Boidoh wrote:
ScribeGT6817 wrote:
Boidoh wrote:11. Are the Toa Nuva currently in their Karda Nui forms?
22. Did Lewa's armour adapt while in space?
33. What Kanohi does Zaria and Orde wear?

41) No, because they are now in a desert, so their armor would adapt

52) I assume so

63) Never was determined


7In this space form, what abilities would Lewa have? Space breathing? Anything else?

8It would have to be able to keep  him breathing and keep him from freezing, and probably provide some form of thrust and navigational abilities so he could maneuver

OrangeTornado wrote:1Hi Greg,
2What character (or characters) did you most enjoy writing stories for within the Bionicle universe, and why?
3Also, in the latter half of Bionicle's lifespan, did you find that continuing the massively complex story whilst avoiding contradicting what you'd written before a particularly stressful task, or did you enjoy the extra challenge?
4Thanks for your time, and thank you for the great stories. I loved reading them as a kid.

51) It was so long ago that i really don't recall

62) It was  not particularly stressful. I grew up reading comic books, so I was used to keeping all the threads of complex universes straight in my head

1 Mr greg,2I wanna ask you something confusing in the story

31.did the Toa already have the great kanohi mask when they arrive Mata nui?42why do they still need to collect the other mask53 why there are the golden full ability kanohi mask64 did the hau in the golden armor have the power if shielding or the power of the all ability kanohi mask
Boidoh wrote:

1 Helryx, Lewa, Artakha, Axonn, Brutaka, Miserix, Tuyet, Hafu, and Kapura do not understand Agori correct?

2I would assume anyone who made it out of the robot onto Bara Magna would be taught at least the rudiments of the language by those who went before, so they could function. They would not be fluent, but they would be able to manage.

1Greg i searched Bionicle on LEGO shop at home and it brought me to a coming soon page and i did it with other cancelled themes and it didnt bring be to a coming soon page and is hero factory cancelled?

2 also what are the defenders the bionicle 2015 matoran like stes are wearing on there head?

kyle7475 wrote:

1Hey Greg, is Tahu wearing his Golden Armor on top of his adaptive armor? Or did he ditch his adaptive armor?

2On top of.

kyle7475 wrote:

1Wait, so Tahu's kraata powers are tied into his Golden Armor? I thought he would retain the powers even after he removed the armor, because it was said that the energy from the kraata were absorbed into HIM, not the armor. 

2I would prefer it be tied to his armor. Otherwise, you are making him so powerful that why does he need any other Toa?

herbapenguin wrote:

1Greg, there are rumors about Bionicle coming back in 2015. There's even a picture. Will it come back? 

2As I have stated multiple times, I am not allowed to discuss future product plans, positive or negative.

ajjr1 wrote:

1the rhotuka power of the chute lurker rock raptor cable crawler gate guardian parakrekks and the hordika dragons

2I don't have that information.

misterbrickguy wrote:
misterbrickguy wrote:

1So, I wanted to ask about something else that I have been wondering about.

21. Could a user with the Kanohi Rua (like Nokama, for instance) translate something in the future, or does it specifically have to be written or spoken?

32. Does Nuju speak an advanced language, or does he speak Rahi, like in the Mata Nui Online Game? I've been confused which one it was.

43. Could Nokama translate what Nuju was saying?

5For #1 I wanted to add something to my question. Could a Rua User, like Nokama, translate a future language nobody has ever heard spoken?

6No. That would be a non-existent language as far as the mask is concerned.

ting683 wrote:

1The Zyglak were created when the Great Beings attempted to make Krana. Krana are organical.

2Since they were not developed from a concept, and built, like Matoran/Toa/ other MU races are, does that mean the Zyglak are actually a completely organic race?


Firox555 wrote:

1Greg, I've got one question about Kanohi powers:


2Regarding the Kanohi Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision, and Kanohi Arththron, Mask of Sonar - do these Kanohi actually use X-Rays and Sonar (as we know them) to function, or do they function in some other way?


3Thanks a lot!

4Something akin to them, I would assume.

cau2134 wrote:

1I think every bionicle fan should know about the toa mata at least

2If BIONICLE came back today, most of the people buying sets would be 8-9 years old. They were 4 and 5 when BIONICLE ended, so they would not know anything at all about the universe - they were too young when it was active.

cau2134 wrote:

1Hello Mr. Farshtey!

2I would like to know which series of toas (Toa Metru, Toa Mata, Toa Hordika, ect.) do you like the most?

3Mine is the Toa Mata (Lewa for the win!)

4Metru was my favorite, Hordika was my least favorite

bogles wrote:

1if you go to LEGO shop and type bionicle you get "Coming Soon" message does this mean  bionicle is coming in 2015?

2And if I do a search on Shop for Power Miners, I get Ninjago sets. Think that pretty much answers the question about how much you should rely on this for clues to upcoming product.