do that by putting  obstacles in the path of their understanding the story.


kyle7475 wrote:

1Well, do MU inhabitants have any form of circuitry in them?

2I am hesitant to answer "anatomy" questions. If BIONICLE ever does return someday, this would really be a question for a future story team to answer.

PointlessQuestions wrote:

11. Lesovikk's Toa team was killed by Zyglak, who carry weapons that can disintegrate targets. Were his teammates were killed by these weapons, and thus not revived on the Red Star? That would make the most logical sense, rather than beaming them back down, since he wandered the universe and yet never saw them again.

22. Would you consider the Kestora sapient in the same way Matoran are? Were they part of Velika's cognitive revolution?

33. How did Velika spread sapience to all the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe? With some sort of virus?

41) If the body is disintegrated, then the red star cannot revive you.

52) No, not in the same way

63) Hasn't been revealed

PointlessQuestions wrote:

11. Maxilos robots can channel their internal "black fire" energies through their blades. But what exactly is black fire? Is it a variant of elemental Fire, or perhaps elemental Shadow? Or is it something else entirely?

22. The Great Spirit Robot and Prototype Robot were capable of firing huge blasts of energy from their hands, which were described as lasers. Does this mean that they were a non-elemental Light power?

33. (If not, were they a Plasma-based power? That element and Light seem to be the main contenders.)

41) It's something else entirely. It also sounds cool.

52) Correct. Robots have built-in weaponry. We did not feel the need to give them actual elemental powers as Toa have.

1 Is there a quote button somewhere? I don't seem to see one.
2This is in response to the Kopaka and Pohatu Red Star question.
3The Red Star is in outer space, so I assumed they would adapt to some kind of space environment.
4And another question.
51. BS01 doesn't seem very clear on this. When the Toa Mata transformed was it their golden Kanohi that turned into the nuva masks?
62. If yes, why were the powers more limited. As in they only have one power rather than six.
73. When Tahu was devolved by the Ignika, why wasn't his Hau a Golden Kanohi?
84. Did the Golden Hau included with the Golden Armour have the powers of a Golden Kanohi.
95. Is Tahu still wearing the golden armour?
1 1. Can Toa Nuva wear regular Kanohi.
22. Can Matoran use the powers of legendary Kanohi?
33. Can a Matoran wear a Kanohi Nuva? For example, if a Matoran was without a mask and would soon go into a coma, could a Toa Nuva lend the Matoran the mask to stay functioning until they can find a new mask for a Matoran?
1 Also would it be possible for a Matoran to wear a transparent neon green Kanohi Miru?
2And would it be possible for a copper colored Huna to exist that is not a Copper Mask of Victory?
ScribeGT6817 wrote:
MarkSurge9411 wrote:

1Question time!


2Just FYI before I tackle these ... I am not on the Hero Factory story team, so some of these answers I will not know. I can answer stuff related to the books I wrote, but backgrounds of characters I did not create are not something I have.

3I'm fine with that. 18 questions of mine will still be answered.


4Also, OMG Greg Farshetty replied to me!


1Hey Mr. Farshtey, just a few questions I'd appreciate if you could answer...


21) Could you confirm whether ot not the remainder of Lesovikk's team is on the Red Star? We know they were killed by Zyglak and that Zyglak have weapons that disintegrate their enemies, so was his team disintegrated or not?

32) If Velika's reason for entering the Matoran Universe was to observe it, why did he do something as major as spreading sapience there?

43) The Red Star can't revive anyone not from the Matoran Universe, right?

54) If a body is totally and completely crushed or burnt to a crisp, can it still be teleported to the Red Star? For example, both Guardian and Sidorak had thier bodies completely crushed. Can they still be repaired?

65) If half of a person's body is disintegrated and the other half isn't, can that person still be revived by the Red Star?

76) Throughout the story we've seen the corpses of Rahi over and over again. The Toa Metru came across hundreds on their way to Mata Nui from Metru Nui. Is there any reason why those Rahi were never teleported to the Star?

87)The Matoran that Tuyet killed weren't teleported to the Star. Were they teleported later off-screen, or was the damage to their bodies so severe that they were never teleported?

98) Can the Red Star still teleport inhabitants of the Matoran Universe to the Star outside of the robot, like on Spherus Magna currently?

109) If the answer to the above question is yes, then is Velika taking care to kill his targets in ways that they can't be revived?

1110) Kopaka made a point in The Powers That Be that murders of Karzahni and Tren Krom were especially gruesome. Can you say what that was?

1211) Will the Mahri ever be freed from that Golden Being's control?


13Thank you for your time and patience!

Fippe_ wrote:

11. Did Krahka, Kopeke, Lariska and Johmak destroy the pool of EP on Daxia after they split of Tahu and Onua or did all six destroy it?


22. Is it possible to kill Sentrakh? I know that he's in an undead state, but so are Vampires and Zombies, and it is possible to kill those.

31) After

42) Yes

PointlessQuestions wrote:

11. Does Jerbraz wear a Kanohi?

22. Did Varian wear the same mask (Calix) as a Matoran as she does now?

33. Did the Toa Hagah wear the same mask powers while Matoran as they do now? Or did they change mask powers when they were given metallic masks?

44. The Dark Hunter Prototype consists of two Toa fused together. Does this mean his face is actually their fused Kanohi? If so, can he use that Kanohi's powers?

55. The model of the Toa Hordika Savage uses a mutated Ruru for his head. Does this mean he wore a Ruru as a Toa? If so, did he also wear that mask as a Matoran? Or did he not wear a Ruru, taking into account the physical limitations on the builder who constructed that model?

61) No

72) Yes

83) No, they were the same

94) A fused Kanohi would produce a third power, you would  not  have access to both powers I don't believe

105) He probably did wear a Ruru as a Toa, but no idea what he wore as a Matoran

PointlessQuestions wrote:

11. Axonn has a variety of powers, including electric bolts, stasis fields, and mental and physical healing. Are any of those powers possessed by his entire species, or are they unique to Axonn?

22. Similarly, Johmak is able to shatter her body into crystals and recombine at will. Does her entire species possess this trait, or is she unique?

33. If any of the above powers are unique to Johmak/Axonn, were those powers given to them by the Order of Mata Nui?

41) Unknown

52) It is a species trait

PointlessQuestions wrote:

1Will anyone try to evacuate the Mountain from Xia, or is it pretty much doomed? Should we list it as "Deceased" or some variant on BS01?

2Nobody is going to knock themselves out for this, and in the rush of a salvage operation, they probably won't even realize it's alive..

MarkSurge9411 wrote:

1Question time!


  1. 2So what's with the Fire Villains? What's their backstory? What went wrong with them?
  2. 3Has Von Nebula escaped his Black Hole Staff? Or is he still trapped inside it?
  3. 4What was it that Voltix did that unleashed the Black Hole in the Breakout?
  4. 5What went on with Core Hunter when he went rouge? Was it simply his obsession with Hero Cores? Or was it something deeper?
  5. 6Would the Hero Core Clamps work against the Hero Core Removal Tool?
  6. 7Roughly how many planets have Quaza deposits on them?
  7. 8In you Hero Factory face off book, under Nex 3.0, you said he'd gone to fight a snake for a cache of Quaza, yet I never recalled that happening. Was there something I missed?
  8. 9For Nex and Breez Breakout in the same book, you mentioned their battles against XT4 and Thornraxx, yet I never recalled those either.
  9. 10In the same book, under Thornraxx, it said that what he did paranoid the citezens. What did he do that was so bad?


121) Unknown

132) That would be up to the HF story team to decide

143) See answer to #2

154) I doubt it was an obsession with Hero Cores. More likely, it was just greed. Not every robot is into spending its life in service to others for little or no reward.

165) Don't know

176) Don't know

187-8) In some cases, I had to make stuff up because there wasn't enough published content to refer to.

199) Can you give me the quote?

MarkSurge9411 wrote:

1Question time!


  1. 2So what's with the Fire Villains? What's their backstory? What went wrong with them?
  2. 3 How did Voltix become a villain? What about Black Phantom? Splitface? Toxic Reapa? Jawblade? Thornraxx? Speeda Demon?
  3. 4In Legion of Darkness, Toxic Reapa states that he hates water. Is there a particular reason behind that?
  4. 5Were the jet packs used in Collision Course the same ones that came with Jet Rocka or Brain Attack Surge?
  5. 6Why do the Heroes have their Brain Attack upgrades in Collision Course when they've never encountered the brains before?
  6. 7Are the brains organic?
  7. 8How often must the brains feed on knowledge?
  8. 9How much knowledge must the brains consume to survive? 
  9. 10Was Xera locked up after Collision Course?
  10. 11Why were the brains in Mirror World created differently from the ones in the normal Hero Factory universe?
  11. 12Did the Alpha Team and Fire Villains meet before Ordeal of Fire?
  12. 13Is Core Hunter really gone?
  13. 14Why wasn't the Doom Box destroyed?
  14. 15Why was it made to begin with?
  15. 16Where did Evo get his pet wolf lizard?
  16. 17Do you have a favorite Hero?
  17. 18Do you have a favorite villain?
  18. 19Out of the 5 Secret Mission books, which one is your favorite?

202) I didn't create these characters, so no info  on this.

213) He just does.

224) That was  not my intent, no

235) Because the books have to promote sets

246) I always thought of them as organic, but again, I am not on the story team so I can't speak for them

257-8) No idea

269) Yes

2710) Because I wanted them to be different to add to the strangeness of the universe

2811) No idea

2912) For now

3013) Cause I thought I might use it again

3114) I thought that was clear in the book - it was orignally intended as a weapon of assasination

3215) On a planet

3316) Bulk was the most fun to write

3417) Not really, no

3518) I don't know that I had a favorite - I only did five and they were all pretty fun to write